Best Coffee Nook Ideas

Best Coffee Nook Ideas – Amazing Tips!

For many, it is a cup of caffeinated drink that gets them fully awake and functional in the morning. 

Though coffee at the coffee shops is purely delicious and fresh, it is neither economical nor convenient to go for every single day. 

Coffee nooks and corners are a thing of a trend nowadays. 

When it’s work-from-home who wouldn’t want a simple Starbucks station to help them get through the day without needing to go out. 

Best coffee nook ideas

The best nook ideas include a 24/7-available dedicated area with enough space to hold all the variable coffee supplies and the machines needed to make a fresh brew every day.

In addition to the supplies, you could sprinkle some fairy dust and charms (I mean the décor) to customize it and make it more feel like home.

With all the ideas, remember not to overdo it and have some space left open for the actual coffee making.

These coffee nooks not only help you declutter some of the cabinet chaos and streamline your coffee rituals, but also make an interesting and convenient spot to socialize around when you have friends and family over.

Where and What Should Be Included In The Coffee Station?

You could have a small corner in the kitchen with possibly an adjacent cabinet to make a tidy coffee nook. 

But if you are a cluttery person, avoid using this as you may end up occupying the whole countertop. 

Instead, you could opt for a smaller, detached surface in the kitchen to devote to the caffeinated drinks, like a cart or a small console table.

Keep in mind, if are using a coffee machine and not the method of pour-over, it is best to place the nook near an outlet.

There are no hard and fast rules for the coffee nook but yeah it would be great to have coffee there (LOL).

You would want to have the coffee maker and the stuff needed with it, like filters, coffee ground holder, and maybe a coffee bean grinder if you love the brew made from freshly ground beans.

Then the serving supplies that you would have to have include cups, mugs, spoons, plates, and trays. 

And don’t forget the rest of the ingredients; coffee cream, sugar, and whatever you like in your drink (hmmm, cinnamon?).

Keep a cleaning element, a paper towel stand or a dishtowel to clean up in case of a spill.

Other than these necessary items, there are additional things that you could have on the cart like other varieties of drinks, fruits, cakes, and cookies.

Don’t be afraid to bring some creative aspects into your coffee nook. 

It could range from anything that you particularly prefer, such as a piece of contemporary art, plant pots, succulents, vase with fake flowers, wire baskets, and glass jars; you name it, the nook got it.

If you like reader/writer type, you could have books, newspapers, magazines, comic books, and even a notepad or a chalkboard to jot down stuff that may be lost by the time you grab a pen paper. 

And the last but not least, the theme you pull off, the color palette, and the overall look should bind the whole as one piece.

Ideas, Ideas, and More Ideas

First off you need a countertop; it could be a part of your kitchen countertop or a totally separate entity.

The top functions as the base for the heavier machines and assorted jars for the ingredients while the other tiers/shelves/drawers would hold the supplies and mugs.

You could use the kitchen countertop as mentioned above, but you would have modifications and limitations.

If you are into classic stuff, a tiered coffee cart would be ideal. An old repurposed bookshelf would give you a similar thing but without mobility.

You could opt for something available at Amazon, like the movable Kitchen Coffee Bar with a rustic touch, or the fixed Walker Edison Willa Storage Console for a modern farmhouse look.

Ikea has some great furniture pieces that could be used for the cart effect, like the static Torviken Kitchen Island, the Forhoja Kitchen Cart with wheels on one side, or the Raskog Utility cart with free mobility and color options. 

All these options are easy to clean and maintain, and you could choose according to preference in cart materials and the variations in shelves, drawers, and hanging spaces within the shelves.

The one-piece sets Kitchen cabinetry at Houzz and the Steve Silver Cayla Antique White Buffet and Hutch at the Classy home are admirable for being comprehensive and complete.

A table console could also act as a countertop. A fancy table with floating shelves provides a unique charm to the coffee nook while a monotonous table and shelves set may achieve a contemporary look.

For instance, Baxton Studio Tannis at Walmart or the Dostie Wide Buffet table at Wayfair. 

You could have the cups and accessories stored on top of the floating shelves or the cups could simply be hung underneath the shelves with big ornate hooks or hanging spaces.

The hooks can be replaced with a wire mesh basket, a rod, or even a mug tree for hanging purposes.

Have a look at Industrial Coffee Bar at Etsy, the Olakee wall shelves at Amazon, the Sunnersta at Ikea, and the Rotating Mug tree at Wayfair.

The shelves and the hanging space give a lot of storage area and can be used above countertops too, in case you have lesser space in the kitchen.

You could have wooden planks cut out in shapes or even racks to provide the space to hang the cups in a more vintage look.

Check out the Vintage Blacksmith Wall rack at PotteryBarn and the Rustic Coffee Mug holder at Etsy. These are also helpful when you don’t have enough surface area on the tabletop for them.

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