How To Make Blue Slime

How to Make Blue Slime- #1 Best Tutorial

How to make blue slime? Kids love slime. And it is not just kids, but adults too.

That satisfying feeling when the slime drips through your fingers.

When it stretches and turns into different shapes. 

You squeeze and stretch it and you are slightly disgusted but amused at the same time.

Slime is fun and you can either buy it in a store or you can make your own at home.

There are tons of videos on social media where kids play with their own customized slime.

The DIY slime is often bigger than the store-bought one and colors can be as bright as the sky.

And speaking of colored slime, the most common color is blue.

Maybe because the color blue is good for both genders and is very relaxing to the eyes. 

So, if you’re looking for ways on how to make blue slime, here are the ingredients and steps you’ll need to make blue slime at home.

How to make blue slime

To make blue slime start by wearing gloves as most ingredients are chemicals. For kids, adult supervision is a must since some ingredients are toxic when ingested. The ingredients you’ll need to make blue slime are borax powder, water, liquid white glue, blue food coloring, foam-based shaving cream, a large bowl, a cup, and a container for storing. Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl before kneading everything to the slime consistency of your liking.

How to successfully make blue slime step by step

Ingredients for blue slime:

  • Gloves
  • Borax
  • White Glue
  • Shaving Cream
  • Blue Food Coloring
  • A Cup
  • Storage Container

Step 1: Dissolve Borax

Put on gloves.

Put on gloves when making blue slime
Put on gloves when making blue slime

Start with borax or sodium borate as it is also called.

As borax is in powder form, dissolve it with water in a separate cup. 

Borax can be used to make slime. An alternative is liquid corn stark
Borax can be used to make slime. An alternative is liquid corn stark

Step 2: Add White Glue and Shaving Cream

Pour white glue into a large bowl.

White glue
White glue

 Add the shaving cream together with the white glue. 

Add shaving cream
Add shaving cream

Mix together until you reach a thick consistency, the same as frosting. 

Step 3: Mixing Borax, Glue & Shaving Cream

Add the borax mixture into the bowl of glue and shaving cream partially while stirring.

Blend everything carefully until the borax no longer sticks to the wall of the bowl. 

Step 4: Add the blue food coloring

Now add the blue food coloring.

Add food coloring to make blue slime
Add food coloring to make blue slime

Then mix it all together well. If you haven’t seen the hue that you want, add a few drops more and then blend it again until you gain the color you like. 

Step 5: The kneading and storing

Knead the slime until you have the consistency you need
Knead the slime until you have the consistency you need

To finish, keep kneading your slime until you reach a soft texture that is not sticky. 

Transfer the slime into a container.

You can store blue slime in containers
You can store blue slime in a container

Top 3 reasons why it is okay for your kids to play slime

It would be understandable if you are a bit scared to let your kids play with slime.

But actually, there’s no reason to be afraid as long as you’re being watchful while letting your kids play or make slime as there are several benefits to it.

Playing with slime has many benefits for a kids development
Playing with slime has many benefits for a kid’s development

Here are positive reasons why you should let kids play slime:

Slime is science – letting kids watch how a liquid turns into a stretchy solid can grow a child’s interest in science.

Slime practices a child’s problem-solving skills – letting a child make his/her slime (but with adult supervision) develops their problem-solving skills.

It pushes them to make the perfect slime consistency based on the right mix of ingredients. 

Slime is good for brain development – since slime is a good stress reliever, it can help calm a kid under pressure.

Because you can stretch, knead and make shapes with slime for an extended time it has also positive effects on brain development.

Not bad for a bit of slime!

How can I store my excess slime for future use?

Excess slime can be stored in a zip lock bag and kept in the refrigerator. This method works not just for excess slime but also for older slime as well. 

Can slime be made without borax powder?

The borax powder can be replaced with liquid starch and the rest of the ingredients stay the same. Although the process is a bit different.

The first step is pouring the glue into a bowl, the second is adding the shaving cream, the third step is the food coloring and the last one is the liquid starch.

When adding liquid starch, remember to not add too much because if you do, the slime will have a very hard consistency.

Detailed steps to create blue slime with liquid starch

Pour white liquid glue into a large bowl. 

Then add shaving cream into the bowl of liquid glue. 

Add some drops of blue food coloring and blend it well until you reach the color that you want.

Lastly, add the liquid starch.

Add one tablespoon at a time and mix it with a spatula. 

If you haven’t gained the slime consistency that you want, keep adding more tablespoons of liquid starch until your preferred slime consistency is reached. 

Keep kneading the slime until it no longer sticks through your hands.

This is the consistency you should look for.

If the slime is still sticking to your hands, you have to add more starch.

What can be added to slime?

You can add glitter, confetti, beads and other thing to slime
You can add glitter, confetti, beads and other thing to slime

Plain blue slime is nice but adding more stuff to it will make it even more fun.

Here are fun things you can add to your slime:

Glitter – the most popular addition, especially for kids. You have a variety of glitter to choose from such as dry glitter, shaped glittery-flakes, and glittery powders. 

Confetti – who doesn’t love confetti? Confetti works perfectly in any way you use it. And for slime, it will provide the appearance of fancy sparkles. 

Colored beads – will make your slime crunchy. You can opt for bigger beads if you want the crunchiest sound. Or you add small ones for a tiny scrunch. 

Poof balls – are one good alternative to colored beads that make your slime crunchy. The only difference is it is lighter and cheaper. 

Glow in the dark powder – to add spark to your slime, you can make it glow in the dark. 

Buttons – are a great addition when you want your slime to look cool. Just be sure to use small buttons and not bulky ones so that it’s not too difficult to play with the slime.

Conclusion On How to make blue slime

Making blue slime is fun and easy. I have listed a few parting remarks and reminders.

You can make blue slime even without borax powder, but rather by using liquid starch. 

The ingredients of slime are mostly chemicals so use protective gloves before making any. 

The shaving cream will help you achieve a fluffy slime texture. 

Slime can be stored in the refrigerator.