How To Decorate A Dresser

How To Decorate A Dresser – We Have Simple Ideas

You will find a dresser in most homes.

They won’t always be found in bedrooms as they can work in kid’s playrooms, living rooms, and even in hallways.

Some people think of a dresser as a place where clothing belongs.

Most people store their clothing in a dresser but looking at the bigger picture; a dresser is also a surface you can use to decorate.

So you have a dresser in your home but are not sure how to style it to look modern and classy without any clutter?

Dressers are actually easy to style; there are just a few general guidelines to stick to if you really want to pull off a well-decorated dresser.

How To Decorate A Dresser

When it comes to styling a dresser, you need to try not to overdo it and create clutter. First, you need your main anchor like a big mirror or frame, and then you need to add some height with a few items like vases or something taller, then add your smaller décor pieces around it.

Start With The Main Centrepiece

When you are decorating a dresser, you need to take note of the space that you have on top of the piece.

You need to choose an essential piece like framed art or a wall mirror that will help to anchor your dresser.

Mirrors work well as they offer a visual balance.

Going for a round mirror is a good idea so you can then balance out the vertical lines that the dresser has.

Now, if you want to forget about using the main centerpiece, then you can place the dresser in front of a window.

This will allow the light and natural sun to come through without obstructing it with anchors.

Using Tall Décor For The Height

Now for decorations, you need to add something that has height.

These are best placed to the side of the dresser beside the mirror if you have chosen to use one.

Lamps can be used for adding heigh plus you get the extra purpose of having more light in the room.

If lamps are not your thing, you can use tall pillar candles, tall plants like snakes, decorative baskets, and even vases filled with branches or flowers.

If you love reading, a set of books stacked on top of each other can add your height.

You don’t even have to read these books. You can find vintage books from flea markets and bargain stores that you can just use purely as decoration.

A tall clock, animal figurines, or wood letters can all be used.

It doesn’t really matter what you use as long as it works in with your style of the overall room and it has plenty of height.

A Jewelry Box

A dresser is often where people will keep their jewelry.

You might have your display in a box or on a stand. If you are using a nice box to store the jewelry, you can set it on top of the books for more height or use it as a base to place items on top to build up height. 

If you have jewelry you often wear, consider using a tall jewelry stand.

This can be placed on the end of your jewelry and allows for easy access to it.

Adding A Tray For Decoration

If you have already placed your tall item on one side of the centerpiece, then you need to add something that is long but very low.

Trays work well for this matter and can be very decorative.

Find a tray that you like and that suits the décor around it.

Now you want to position this in the middle in front of your centerpiece.  

There is no limit as to what you can use the tray for, such as make-up, perfume, or jewelry.

Now the thing with this is you want to choose a statement tray.

You don’t want to add a clear, cheap plastic tray; this needs to be something that is going to stand out.

Decorating A Dresser With Greenery

The greenery that is arranged on its own draped over items or flowers that are sitting in a vase can help to add a more natural texture to your dresser.

You can use fresh-cut flowers as long as you replace them before they start looking like they have seen better days. 

A dried arrangement in the colors that the room is designed in works well and is low maintenance.

Add Your Understated Pieces

Once you have done the above steps, you can then move onto adding your accent pieces.

Now the dresser, whether in the hallway or in the living room, you are going to be looking at it each day.

Ensure you find a thoughtful piece or something that represents a happy time in your life.

You can add your favorite pieces in a cluster or on their own.

Framed pictures work well in a cluster so do books. Don’t be afraid to mix and match items.

You can add several different materials like wood, metal, and glass as long as you position them correctly.

If you are one that likes to decorate for each season, then this is a place that you can add these items.

When the season is over, change it up with a fresh new look for the upcoming season.

Layering Your Dresser

Let the dresser style and decoration change with your tastes.

You might be one who likes to keep everything to a minimum and has just a mirror on your dresser.

This is fine too. When you are only displaying one or two items, you will need to position and correct the colors and design.

These become the centerpiece and the item that catches your eye when you view the dresser.

If you have larger frames, you can get smaller ones and layer them in front of the larger ones.

You don’t actually need to see the whole picture for it to look good.


Dresser ideas are endless. The important thing to remember is they are all about balance.

Getting the balance right is what will help you to pull off the best-looking dresser.

Before you consider decorating, start with a clean slate, then you can look at it as a whole and go from there.

Enjoy mixing and matching styles for your dresser.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dressers

Are Wood Dressers Out Of Style?

Wood furniture is on the rise and growing in popularity. Wood types such as mango and mahogany are popular when it comes to wood dressers.

How Do I Keep My Dresser Clean?

Cleaning and dusting often will ensure your dresser stays tidy. Having less on the dresser means you have less to dust and clean.