Laundry Room Rugs

What is the Best Laundry Room Rug?

Laundry rooms are quite functional spaces in your home and have their fair share of muckiness. 

Yet having a laundry room or even a nook is better than having to drag your laundry baskets all the way to and then back from the laundromat.

Many people don’t think about the laundry room as a room. If you do spend some time doing the laundry every now and then, it is not a bad idea to make the room cozy and inviting.

Amongst the endless choices, rugs, runners and carpets make an elaborate centerpiece to any room. They are classy yet down to earth. 

So, if you have got yourself a utility room of any size, a rug is not only a tasteful choice but a useful one too.

What is the best laundry room rug?

The optimal choice are synthetic fiber rugs, possibly non-slip with a rubber layer at the back.

What kinds of rugs are suitable for a laundry room?

Since a laundry room is a utility room, the rug used should have certain features that make it suitable for the room. 

Practically speaking, laundry rooms are usually full of moisture, there might be water spills, and, of course, the dirty laundry may sit on the floor from time to time.

In older houses, laundry units are frequently placed in the mudrooms.

Such factors lead us to think of materials that do not absorb moisture, stuff that can be easily cleaned and possibly washed without getting destroyed in the process. 

What makes synthetic rugs the best choice?

Synthetic fibers are human-made fibers that have been made to mimic natural fibers but with modified features.

Most of these fibers have one or more these characteristics; durable, water-proof, easy wiping, stain-resistant, and machine washable. 

Vinyl, polypropylene, polyester fibers, nylon, and viscose are all synthetic fibers and serve their purpose. 

Rugs made of these materials are ideal for enduring boundary-line intense environmental conditions, such as prolonged sun exposure, damp milieus, and high traffic areas.

These rugs make an ideal candidate for laundry rooms and similar to the ones available for patios, outdoor living spaces, and doormats. 

What about the other types of rugs?

Natural fibers, such as cotton, silk, and wool, have high absorbency. They usually don’t last too long and are not stain-resistant. The rugs made of such fibers are certainly not easy to wash.

Rugs and runners made out of natural fibers are thus not preferred for laundry rooms.

If the cotton or wool rugs are placed in the moisture-filled utility rooms, chances are they will absorb a lot of moisture over time and develop mildew and mold. Moreover, silk ones are quite delicate.

Other materials include jute, sisal, and seagrass. These are durable, renewable, and can be used in the laundry rooms, but some coarse varieties can be difficult to wash.

Antique rugs are usually made with this type of material and therefore, not preferred in the laundry room.

What rugs for laundry rooms can you buy?

Talking about rugs, if you are looking to buying one for your laundry room, Amazon puts forward a lot of choices. 

The Ottomanson brand offers mats and runner rugs of various sizes, shapes, and designs for the laundry rooms.

One of their best-rated rugs on amazon is the Washtown Runner Rug available in different color options. They claim it to be durable, stain-resistant, bulk-free and made of nylon.

Another popular product at Amazon is the Maples rugs’ Abstract Diamond Runner Rug. It has a modern design with a distressed appearance. They also claim that it is made of synthetic nylon fibers, made for durability and fade resistance.

Similar runner rugs and mats are available at Wal-Mart, eBay, and Wayfair, too.

Sisal Rugs is also a place you could shop for rugs. They have a huge variety of rugs with fibers for both indoor and outdoor qualities.

Their website says that with the overwhelming choices, they have a great customer care department to help the customers decide the rug details. 

You could get your laundry room rug from Bed Bath & Beyond. Though you may not find the rugs and mats directly with the keyword trails of laundry room rugs.

But they have a lot of designs and sizes with features suitable for the utility room.

The rugs are made for durability, water-resistance, and non-slip rubber backs, such as Surya Chic Striped Handcrafted Rug, Achim Precious Mat, and Unique Loom Sarah Del Mar Powerloomed Rug.

There are also other places where you can find a decent laundry room rug, including the Houzz shop and One Kings Lane.

What else could you put into the laundry room? 

Talking about the utility room furnishing may have gotten you thinking about what else you could put in the room.

Organizing the supplies would be the first task. Detergents, bleach, dryer sheets, extra towels, other cleaning supplies, garbage can, clothespins container, mesh bags, and bins to sort the laundry, all need their own space in the room.

Other than the stock of essential cleaning and ironing supplies, there are options of a folding table, a drying shelf, and even a sewing station, if there is enough space for these and if these items would make your work easier.

And, definitely, a comfy chair to help you rest in demanding times.


When it comes to laundry rooms, we may be reluctant in maintaining the room and its appeal. 

Even a small utility room is part of your home and has every right to be decorated and look welcoming.

Rugs and runners in the laundry room not only make it comfortable and cozy but also provide a functional space to work on.

The best rugs to place in the laundry rooms are the synthetic fiber ones because of their non-absorbent and durable features.

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