What Color Paint Goes With Brown Tiles?

What Color Paint Goes With Brown Tiles? – Let’s Find Out!

Brown tiles give an earthy feel to a room.

The tiles can be on the floor or the wall or mosaiced on a table. Many colors pair with browns, such as very low muddy colors, jewel-like tones, and neutrals.

Tiles add texture to areas and pair well with faux paintings to help simulate texture onto the walls.

When you choose colors to go with brown tiles, look at the area of the room and what you use the room for, the decorating style, and the colors in the adjacent rooms.

Your personal preferences need to come into this to.

What Color Paint Goes With Brown Tiles?

Brown tiles pair with yellows, mint, golds, oranges, and turquoise. You can even have white work in well with the brown, but this isn’t as easy as it seems. Neutral tones work well along with muddy colors.

Going With Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are bright and rich and are able to pull off a strong color impression.

If you have light brown tiles in a room, either on the floor or walls, jewel tones can balance the vivid brown and prevent it from overwhelming the area.

Royal blue added in accents in the space and be appealing to the whole room.

In your bathroom, you can consider a strong color to go with the brown tiles, which will show your expression of personalized style.

Be careful with your lighting, as it can affect how well the strong colors are displayed.

It is a good idea to test patch first so you can see how the colors look on different parts of the wall at certain times of the day and night.

Thinking About Rich Muddy Colors?

The rich muddy colors sometimes have gray tones and hues in them.

They are low intensity and are created when the color complement is added.

For example, the opposite of blue on the color wheel is orange, so when orange is added to a blue tone, you are going to get a rich, soft blue.

This is how artists paint seas and the sky.

You can adjust the color more if you want to lighten it by adding white or black if you want to make it darker.

The muddy colors go well with light brown tiles either as a wall color or accents in the room.

Use Neutral Colors

Painting the wall the same color as the brown tiles can sometimes unify the space but be careful as sometimes it can work the opposite and make the room too bland.

Light brown pairs well with plenty of other neutral colors and being effective at offering plenty of contrast.

Cream and off whites pair well with brown tiles and give a sense of efficiency.

If you have dark browns, these can be matched with dark blue or deep grays.

When working with dark brown, you need to stick to a modern color scheme and add a few reflective surfaces around the room.

Deeper tones will reduce the perception of the room size, while the lighter tones will open it up more.

Consider Adding Texture

Did you know the texture of the tile can influence your selection of paint?

When the tile presents texture, you can work to balance this out with glossy, flat, or matt paint on the walls. Glossy paint offers more durability, and it is easier to clean.

If the tiles are flat and smooth, then you can add your texture by doing stripes on the walls alternating between glossy and matte.

If you already have a matte-painted wall, you can dab at this with glossy paint and a rag to add texture.

Brown Tiles In The Bathroom

Decorating your bathroom with tiles can go a long way.

Tiles provide a protective surface for the walls from water, toothpaste, and soap residues. Bathroom tiles can look great even if they are brown in color.

The color of your bathroom will have a good influence on how much you relax in the room.

Brown isn’t as versatile as we would like, but it can still be made into a relaxing color if you work with the right pairs. For a bathroom, stick it out with neutral shades such as ivory or white.

Brown can be made appealing if you have the right size scale of bathroom.

When you have a small bathroom, it is crucial to take care of how you decorate.

If you cannot get things to work, you might need to consider you have the wrong tile design. The tile might actually be giving you the opposite effect of what you are looking for.

If you have a small bathroom, the way the tiles are laid can be important as diagonal is better in spacious bathrooms with a more open plan.

Adding these to a small bathroom can close it in and create something that is hard to look at.

If you are struggling with your bathroom as it can be a hard room to work with an interior decorator can always help.


Whether you have brown wall tiles or brown floor tiles, plenty of colors go with brown and many you might not have considered.

While brown can be difficult to pair with, there are plenty of options in yellow tones, greens, blues, and even plain white.

Go to your local paint shop and buy some paint swatches to take home and see if you can find some to match with the brown tiles.

Play around with tones, patterns and colors. The good thing with paint is the fact you can easily paint over it if you don’t like what you have created.

Muck around and you might even find a color that we haven’t listed that works really well with brown tiles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brown Tiles

What Shades Go With Brown?

Orange, Gold, Copper, turquoise, and Fuschia work well with all shades of brown.

What Color Goes With Brown For A Relaxing Feeling?

Blue is the key to relaxing. Brown and blue are trendy and modern. If you want a sleek look choose a tone of blue.

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