What Color Curtains Go With Green Walls?

What Color Curtains Go With Green Walls? – You Might Be Surprised!

Green is a beautiful color and works so well when you pair it with other interior colors.

Green is healing, refreshing, and bold.  Now adding green to your walls is the easy part.

Here comes the hard part: the curtains. You might dread trying to pair green walls with curtains, and it can be hard, that’s for sure.

However, we have the tips and tricks to help you pick what color curtains go with the green walls.

There are many types of green flavors, but it can be hard to choose the right color curtain!

Which color will you choose?

What Color Curtains Go With Green Walls?

There are many options as long as they work with the green tones on your wall. If the green is bold, try and go for sheer white curtains so you get a look of balance. If you have leafy wallpaper, stick to a solid-colored curtain such as ivory or eggshell.

Working With Minimalist Patterns

If you have a window in the middle of the wall or the room, you need to work with a curtain that has a minimalist pattern, especially if you are working with bold greens.

These can make a wall the focal point, which is why your curtains need to have a minimal pattern.

Any fabric that has white and black stripes is perfect for bolder greens but not so much for the lighter mint greens

Trying Opaque White

Trying out opaque white curtains might work for you.

They sit in between solid and sheer and can work well with green walls of a darker shade.

This white allows for a perfect balance against the dark walls, and the opaque body offers a glow when natural light is diffused behind them. 


The pattern can match in if you have seafoam green walls.

The general rule for curtains and wall colors is to never have a solid on solid. Don’t choose a solid curtain fabric that is going to be sitting up against a wall that only has a solid color.

If you are an expert, you might be able to pull this off, but it’s best to go for more patterned colors that match the shade of the walls, which will help you to create visual contrast.

You can match in with the plain green walls with a stylistic connection of patterned and plain fabrics.

Your curtains might have a large area of white that can be matched in with large or small patches of colored patterns.

Plain With Patterns

It can be hard to match the curtains with the green walls if they are more in the format of leafy wallpaper.

It is a good idea to never go with a pattern on the pattern if you have patterned wallpaper. In this case, you want curtains that are as plain as possible.

This will help to complement the patterns and designs that you have on the wall. Leafy wallpaper and curtains will just create a mess.

For leafy green wallpaper, go for eggshell, ivory, or any shade of white.

Minty Plain And Florals

If you have sage green walls, you need to pay special attention.

Sage is a green shade that can connect with the blue shades, so it is possible to choose blue patterned curtains for sage walls.

Florals are welcome with sage, but you can also choose geometric patterns or even retro designs if you can find the right ones.

To do this, you just need to make sure the sage walls are plain to allow the curtains to stand out.

Dyed Sheer Curtains

If you have light green walls, you can choose to enhance the space with some tie-dyed sheers, which are easy to do.

All you need to do is ensure that the dyed part of the sheers is 2 to 3 shades darker than the shades on the wall.

The tie-dye works best with pale green walls, so the tie-dye becomes vivid.

Layering Sheers And Solids

If you have plain green walls in more of a bolt shade, then layer your curtains. Instead of just a single piece of fabric, you can use two, so they become contrasting.

The top layer can compromise green as long as it is a solid color in the same shade of green that you have painted on your wall.

The bottom layer can be white sheers that will let the light in and break the solid greens together.

Putting Green on Green

When you go for the green on the green look, keep contrast in consideration.

If you are going for this look, the curtains need to be lighter or darker than the wall so you can create visual dynamics in the area.


You may have a pre-existing green wall, or you have just painted it and cannot for the life of you find a curtain that suits.

It is a good idea to explore the range of options to ensure that the curtains match the walls.

Green can give you a bigger visual range than many other colors, but it will depend on what shade of green you choose, whether it’s warm or cool.

From the tone on tone to high, there are many looks to go for, a dramatic contrast to something different like retro.

You might need to muck around with different colored curtains, different fabrics and see what you can come up with. Also yellow is a good choice if you have dark green walls.

Don’t be afraid to layer or even add patterns. You might come up with something different than what we have mentioned here that can end up looking absolutely amazing. 

When picking curtains, also take your furniture and overall décor scheme into care as the curtains don’t only have to match the green walls but also the furniture and décor around them.

What curtains are you choosing for your green walls?

Frequently Asked Questions About Green Walls

My Walls Are Sage What Colour Curtains Should I Choose?

Sage is very soothing. Earthy browns and muted blues go well but for a more dramatic look, choose a brighter hue. Don’t be afraid to work with colors. Sometimes it can actually look good.

Can I Create A Dramatic Look With Green Walls?

If you want to create a vibrant look, try adding citrus and orange, which give a color-popping appeal.