How to Decorate a Bathroom Counter

How to Decorate a Bathroom Counter – 8 Best Ideas

Decorating a bathroom counter is usually not on the top of our list.

Usually, we pay most of our attention to décor in the main public areas (like living and dining rooms), followed by the kitchen.

Bathroom décor normally gets only a cursory afterthought.

In reality, however, we spend a significant part of our lives in the bathroom, and it is odd that we should treat its spaces in such a cavalier fashion.

In this article, I begin to redress this oversight by looking at the bathroom counter.

A well-organized, beautifully decorated bathroom counter can be useful and time-saving and help create a warm and inviting ambiance.

How to decorate a bathroom counter

Decorate a bathroom counter by using one (or more in combination) from this list:

  • Countertop lighting
  • Dispensers
  • Glass/ceramic bric-à-brac
  • Granite or marble countertop
  • Hand towels
  • Potted indoor plants (like money or snake plants)
  • A decorative tray
  • Scented candles

Decorating a bathroom counter – 8 Best Ideas

1. Countertop lighting

A lamp or other arrangement of light will improve the beauty of your bathroom counter.

To light up your bathroom countertop, use a touch-controlled lamp. This lamp not only adds extra light but also modernizes the bathroom counter.

The lamp could be one of the hundreds of examples of LED lights.

Slate grey is a beautiful color for many lamps because it goes with virtually any bathroom countertop color.

2. Dispensers make attractive and functional decorations

A dispenser can make a bathroom countertop seem somehow “complete” and fit-for-purpose.

Add a set of dispensers, each colored and scented differently, and you really will appear like some sort of an indoor décor guru.

The great thing about dispensers is that they combine cleanliness with style.

You can choose to have wall-mounted pump dispensers, clear-bottle dispensers, luxury-brand dispensers in fancy containers, even kitschy dispensers based on themed models.

You could even have a jar dispenser. Some pump dispensers look like barrels with a tap at the bottom to dispense the liquid.

Others look like a traditional bottle dispenser.

3. Even hand towels need their own space

Hand towels find a happy home on bathroom countertops. Invest in pretty, fluffy, high-quality hand towels that do a good job drying your hands and face.

If you get cheap rough towels, they might save you in the pocket, but they won’t be kind to your face or hands.

Tip: arrange the towels to emphasize their attractiveness. Whenever used, hang them on a nearby rail to dry properly before folding them up and returning them to the pile on the bathroom counter.

4. Exercise your green thumb (or “cheat” a little with artificial flowers)

One often-overlooked bathroom counter decorating option is the use of indoor potted plants.

Natural greenery in your bathroom (where the counter has exposure to indirect sunlight by virtue of your bathroom’s layout) can evoke feelings of being close to nature.

If there’s no exposure to sunlight in your bathroom, use artificial potted plants. Nowadays, fake plants are so realistic it’s really difficult to tell the difference.

If you insist on real plants only, money or snake plants are hardy enough for many bathroom layouts.

Money plants or snake plants should do well in your bathroom if you commit to looking after them properly.

5. Install a beautiful granite or marble countertop

If you love a marble or granite bathroom counter, why not install one and pair it with a stylish oval-shaped mirror?

This will give the combined space a classic and sophisticated look that will be hard to beat.

6. That old favorite–scented candles

Candles make excellent bathroom countertop decorations. They can be used to create a warm atmosphere, and we all know that candles usually evoke a cozy, welcoming feel.

Fresh linen scented candles and fruity ones may be more appealing to you. The outside of a fruity scented candle is decorated.

This is very eye-catching. This candle is made without any poisonous substances.

7. Use a decorative tray

Nowadays, people use trays for more than just serving food and drinks. A decorative tray is an excellent item to place on your bathroom counter.

Even better, there is an almost infinite number of styles and designs to choose from.

Best of all, price-wise, there’s a gamut of choice from the inexpensive to the outrageous, so finding a tray to suit your pocket is a snip.

A decorative bathroom counter tray is a great spot for all your most-used items.

Well organized and done properly, you’ll end up saving yourself plenty of time by not having to hunt around for that ever-elusive bottle or cuticle pusher.

One material that seems especially well-suited for decorative bathroom counter trays is bamboo. These trays are sturdy and blend seamlessly with almost any bathroom counter color.

A mirrored tray is also an option. It will reflect light and enhance the items on your tray and add some chic to your home as well.

Try putting glass candleholders on the tray. Some evenings, light up scented candles and play soft and soothing background music for an exotic and ethereal multi-sensory experience.

8. Use elegant glass or ceramic knick-knacks

There are many glass and ceramic pieces on the market. They come in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and designs.

Here’s a great space for personal and special knick-knacks purchased on your vacation travels.

Such items can be intimate and nostalgic reminders of great-or-significant bygone times and places.

Tip: putting bric-à-brac on a decorative tray will stop them from getting in your way and protect them against accidental damage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Decorating a Bathroom Counter

How do I paint a bathroom counter mirror?

A good “bonding primer” is essential for painting mirrors successfully. My favorite is the INSL-X Stix Waterborne Bonding Primer, available at your local hardware store. Stix always does the trick. Follow the instructions on the can and paint over the primer once it has dried. You should use a quality roller with rounded edges to avoid seeing roller lines on the dried finish.

How do I paint the paneling on my bathroom counter?

To prepare the paneling for painting, first, scuff it. Use an 80 grit sandpaper pole sander, then clean the paneling thoroughly with detergent and rinse well. Let the paneling dry naturally (which means waiting for several hours at the very least), then apply two coats of bonding primer. Let the first coat dry completely before applying the second. Next, apply your paint. Two light coats should do the trick. Paint the paneling’s vertical grooves using high quality, one-inch- or two-inch-wide brush.

Afterword: How to decorate a bathroom counter

Bathroom counters are usually small and tend to get messy really quickly. The solution is to maintain them regularly, even every day. That way, it never gets to be a big job.

There’s no need to get an interior designer to decorate your bathroom counter.

Just use some of the tips and tricks above, and you’ll soon have the perfect bathroom counter to complement your tastes.