Tropical Home Décor Design Ideas

8 Best Tropical Home Décor Design Ideas

What are the best tropical home décor design ideas? Everyone has this innate desire to sit in the whispering wind under a palm with orange juice in hand.

But you have to agree that not everyone can leave their lives for the evergreen spots on the beach or the stone-paved walkways of tropical islands.

So how then can you bring the tropics home? Designs! 

They bring the perfect answers to the surging needs in your heart. The right designs can produce the most soothing beach effect on your home.

All you need is to personalize your design in a way that fits your personality. Just let it mirror your soul.

There are tons of picture-perfect touches out there to give your home the ultimate tropical design. 

Here are some of the hand-picked designs you can introduce to make your home perfect.

These will satisfy your tropical desires every other day and bring somewhere like Bali home to you too!

Best Tropical Home Décor Design Ideas – 8 Tropical Ideas

1. Plants and Natural Flowers

No tropical setting would be complete without natural vegetation. You need to stock up on your natural flowers, palm, or even vegetables. These help you to:

  • boost your creativity
  • relieve stress after a long day’s work. 
  • reduce noise levels and this is cool especially if you love the quiet life. 

You will simply get a huge boost in your mood with the tropical plants in your face and that’s the personality everyone wants to see daily!

And you can start cultivating your indoor and outdoor garden today. Look up online for plants that you would love to have around your home.

Be sure to confirm that they will survive under your conditions.

You can contact a horticulturist to suggest how often you water your plants and how much sun you expose them to.

Setting a “watering” calendar can do you a lot of help, too. 

You may also have a greenhouse to grow your plants till they are mature enough to stay on their own.

2.Bamboo and Rattan Furniture 

Rattan Furniture provides a unique Tropical home décor touch

Both, Bamboo and Rattan are designed to induce a natural outdoor feeling on your terrace, garden, and yes, even your home.

Its lightweight and low-maintenance nature allow you to fit rattan furniture into pretty much any available space around your home.

Rattan furniture is pretty much the easiest furniture to maintain. You need light dusting and cleaning once in a while to keep up its gleam and that’s about it.

You shouldn’t banish this elegant luxury to your outdoor alone though.

It can go into your bedroom as a simple bedside chair or into your den as you sit back with your family for a tropical TV watching experience.

And just so you know, rattan furniture is not just waterproof; it also reduces the risks your children face around the home.

Although not as lightweight and “soft” as rattan, Bamboo is another great material to work with. Even when they topple, they won’t feel so much pain.

From Florida chairs to dining rattan sets and Aruba tub chairs. Rattan furniture should be one of the first things you should mark off your budget!

On the other hand, nothing is more tropical than a good piece of bamboo furniture. Bamboo is so sturdy it will last forever and connects you to mother earth and the jungles around the world.

3. Dabble with your Tablespace

Tropical fruits on tablespace signal the tropics

Make your tablescape lively with colorful tablecloths and playful designs. You can also redesign your home to have your dining place right next to your garden.

Add a touch of scent and sight with a coffee maker and plenty of well-arranged bright fruits.

As long as you pay attention to all the small details such as texture and color, you can transform the dining space into the perfect tropical setting. 

4. Wear the Tropics

Wear tropical clothes and patterns

You should not restrict designing your home to the building. Let some of it reflect on you too. 

Get fabrics with jungle patterns! Bringing nature so up close to your skin stirs a well of peace within you.

Combining plants and flowers and animals are great expressions of freedom that will reflect on your appearance and mood every day. 

5. Let the Little Things Count

Because they do count! All the rooms in the tropic are designed to ring with little details. 

Input tiny details like crawling plants on your terrace pillars. Or bamboo cups for juice.

And add sweet-smelling air fresheners, and rose-scented baths to spice up the air around your space.

Use green rugs in every room to add the perfect jungle-y feel to your home.

Most times, it’s the small things that make the biggest difference.

6. Use tropical wallpapers 

Use tropical wallpaper and make a statement

Wall tiles are another way to make your home into a tropical paradise. Just grab some wallpaper with nature and earth and animal life.

You practically leave your home in Texas and touch down in the Bahamas. 

That’s what good wallpapers can do!

Carefully choose your wallpaper to reflect the flawless flora and fauna that the tropics are most popular for.

7. Light up with Natural Lamps

Bamboo or Rattan lamp for an earthy feel

Bamboo, wicker, and rattan lamps are great ways to brighten up your home. 

Whether they are naturally cut or artificially constructed, these lamps flood your home with that soft touch of light that is just perfect for you.

The goal is to make your home as gorgeous as it gets.

8. Brighten your Home with Tropical Colors

Colored linen adds a colorful touch to your sofa and walls as well as lamp shades

Stick to using brightly patterned fabrics such as cotton and linen which light your room up. 

You can also use tropical patterns to cover your pillows, throw pillows, and lampshades.

To make things cozier, just add blankets with floral patterns to your collection.

As you already know, there is no stopping you when you want to look good. Take that pain and make your home look good too!

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