Best Floor Pillows For Kids

Best Floor Pillows For Kids – Soo Cozy!

Let’s talk about the best floor pillows for kids. With more and more staying at home, and with not much outdoorsy stuff to do, kids get unendingly bored.

They deserve some extraordinary care to keep them constructively occupied.

Moreover, constant sitting in chairs while studying from home nowadays, also makes them kinda hate sitting there for any time again during the day.

At these moments help comes from the floor cushions and pillows.

These may appear insignificant to many, but trust me, once you have a floor cushion at your disposal, it will become a vital part of your comfort zone with its warm and welcoming feel.

What Are The Best Floor Pillows for Kids?

The best floor pillows for kids are the ones that have the best support structure and the best comfort-providing filling inside the cushions. These can include anything from the a-little rigid yet soft floor pillows, or the cozy tufted cushions, the amazingly flexible bean bags full of comfort, or the more firm but snug poufs. Furthermore, the color selection, the design variation, and the style of the final selection all depend on the age and requirements of the kids, the pillows are intended for.

What are floor pillows used for?

Floor pillows are great seating spots; comfy, cozy, and relaxing.

These budget-friendly and small space dwellers provide a smart solution for sudden seating shortages in case of unanticipated guests, particularly when you don’t have any extra space in the room for an extra chair or seat.

And then they also provide an excellent dual function as side tables and coffee tables.

With the range of colors and designs that could happen, the floor seating can bring a big difference to the room’s ambiance.

For the kids, these not only provide a better seating experience but also tweak up the room to give it character. 

In particular, floor seating gives a cozy spot to read books, play video games, and lounging. These are also awesome for slumber parties, movie nights, and just for having a seat to sink into when you feel like doing nothing.

For you, it might be just a bunch of cushions, but for the little ones, it could be a futuristic spaceship or a high and mighty castle. 

Bright and creative ideas

Lively colors and big patterns brighten and revitalize the room, so are particularly fitting for the kids’ room. 

Large, knitted, woolen cushions and poufs in one or two tones ideally give a feeling of warmth.

Padded and softer cushions with flared edges give a somewhat sofa effect with loads of comfort for the kids and adults equally. 

A minimalistic room would need intricate patterns and soft fabrics for the cushions.

Patchwork and DIY cushions are usually colorful and durable, great for kids who enjoy a cottage and farmhouse feel.

Available products in the floor seating accessories

With the wide variety of floor pillows available, we thought it would be a good idea to share some different styles of floor seating options in the market.

Pillows and cushions

These are the most commonly used floor seating. These are versatile, durable, and easy to move. Plus most of these have a removable covering that can be washed in the machine.

The older girls particularly prefer the classy kind of Corduroy Floor Pillows at Urban Outfitters because of their velvety texture, stackable capability, and multiple color options.

The Cat in the Flower garden, Cats pattern, and Tigers at Society6 are great floor pillow options for feline lovers.

And the Giant Pillow for kids at Etsy, gives an oversized, fluff experience to the kids. 

Other available pillows include the Darvin Rectangular Pillow set at Wayfair and the LuGo Lounger Pillow floor bed at Etsy, made by connecting pillows together to make an extended floor cushion for the kids to completely lie on.

While the Amped Fleece Boo pillow at Urban Outfitters and the Sweet Seats Monkey Backrest at Walmart are a neat find for the new-to-sitting little kiddies, with sufficient back and side support.

Bean bag chairs

Bean bags are a very flexible category of lumpy cushions filled with polyester beans and beads.

These durable and washable seats give the effect of just sinking into comfort.

They are a little bigger and higher than the cushions and pillows, and provide a full seat, such as the Classic Bean bag at Wayfair, the Posh Bean Bag at Walmart, or the ultimately cute Large Whale Bean Bag at Crate and Barrel (have to get this!).

A variation of bean bags features a back and arms built in the bag, filled with the beans of course, and provides a supported seating structure.

Have a look at the gorgeous blue Large Bean Bag Chair with a footstool at Etsy, the Heritage Club Faux Fur bean chair in a fantastical tie, and the dye pastel rainbow color at Walmart.

Another variation of the bean bag is the bean bag lounger, shaped like a reclining chaise. This is for elder kids who like to sit back and relax to do their work.

Check out the Big Joe Bean Bag and the Small bean bag loungers at Wayfair. And the unique design of the Adjustable Grey Bean bag at Crate and Barrel. 


Poofs are multipurpose accessories with many similarities to ottomans, but are less solid and are filled instead of having storage spaces.

Poufs function as side tables, and extra seats, other than a seat.

The Crochet Mustard Round Stuffed Pouf at Etsy is an amazingly soft, wool-knit pouf, colorful and welcoming; the Spurgeon Wide Square Chevron Pouf at Wayfair is a more mature and definite style with tasseled corners, and the Blush Abstract Symbols pouf at World Market would be an option for tic-tac-toe lovers.

The Shaggy Grey Pouf is a pile of shaggy hair that just wants to give goodness, and the Roselle Pouf stool is a more heightened version of the pouf at Crate and Barrel, seconding as a chair at the study table.

And finally, Walmart offers the Cartoon Ottoman Pouf featuring teddies and the Animal Ottoman Poufs with cheerful woodland animals for the little ones.

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