How to store shampoo bars

6 Clever Ways How to Store Shampoo Bars

How to Store Shampoo Bars? Nowadays, there are shampoos that come in solid form (like bar soaps) without any plastic container.

This is good news because mother nature deserves a break from all the plastic that is harming our environment. 

One disadvantage is that shampoo bars are more difficult to store.

It’s because compared to regular shampoos, shampoo bars need to be stored in a specific container to avoid bacteria from developing and for the bars to become mushy. 

But don’t worry, it’s just a small problem that won’t hinder you from using environmental-friendly shampoo bars.

If you are looking for ways to store shampoo bars, I have created an article dedicated to the topic.

How to Store Shampoo Bars

To store shampoo bars you can often use their own packaging they come with. Additional ways to store shampoo bars are draining shower racks, soap trays with drainage, wooden shampoo bar dishes/trays, or mesh bags. And if you’re traveling, you can use shampoo bar tins or shampoo bar travel cases. Cut your shampoo bar into quarter-sized pieces for longer use and make it a habit to drain and dry your shampoo bar every after use.

Different ways to store your shampoo bars

Draining shower rack to store shampoo bars

Draining shower racks are great to store shampoo soap
Draining shower racks are great to store shampoo soap

Shower racks can be found in department stores, malls, and home furniture shops.

They are usually metal coated and have gaps for liquid to drain.

However as your shampoo bar gets smaller, you may have to place a sponge underneath to avoid the bar from dropping because of the gaps.

In addition, look for a rack that can either be hung on a showerhead or has suction cups so it can be attached to the wall.  

Storing shampoo soap using a soap tray

A soap try to store shampoo soap
A soap try to store shampoo soap

A soap tray with drainage is a cheaper option because it is very common.

In addition, the material of a soap tray is usually hard plastic.

But if you’re feeling fancy, you can buy a ceramic design.

Just keep in mind to place it somewhere where the liquid can drip easily for proper draining.

A wooden shampoo bar dish

A wooden soap dish to store shampoo soap
A wooden soap dish to store shampoo soap

A wooden shampoo bar dish is another useful way to store your shampoo soap.

They usually have small holes for sufficient draining and sometimes come in vibrant colors for a stylish design.  

The wooden bar tray on the other hand doesn’t have small holes but rather has grooves that dries out the shampoo bar. 

Note: When using a wooden dish or tray, clean them frequently to avoid mold.

Storing shampoo soap using a mesh or crochet

Storing shampoo soap using a mesh or crochet
Storing shampoo soap using a mesh or crochet

This storage option will give you the best of both worlds because you can use it for exfoliating when bathing, and you can hang it to dry afterward.

It works well since the fabric of the mesh or crochet will help absorb the moisture. It is also easy to clean and great for traveling. 

Storing soap using bar tins

Storing soap using bar tins
Storing soap using bar tins

Shampoo bar tins are convenient for traveling because they are airtight.

This prevents your shampoo bar from being squished.

Just a friendly reminder, make sure your shampoo bar is dry before putting it inside the tin to avoid it from becoming mushy and sticky. 

Storing a shampoo bar using a travel case

Store a soap bar using a travel case
Store a soap bar using a travel case

If you travel frequently, consider a shampoo bar travel case as your travel buddy.

They are affordable and come with different pastel colors to choose from.

This storage has snap-ons that will keep your shampoo bar wet and squish-free.

As with the shampoo bar tins, ensure your shampoo bar is completely dry before storing. 

How to properly store shampoo bars

Remember the golden rule: use it, drain it, and dry it.

As long as your bar is dry, it will last for a long time.

But when you leave it wet or soaked, it will eventually get too soft and mushy.

Especially if it is the humid season of the year, your shampoo bar may get moist and slimy.

This is because hot weather is not good for shampoo bars.

They have moisturizing ingredients that will cause the soap to melt when exposed to prolonged heat.

So during this time, it is best to keep your bathroom window open to allow for sufficient air circulation.

A good placement and position of the shampoo bar is also essential.

Make sure it is not blocking the draining holes or grooves for effective draining. 

One more thing, for travel shampoo bar storage.

It’s not just the shampoo bar that needs to be kept dry, but the storage container as well.

So keep in mind to wipe the bottom of the case with wash cloth before putting your dry shampoo bar inside.

Why do you need a suitable storage container for your shampoo bar?

When a shampoo bar is not properly stored, it can develop bacteria.

Also, most shampoo bars contain natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, powders, or vegetable butter which require a dry environment.

How long do shampoo bars usually last?

With proper care, shampoo bars will last an average of 6 months up to 9 months.

Conclusion On How to Store Shampoo Bars

There are plentiful ways to store your shampoo bars for everyday use or traveling. For everyday use, use storage with draining holes or a tray.

For traveling, an airtight container will prevent soap from getting squished. 

Just remember to keep soap bars as dry as possible.

Keeping shampoo bars away from sunlight and heat will also prolong their lifespan. 

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