How To Clean A Black And Decker Coffee Maker

How To Clean A Black And Decker Coffee Maker – Such A Simple Process

Black and decker is a good quality brand all around.

Good coffee needs to have five elements to it.

Good saturation of coffee in the water, fresh, clean water, fresh beans, the right proportion of water to the coffee, and a good clean machine.

Unfortunately, the cleaning part of the machine is up to the owner.

Cleaning a coffee maker might seem like hard work, but it really isn’t. It is quite simple and easy without any elbow grease involved.

How To Clean A Black And Decker Coffee Maker

You can clean a black and decker thermal coffee maker by first starting with washing the brew basket and thermal carafe in soapy water. Rinse them dry and put them back in. Clean the inside by running a cleaning cycle with a cleaning solution but no coffee. Run another cycle to rinse through. Wash the exterior with a damp cloth and allow to air dry.

Do I Really Need To Clean My Coffee Pot?

There are many reasons why you need to clean your coffee pot often, and some you might not even think about.

The calcium and minerals in the water can build up, which will eventually affect the taste of your coffee. Cleaning the interior and exterior will ensure your next cup of coffee tastes as good as when you first brought it.

Daily Maintenance For Coffee Makers

Your system will need a good clean-out, but you still need to be doing daily maintenance to ensure grime has been washed away.

This will make the deep cleaning easier to do as there will be less build-up.

It is advisable that you wash the head, the water reservoir, the drip tray, and the drawer where your coffee grounds go daily if you can.

Wipe the outside every few days or when a splash occurs with a soft cloth.

Self-Cleaning Coffee Maker

If you have a self-cleaning coffee maker, the monthly cleaning job just got a lot easier.

The auto coffee maker option on your machine means that you can remove the build-ups that occur from the water, such as calcium.

Your machine will have a notification light that will glow when your coffee machine starts to get a residue build-up and needs attending.

Sometimes one clean isn’t enough, so you might need to repeat the process if the light did not shut off the first time around. Once the coffee machine has been cleaned out completely, the light should go off.

Descaling Your Coffee Machine

What is descaling, you might ask? Descaling is actually a process where you remove mineral build-up.

Descaling needs to be done not only in coffee machines but also in dishwashers and tap heads. If you have hard water, you will need to remove the build-up often otherwise, it can damage the machine.

 How To Descale Your Coffee Machine

Here you have two options you can descale with professional descaling tablets or simple white vinegar.

The descaling tablets will come with their own instructions, but they mainly consist of putting the tablet in the water reservoir and running a full cycle, then a rinse cycle after that.

When You Are Cleaning With Vinegar Follow These Steps:

Empty and rinse out your carafe.

Empty out the grounds but remember not to put them down the sink.

They can go in the trash, garden, or compost.

Now fill the reservoir halfway with water and the other half white distilled vinegar. Start a brewing cycle, and when it is halfway through, turn off the machine and let it sit for a while.

Finish the cycle now, then tip the vinegar down the sink and wash out the carafe.

Fill up the water reservoir with fresh water and let it go through another full cycle, and let it finish.

Once it is done, complete another rinse cycle to get rid of any residual vinegar tastes.

Cleaning out the coffee pot with a professional descaler works just the same as vinegar. Vinegar is safer for both the machine and your health.

Coffee Grounds Can Grow Mold

After 24hours, the coffee grounds tray can start to grow mold due to the moisture and warmth.

Ensure you empty the grounds out daily to avoid any bacteria growth. The grounds will clog the sink, so avoid putting them there.

Try the garden or compost where the coffee grounds are actually going to be beneficial.

People use them often for their plants, so you might find someone who will come and take them off your hands.


You might be a person like me who prefers a strong brew which is great as this type of coffee maker works well to get a nice strong pot.

Sometimes the machines get clogged with deposits and residues like many other appliances. 

These can build up over time.

While they won’t hurt you, they can affect the taste of your coffee and shorten the lifespan of the machine. Enjoy your cup of coffee, knowing it came from a fresh and clean machine without any nasties added in.

Frequently Asked Questions

After Cleaning The Machine Is Still Flashing The Cleaning Light

If the machine is extra dirty and hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, it may need to be cleaned twice. After cleaning for a second time, the warning light should disappear.

What Else Can I Use To Descale My Coffee Maker?

Vinegar is best, but you can also use denture tablets, baking soda, CLR, and Commercial tablets. Ensure everything is well rinsed if using chemicals to descale.

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