How to Hang Plants From the Ceiling Without Drilling

How to Hang Plants From the Ceiling Without Drilling

How to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling? When it comes to plants in the household, a home can be as attractive or dark as you want it to be, simply because of the type of plants you have, and their placement.

For most homes, plants are not only attractive to the eye, but they also offer some form of therapy.

Correct placement of potted plants is essential not only for the allure but also when safety is a factor.

On that note, placing plants above ground, without drilling, requires adequate planning and execution.

One spot to place plants in homes is the ceiling. Yes, you heard it right you can hang plants from the ceiling if done the right way.

The type of method used to ensure that your plants stay on the ceiling is of more importance than the planters they are in.

Living in apartment buildings or condos may require accounting for neighboring floors (above), especially if you decide to use their balcony railings to hook your plants. However, that may not be necessary. 

Depending on the type of materials available, some ceilings may require metal compatibility, adhesives, or suction cups. We are, after all, avoiding drilling at all costs.  

Use Magnetic Hooks to Hang Lightweight Plants

If your ceiling has metal vents or some form of metal fixture, you may be able to apply a metal hook to hold your plants.

These hooks are available in any hardware store worth its name and may be found in most supermarkets too. 

However, to ensure safety all around, be sure to check the fixture you plan to attach your plant to.

For instance, a vent will not experience much damage if the pot doesn’t hold.

However, if the plant does in fact fall after a while, it will break. This will cause damage/loss of a pot, but it may cause bodily harm to anyone nearby. 

Take time to evaluate what you connect the magnetic hook to. It may be something stronger than a vent, perhaps a metal railing running the ceiling, and over to your (upstairs) neighbor’s balcony.

This might be a better choice than attaching it to a weaker point on the ceiling.

Use Adhesive Hooks for Super Lightweight Plants

A word of caution before proceeding to purchase any adhesive hooks. Do not under any circumstances buy kitchen hooks.

Most hardware stores advertise their (kitchen) hooks as strong enough to hold a few pounds. 

This is true as pertains to Ladles, dish, and hand towels. However, the tensile strength of a kitchen hook cannot be trusted to hold up a plant.

In any case, the design of a kitchen hook is not conducive to holding up plants. 

Visit your local store and purchase a hook strong enough to hold 5 -10 pounds of weight, translating to 2.3 to 4.5 kilos.

This weight class should be commonplace in terms of plants found around the household. 

Thus, you can easily use these adhesive hooks on ceilings without fear of them falling off. Always remember that water added to plants, adds to the weight of your plants.

Use Suction Cups for Skylight Ceilings

If you are lucky enough to have a home with a skylight ceiling, make use of suction cups. It is possible to find pots boasting suction cups that remove the stress associated with adhesives. 

These suction cups/pots need to be bought based on weight class, however, it will be easier not to make the mistake of buying something that won’t hold up.

This is because, by default, the item is made to house plants, on the glass. 

Though most are made for glass windows, having a skylight ceiling makes for a unique location.

Keep in mind that the best solution would be nothing more than five pounds (or 2.3 Kg), which should factor in water. 

A word of caution though for skylight owners. Most glass ceilings are meant to hold dozens of people, meaning pots and plants won’t make an ounce of a difference in restrictions.

However, to play it safe, restrict the number of pots to five, assuming they all reach the maximum of 5 pounds. 

Life Hacks – Cheat your Way to Hanging Plants

Can I Hang Plants Using Rods on the Wall?

Bear with us as we take a life-hack approach to hang pots from ceilings, and this is one of cheating if you will, but your neighbor won’t be any wiser. Find a carpenter to help you out with this one, and have him attach a rod or rail, as high (close as possible) to the ceiling. This will give the illusion that your pots are hanging from the ceiling. 

Can I Use a Tension Rod to hang Plants?

If you feel adventurous, do not pay a carpenter to fix rods on the walls, rather, find yourself a tension rod at your local store. While at the store, purchase two-ended hooks as well, as these have one end to be attached to the rod, and the other to hold up your plants. 

What about Neighbor’s Rails to hang Plants?

If worse comes to worst, use your (upstairs) neighbor’s balcony. Simply attach chains to their balcony, and somehow run them to your window/fixtures on your balcony. You can then hang your plants from these chains. 

Conclusion On How to Hang Plants From the Ceiling Without Drilling

There are countless ways to get your plants, especially flowers, visible to all your neighbors, and passers-by.

What is key is not how they are presented, but rather, if they are secure safely for the longevity of the plants, and the safety of people.

Using hooks removes the mess that comes with drilling, especially when one is renting a home, or might be planning to move said plants after a while. 

In a nutshell, all the approaches to hanging plants on ceilings without drilling, have a risk factor.

The weight of plants is of utmost importance, whether you are using adhesives, magnets, or suction cups. Hang them safely and enjoy the scenery for years to come. 

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