5 Orange Aesthetic Ideas

5 Orange Aesthetic Ideas – Great Inspiration!

Pumpkin spice, mandarin, warm persimmon, and sunset are all names for popular and well-loved orange tones.

Orange is a color that is warm and fun but can also be described as a hard color to decorate with.

If you love orange and want to know the top 5 orange aesthetic ideas, you have landed in the right place.

After reading these tips, you will soon become an expert on solving the challenges of styling with orange and doing it all within budget.

Orange pairs well with neutrals and earthy tones; with its eye-catching hues and vibrant shades, a small amount of orange can go a long way. Here we show you how!

5 Orange Aesthetic Ideas

People tend to think that incorporating orange aesthetic ideas into your home means everything needs to be orange.

In some cases, the more color, the better, but when it comes to orange, you want to keep it low key and your orange aesthetic ideas can be a few orange tones thrown in and not full-blown orange rooms that are overpowering and make you feel ill.

You might think of the color orange and picture Halloween pumpkins and hot desert sand and start to feel very blah about the idea!

I’m going to stop you right there! Did you know there are so many tones and shades of orange that, when used correctly, you will not feel like your room is a bowl of pumpkin soup? Let us tell you how.

Can You Decorate With Orange Wallpaper?

Of course, you can. In fact, you can energize a space just with some orange wallpaper to stimulate your senses.

You are not limited to tones and shades, nor are you with patterns and designs. If you have a goal in mind for your room, you will be able to find a wallpaper that is suitable for you. 

Dark shades of orange work well with wooden interiors or gold accents, while the light tones work great with grey and white for a retro, modern look. 

The lighter shades can be used in a kitchen area, especially if you have a contemporary-styled kitchen and dining.

If you add the orange wallpaper here, it will become a focal point and catch the eye’s attention quite quickly, so ensure you pick one that is well suited.

Wallpaper Direct has some intense brightly colored wallpaper along with peach tones and burnt orange to match the type of color tones you are leaning towards.

How Can I Incorporate Orange Into My Living Room?

Wood, metal, and fabric are the three areas you need to consider when you are adding orange to your lounge room.

It is important to remember that referencing color in your furniture is not just limited to textiles.

Woodwork that has orange tones is a great example of how you can allow the orange pallet to enter the room.

Oak and walnut finishes come with more of an orange appearance within the grain work. You do not want to overboard the room with all this type of furniture, though.

You can create a great effect when you limit the orange-toned furniture to one or two unique pieces.

Having too much of this furniture can have your room looking like a collector’s vault with pieces added every so often.

Try and mix in the wood with a few pieces of metal-framed items such as copper to announce the orange hues in the room slowly. 

If you love the vivid shades of orange, keep these limited to one piece, such as an ottoman or a couch, so you don’t over-create the room.

Two great options that are bright enough but not overpowering for couches is the Jack Orange Tuxed Sofa and the Monaco Sofa, both of which are from Orange Couches and Orange Leather Sofas (elledecor.com) with plenty more options to choose from if these two are not quite what you are searching for.

Can You Style Your Living Room With Orange Accessories?

Why not! Orange rugs, curtains, cushions, ornaments, and whatever else you might like to throw in.

Creating the right color palette is not really about the furniture designs and wall colors but more about the accessories you scatter around the room and how well they work in with everything else.

Accessories can be how you bring in a certain color such as orange into a room if everything else is pretty muted, or the accessories can be the confirmation that your living room color scheme is orange, bold, and straight to the point.

If you don’t want to get straight to the point of orange in the room, you can incorporate minimum orange, such as a rug with orange tassels.

The piping of the border of the cushions or even just a picture that has orange as the prominent color.

If you add a few of these items in this way, then you are showing a combination of colors in one space without trailing off into the world of orange pumpkins everywhere.

Can My Bathroom Be Orange?

Sure! Nothing is impossible. You just need to know how to bring orange into such a hard room and often smaller sized than your other rooms. 

When styling with orange, you don’t want to be using more than two colors. If you want an orange bathroom, then you need to keep everything simple.

A good idea for a bathroom is to combine a pale orange with a bright white. You can paint the walls a bright white, then add a pattern of orange or use orange in your accessories like the shower curtain, towels, and washcloths.

Amara is a great place to find orange washcloths and towel sets with a pleasant amount of shades and tones that you could match with the room.

Can I Include Orange In The Workplace?

If you like being unique, then yes. Orange is not commonly seen inside offices, mainly because it draws out those with strong opinions when you use it in the wrong way.

When used correctly, however, it can provide energy and excitement to the office area. Orange is looked upon as a color in business which means easy-going, affordability, and sociality.

Be careful not to overdo the whole office orange thing as using too much can create hunger and frustration.

Bright colors can stop the employees from feeling tired and bored and help to bring out their creativity.

If you need a few sprinkles of orange around the office, consider using it in your supplies where you will not overcrowd the color.

Amazon.com : Orange Desk Accessories has just what you need, from the orange leather desk pad to a desk storage organizer to ensure everything is right where you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Designing With Orange

What Type Of Design Does Orange Pair With?

Orange can be rustic, modern, contemporary, and even romantic. It has more to do with the shades and tones you use. Bright white and bold orange is modern, while burnt orange is more rustic.

Does Orange Work With Neutrals For The Living Room?

White, tans, and beiges are perfectly paired with orange shades in your family living room. Both bold orange and the earthier shades are suitable if styled correctly.

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