How to decorate a column in the middle of the room

How to Decorate a Column in the Middle of the Room – This!

A column in the middle of a room can seem to get in the way of the furniture, the flow and the way the room is used.

It doesn’t have to be a burden in the room, though.

Turn it into a feature by decorating it.

How to decorate a column in the middle of the room

Suggestions on how to decorate a column in the middle of a room include painting the column, draping it with fabric or attaching cardboard cutouts to it. The details of the decorations will depend on the season and why it is being decorated in the first place.

Decorate a column in the middle of the room

Paint your way

Repainting a column is the quickest and easiest way to decorate it to create a new look in the room.

Let’s suppose the room is painted in white and the furniture is teal blue.

You can paint one side of a square column teal blue, to pick up the colour of the furniture. Leave the other sides white, so that the blue side really is a feature.

To create a different feel, you can paint two of the opposite sides teal blue, leaving the others white.

If the column is round, then paint the whole thing blue, which will emphasise it as a feature in the room.

Fabric Fashion

One of the easiest ways to decorate a column is to drape it with fabric.

For an elegant feel in the room, drape the column in a shiny fabric, such as silk or satin (or the equivalent). This approach can also be used to create a Roman or Greek atmosphere.

To change the look of the column even more easily, use strips of material and attach them around the column with double-sided tape.

If you really do want to use the fabric at various times to decorate the column, you could hammer a few nails into it, particularly near the top. The fabric could hang from these nails.

It’s the season…

You can be really creative and decorate the column according to the season. This means keeping it blank, painted in a neutral colour (such as white or beige) and adding elements to it that are related to the season.


For a simple Easter decoration, either paint some grass around the base of the column or cut grass out of green cardboard and attach it around the base of the column.

Then, draw or paint the silhouette of a bunny sitting on the grass. If you don’t want to paint directly onto the column, you could cut out the bunny from cardboard and stick it to the column.

For a rich eggy decoration, cut a number of egg shapes from different coloured cardboard. Attach them in and around the grass at the bottom of the column.


Cut some strips of pumpkins from orange cardboard and some bats from black cardboard. Attach the end of the strip of pumpkins to the top of the column with tape.

Wrap the string of pumpkins around the column, diagonally from top to bottom.

Attach the end of the string of bats to the top of the column, but on the opposite side to where the pumpkins begin.

Wrap the string of bats around the column diagonally. You can make the bats cross over the string of pumpkins, or run parallel to them.

Take a clump of cotton wool and tease it out so that it forms bits of fluffy string. Attach these to the column at random spots.

Voila! A Halloween column.


At Thanksgiving, the column in the room just begs for turkeys. You can paint pictures of them around the column, or cut them out of cardboard and attach them.

Try one large turkey wrapped around the column, or a lot of little turkeys running all over it. Throw in some red, white and blue strips circling the base of the column and you’re set.


The easiest and simplest way to decorate a column for Christmas is to string tinsel around it. You can be much more creative, though. Even on a budget.

Think about what the holidays mean to your family. Collect photographs, pieces of wrapping paper, ribbons and paper from crackers.

Attach these to the pillar in an interesting way. You could put all the pictures on one side of the pillar, or position them on all four sides, as though they are in a gallery.

If the column is round, create a spiral of pictures going around the pillar from top to bottom. You can also wind the gift-wrapping ribbon around the column.

If you are feeling really creative and brave, then you can paint reindeer, Father Christmas faces and stars all around the pillar.

And there you have a Christmas column.

Kiddie fun

There is a very interesting, cost-effective and personal way to decorate a column in the middle of a room: turn it into a blank canvas for your kids’ artwork.

Imagine the joy of being a child who is actually encouraged to write on the wall. It would be like a dream come true.

All you have to do is to prepare the pillar and then supply some pencils or crayons to draw with.

Encourage your kids to be creative and to try to decorate the column at various levels. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

What would be equally fun is to paint the pillar with blackboard paint and supply chalk for the kids’ creativity to flow.

The beauty of this approach is that you can easily erase some of the drawings to make space for more.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Decorate a Column in the Middle of the Room

Do I have to paint a column in the middle of the room to decorate it?

Painting a column can be a great way to decorate it, but it is not the only way to do so. You can drape material around the column, or even draw on it with erasable crayons.

How can I make a column a real feature in the room?

A column in the middle of a room is a feature on its own. You can also paint it in a colour that contrasts with the walls but matches a feature in the room, which will make the column a strong feature.

Conclusion On How to Decorate a Column in the Middle of the Room

There are almost as many ways of decorating a column in the middle of a room as there are ways of thinking about it.

If you just allow your creativity to flow a little, you will find an innovative approach to making the most of this feature.