Green Wallpaper Ideas

5 Green Wallpaper Ideas – Interior Design Tips

Are you looking to decorate an interior room with a color that promotes serenity and calmness?

A cool color like green is your key ingredient. Introducing harmony and freshness, this color symbolizes the natural elements.

Green wallpaper brings forth the tranquility of a sanctuary helping to alleviate everyday stresses.

Besides painting the walls, the use of wallpaper will assist in bringing a decorating scheme together.

This cost-effective option introduces patterns, textures, and tones conducive to any design style. Green wallpaper goes with many types of decor

Let us look at the latest trends:

5 Green Wallpaper Ideas

1. Panoramic Mural Wallpaper

Green Panoramic Wallpaper. The kids will love it too!

The favorite trend is mural wallpaper. It is also known as landscape or scenic wallpaper.

Green lends itself perfectly since nature is primarily associated with this color. Using this in a larger room, such as a living room, will create quite a bold statement.

It will be an atmosphere that will gently transport the inhabitant into a completely different world.

  • Plants, forests, and other factors associated with natural elements can be infused with subtle inviting hues and pastel colors.
  • Mountain vistas and sunsets over an aqua-green ocean assuredly invokes a peaceful feeling.

2. Green Contemporary Wallpaper

Contemporary wallpaper looks great

A very chic and sophisticated choice of wall covering is a contemporary pattern.

Geometric, 3D textures, and intense florals evoke bold designs. Introducing a green wallpaper will either intensify or soften any accent wall and produce unique interest.

  • The abstract design is a creational pattern of extreme and powerful force. The shapes, forms, and colors depart from reality. Severe or wavy lines with penetrating tints and shades are used purposely to attract attention.
  • Square pixels, repeating prints, or grids are common contemporary designs.
  • The use of ombre or the blending of one color hue to another is a trending choice of scheme. It is the moving of tints and shades from light to dark.
  • Art deco was the most widely used art style of the the1920s and 1930s. Robust colors in geometric shapes were commonly used in architecture and household items.
  • Jungle green wallpaper enhances animal or leopard prints. These prints are considered exotic and signify wealth and status. Even though it has trended in and out of fashion, it is still a favorite of many. Repeated patterns showing the entire animal are now becoming vogue.
  • A paisley pattern can be quite modern if used with the right color scheme. It can also look disappointingly dated. This bohemian pattern which has been around since the 1960s has been a favorite for years. Pastel paisleys in a soft green wallpaper can be both classic and fresh. It is about bringing a new and modern fashion style to an ornamental design.

3. Natural-inspired Material Wallpaper

Natural-inspired Material Wallpaper

Made from natural components such as straw, wicker, grass cloth, cork and other ecological materials, these products are eco-friendly and renewable.

At the peak of interior design these resources are finishing materials that provide wall insulation and soundproofing.

Because they are of natural origin, they can be treated with vegetable dye. Producing a green wallpaper out of natural elements would enhance a safe and organic interior.

  • Cork is a hypoallergenic substance that is incapable of dissolving water. Therefore, it is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Cork material is wear-resistant. It insulates and increases heat, making a room comfortable and quiet.
  • Textiles have been used as wallpaper for many years. Silks, velvets, and cottons are traditional cloths that are easily dyed. Cotton gives a more relaxed feel and is suitable for casual furnishings. Delicate green wallpaper of watered-silk fabric was chosen by Mrs. Kennedy in 1962 for the Green Room of the White House. Before the renovation, the dark green wallpaper was a baroque velvet.
  • Grass cloth is a wallcovering made from strands of natural fibers on a rice paper backing. Unpainted paper, jute, sisal, arrowroot grass, bamboo or raffia are applied. These also improve noise insulation and bring an earthy note to the interior. An unpretentious and simple refinement is emphasized by the naturalness of the materials.

4. Green Vintage Wallpaper

Green Vintage Wallpaper for a romantic design

Victorian and antique designs are romantic in design and a nod to timeless sentiment.

Pastel intricate floral pink and green wallpapers were widely used. Because they are made of paper, not of vinyl like wallpapers of today, they must be applied differently.

But because everything old can be made new again, creative design can use these patterns in a modern style.

  • Victorian-era wallpaper is perfect for formal living areas, entry foyers, and hallways. Adding a gothic feel of decorum to a powder room or bath is equally stunning and unexpected. Using this design on an accent wall in a modern home can make a beautiful statement.
  • Midcentury Modern 1950s wallpaper is inspired by bold tiki-themed designs, starburst, and abstract patterns. It is described as retro without nostalgia. Vivid red, orange, yellow and green wallpaper with busy patterns should allow for uncluttered simple furnishings.
  • The 1960s wallpapers included a combination of Victorian and Art Nouveau styles. This was the era of the paisley pattern and other swirling shapes of the design. Kitsch decorum of fun and sometimes garish style is sometimes matched with these retro wallpaper displays.

5. Green Nautical Wallpaper

Green Nautical Wallpaper – Who doesn’t love the sea?

Everything that pertains to the ocean, sand, and sea creatures are themes for nautical design.

It includes a pallet of muted shades inspired by shells, driftwood and sea glass to the bold colors of a boat or racing ship.

Humans are instinctively drawn to the seaside and all the natural beauty it has to offer.

  • Various hues of blue and green wallpaper are prevalent in these designs. It usually promotes a thoroughly relaxed environment.
  • Bathrooms and powder rooms are ideal to use nautical themes because water is the main source of energy. The impression of freshness and light can clearly be felt.
  • Playful or traditional nautical designs can be enjoyed in any room of the home.

Green is a harmonizing factor of emotional wellness and gives healing energy to the body.

Green stimulates growth as it is THE nature color. Having this color in your environment is proven to provide comfort.

When planning to redecorate, choose an affordable option to paint. A lovely green wallpaper of your choice will bring years of enjoyment.

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