Best Vertical Display Ideas For Plants

15 Best Vertical Display Ideas For Plants

Plants are our naturally occurring air refreshers; they take up the carbon dioxide from the environment and provide us clean oxygen that we breathe to remain alive.

Everyone needs and enjoys breathing in the fresh air and sunlight to thrive.

Most people want to have plants in their life; it could be small succulents, frivolous trailers, and the not-too-big bloomers.

And it is not only oxygen but plants also the primary source of edibles that make our foods nourishing and delicious.

Think of all the herbs, fruits, vegetables, etc. that we can grow in our kitchen garden.

Even if we are not green enthusiasts, we know that plants are a big part of our biological balance without us even realizing it.

The deal is to accommodate more plants around us and in our homes for a healthier life

Best Plant Pot Ladders And Vertical Display Products

Amazon offers a wide range of stands and ladders for tiered plant pots arrangement.

These stands and ladder units are space savers and work quite well in small spaces as well.

The stands, racks, and ladders have versatile usage and can be used as display and storage units for many other items other than plant pots, including books, clothing, and décor.

Some of the offered products do not fall exactly in the ladder category but they are tiered plant stands and serve their purpose splendidly.

Best Step Ladder Plant Stands

The Worth Garden Ladder Plant Stand is a wooden three-tiered stepladder stand. Each tier or step is openly spaced and wide-shelved to allow big plant placement.

The stepladder is available in two and three-tier options.

It is made of treated wood that can be used in both indoor and outdoor plant display settings.

The stepladder stands are not actually used as stepladders as they can only take a certain amount of weight.

Best Plant Display Racks

The Bamboo Plant Stand at the Ufine Store is a short, A-frame ladder stand that provides a display space for different sizes of plants.

The shelves become narrower as we move up, accommodating bigger plants and pots on the lower shelf and the smaller ones on the top shelf.

These stands have the additional feature of easy portability by being foldable and quickly assembled.

And there are gaps between the wooden slats on each tier that allow the water to drain without any blockage.

The Wood Plant Stand at the same store is a rectangular three-tier display rack. Each tier provides adequately wide shelving space and a height gap in between the shelves to hold bigger plants.

And they also have a back fence on each shelf to prevent plant pots from sliding behind the stand.

Best Freestanding Plant Stands

The Ufine Freestanding Plant Ladder Stand is a set of three separable freestanding stands or steps of a ladder with gradual heights.

These are made of treated pine wood and can hold up to 25 lbs. per tier. Each step can be placed individually if you have a limited space or fewer plants to showcase, or as a set of steps to organize and display plants or other assorted items.

The tiers are well-built in width and length to sufficiently accommodate plant pots in a way that they all receive undisturbed sunlight exposure

Another similar product is the rustic-pattern Donosura Potted Plant Stair Stand. Similar because of the detachable set of three steps that can be placed either individually or as a single unit.

While different as this one is quite decorative and made of metal with rustproof coating.

Each step is again wide and spacious, enough to accommodate up to 50 lbs. of plant pot weight.

An additional benefit of these steps is the adjustability of the outer footsteps of each stand that lets it settle on the uneven outdoor ground.

The store also offers individual stands in different sizes and shapes for smaller plant pots.

Best Chic Tiered-Plant Stands

The TREEZITEK Metal Plant Stand is a uniquely tiered and decorated display stand made of steel and powder coated for a smooth finish.

Its four tiers are round and have circumferential fence-like edges to prevent pots from sliding off.

Each tier is positioned on a different height space to accommodate taller plants and is connected to the base with pillars.

These are also available as single and two-tiered metallic stands as a décor collection.

Another trendy design is the Bamboo Plant Stand at the LontaiWisuce Store. It is a three-tier stand with carbon steel plates and natural bamboo pillars that can hold up to 66 lbs.; that’s a lot for its small size.

It makes a simplistic and remarkable corner piece for your indoor plant display for putting up succulents and smaller plants.

The store also offers other similar two-tier and three-tier plant pot stands for a combination.

Best Leaning Ladder And Bookshelf Style Plant Stands

The HYNAWIN Bookshelf Leaning Ladder is an all-bamboo piece that can be a classic addition to any room in the house.

The rustic-looking ladder has six shelved tiers and is available in three color options. It is easy-to-clean, not too heavy-duty, and strong enough to hold up to 60 lbs. of weight.

The VASAGLE Store offers the products VASAGLE Alinru Leaning Ladder Shelf and the VASAGLE ALINRU Ladder Bookshelf.

The leaning ladder shelf has a rustic look and five tiers that can hold up to a total of 55 lbs. It has a typical look of a leaning ladder with wooden shelves for steps and a metallic framework.

Though it may appear to be leaning by itself on the wall, it is actually fixed onto the wall using screws.

The bookshelf format has four, wide and stable shelves that gradually become narrow as you move up. It also has sturdier metallic support that enables it to be freestanding.

It comes in six warm-toned wooden shelves to give your room a rustic appeal and practical touch.

All of these products come with easy-to-follow instructions and the required tools to build them at home.

Best A-Ladder Style Plant Stands

The HFHOME Multifunctional Metal Plant Stand, as the name suggests, is a multifunctional, heavy-duty A-shaped ladder shelf. It is beautifully made of iron and has three steps.

Each step is wide and has an elevated and decorated edge to prevent items from slipping off. Moreover, the shelves are removable and the whole support can be folded for easy portability.

Similar to this format but in a wooden structure is the MyGift Rustic Wood A-Frame Plant Stand. It also has three tiers for the plant pots and each tier holds a tin tray with raised edges.

The trays give a rustic, handcrafted look and are removable for easy cleaning, while the stand itself is foldable for compact storage.

Best Multi-Layered Wooden Plant Stands

The MUDEELA Wood Plant Stand is a three-tier corner stand that can hold multiple plant pots in each tier.

It is a symmetrical, triangular-shaped space saver and allows all the plants their needed room for thriving.

It comes with silicon feet-covers that protect the floor from getting scratched by the stand’s feet.

Another product at the same store is the MUDEELA Bamboo Plant Stand. It is a tall towering stand that has seven tiers placed on the right and left sides of the central supporting pillar.

Moreover, the tiers are adjustable in height to accommodate the plants above and below. It is a simplistic design, ideal for corners and for holding multiple pots scattered at variable heights.

The AMERLIFE Wooden Plant Stand is a design similar to the towering MUDEELA bamboo stand. It has a central support structure that can accommodate plants and bigger shelves that extend off the sides.

The six-tier vertical display is durable, made of carbonized wood, and can hold up to 20 lbs. per tier. And the gaps between the wooden slats are great for draining water from the plants.

The Magshion Tall Plant Stand is a four-tiered, sturdy bamboo stand, with a square base and the shelves tapering on the way up (more like a pyramid structure).

It is also a great space-saving product with versatile usage and is available in two and three-tiered stands too as part of a collection.

And the COOGOU Wood Plant Stand is a geometric piece of the art style of plant stand with a basic triangular design and plant pot shelves at five staggering heights.

The base of the triangle forms the sturdy supportive base of the stand and can hold more plant pots. It is a great display unit for the outdoor areas, like the patio and balcony. The unit can hold a total of up to 60 lbs.

Plant ladders and vertical gardens

Keeping up with the modern minimalistic approaches, setting up a plant display should be such that it maximizes their benefit and potential in a simple and minimally occupying way.

Plant stands and ladders are versatile gardening and plant-arranging units that bring into use the unoccupied and wasted “vertical” space.

The use of this vertical space gives a much greater capacity for organizing plants in a smaller area than how much a regular floor area would be able to give.

This makes vertical stacking ideal for storage and display in smaller rooms while making a remarkably modern and chic impression.

You could use a leaning ladder supported onto a wall, utilize multi-tiered stands, or even add simple floating shelves to accommodate plant pots.

This setting can be used in almost all the rooms and areas of the house, including the staircases and patio.

Such living additions to the rooms not only bring freshness to the surroundings but are also unique and lively components of the interior décor.

Pro Tips To Keep In Your Mind When Buying Plant Stands

Elevate the plants hidden in the corners of the house behind furniture to make them a lively piece of décor.

Select a stand made of materials and colors that go with the flow of the room, such as wood, wrought iron, coated metal, bamboo, ceramic, tin, etc. There is no limit to the options you just need to know what you are looking for.

Place the larger plants and pots in the lower tiers of the stand, the smaller in the higher tiers, and the trailing ones in towards the outer ends of the shelves.

If you don’t want to invest in any plant stands or you don’t have the space to keep the bigger products, use the various DIY ideas for your plant displays.

For instance, you could upgrade actual ladders, footstools, bar stools, old chairs, or even build a stand from scratch.

Building a plant display gives you added benefits; you can adjust the height and the width of each tier, decide on the number of tiers, and also make use of other upgradable items to make the plant beds.

This way you can fit the plant pots in each tier more comfortably and aesthetically.


Plant pots usually have dedicated places in the house, like the window ledge or the balcony.

But with the limitations that can be encountered, setting up plant pots in a simplistic way with maximum advantage is the idea.

The plant ladders and display stands give us the best deal in this regard, which brings into use the vertical space and gives each plant its needed space for thriving. 

Some products are more vertical than the others, yet all of them have the capacity to hold multiple pots at the expense of single pot space occupancy on the floor.

Another great thing about these plant stands is that they are easy to assemble and easy to disassemble in case you want to move them.

Some plant stands can also be placed as separate units instead of one and some just take up a corner in the room.

The best one would be the one that goes best with your requirements for a plant pot stand.

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