Does Soda Go Bad if Cold Then Warm

Does Soda Go Bad if Cold Then Warm?

Most food and drink items come with expiration dates and specific storage conditions to prevent spoilage. But soda is a different story.

Although there may be a best buy date, the actual expiration- if any- remains a mystery. Additionally, some people store their soda in a pantry while others keep it in the refrigerator. And both storage methods seem to work fine.

But what if you need to move your refrigerated sodas to another area in the kitchen to clear room for perishable food items? Would your soda remain fresh? Then there’s the all too common scenario of drinking half a can of soda and placing the rest back in the refrigerator for later. Is that even safe? Or will the soda go bad?

Does soda go bad if cold, then warm?

Soda doesn’t go bad. Period. Unopened soda maintains freshness for 6 to 9 months past the expiration date. And it won’t actually spoil. It will just lose its fizziness and flavor. When soda goes from cold to warm, the temperature change won’t affect the beverage at all- as long as the can or bottle is unopened.

Soda is a non-perishable beverage

Also known as soft drinks, sodas are an extremely popular beverage despite the sugar content and empty calories. And they don’t go bad as many of your other favorite beverages do.

Occasionally, you may notice a sell by or best by date on a bottle of soda, but this date doesn’t mean the same thing as the date listed on a package of ground beef. Instead of spoiling, soda will simply lose its flavor and fizz.

Even though it won’t technically be ‘bad’, it won’t taste very good.

Additionally, this date is just a guideline- and a highly inaccurate one. Diet sodas tend to stay fresh for 3 months past the listed best by date. And if you drink regular soda, it will still have its signature fizziness for 6 to 9 months past this date.

Soda will go flat and lose its flavor

Although soda is non-perishable, you shouldn’t overstock your soda supply under the assumption that it will last indefinitely. Over time, soda will become flat and no longer taste the same. This often happens when you allow opened cans of soda to sit out at room temperature after having previously been refrigerated.

This is due to decompression as soda is a carbonated beverage, and it’s not necessarily related to storage temperatures. However, refrigerating that opened can or bottle of soda will make it last a little longer.

Heat will cause open sodas to go flat quicker. As a matter of fact, soda lasts longer in cooler climates. Opened cans or bottles of soda will last for up to 4 days, but only if you replace the lid and put the soda back in the refrigerator.

Unopened soda is unaffected by temperature changes

If a bottle or case of soda hasn’t yet been opened, you can indeed move it from your refrigerator to your pantry, and the change in temperature will not affect the freshness or longevity of the beverage.

As a matter of fact, unopened sodas last just as long in the pantry as they do in a refrigerator. Since they are non-perishable item, sodas don’t need refrigeration. They simply taste much better when they’re cold.

It’s perfectly fine to take your soda out of the refrigerator to clear the room and store it in another location in your home. When you’re ready to drink it, you can simply return it to the refrigerator. Warm soda is about as appealing as a flat soda- even though it’s technically not spoiled.

How to keep your soda fresh

Maybe fizzy is a better word than fresh, but anyway, once you open a can of soda, the carbonation will begin to escape the can, leaving you with a can of flat soda. The best way to avoid this is to either pour the soda into a container with a lid or cover the can in another way.

If you have a bottle of soda, tightly secure the lid back onto the bottle and place it in the refrigerator. Alternatively, you can store your bottles of soda upside down, so they maintain their carbonation.

Once soda has been opened, it will still lose its flavor and fizziness within a matter of days regardless, but these suggestions can preserve it a little longer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Does Soda Go Bad if Cold Then Warm

How long does soda last at room temperature?

Unopened sodas will stay fresh and maintain their signature fizziness for over 6 months when unrefrigerated. However, open sodas will start to go flat within a matter of hours or days when left at room temperature. If you live in a colder climate, your soda will last longer, though.

How do you know if a can of soda is bad?

Although soda doesn’t go bad, it will lose its fizziness and not taste as good. You can still drink flat soda, but most likely, you’ll be inclined to pour it out. That said, it’s not safe to drink soda from a can that is rusted or damaged. Even though the soda may still be good, you could become sick from botulism toxin.

Can expired soda hurt you?

Since soda is non-perishable, that expiration date is actually a best by or sell by date that estimates when the soda will lose its flavor and fizz. You can still drink diet sodas for 3 months past this date and regular sodas will still taste good for 6 to 9 months after they supposedly expire. If you wait any longer than that, the soda won’t taste good. But it won’t hurt you either.

Conclusion on Does Soda Go Bad if Cold Then Warm

Soda is a non-perishable beverage that doesn’t go bad, regardless of whether it’s cold or warm. However, it will go flat and begin to lose its flavor over time. It’s always best to refrigerate your opened soda bottles and keep the lid on them to maintain freshness.

But if you need more room in your refrigerator, it’s perfectly fine to move your unopened cases of soda to your pantry. They’ll stay fresh as long as you don’t wait too long before you consume them.