How to wash fleece

How to Wash Fleece – #1 Greatest Tips!

Fleece is a popular winter wear.

People use it as a piece of clothing or blanket to keep themselves warm and cozy during cold days.

Fleece is thick but you can still breathe easily and feel comfortable.

That is why outdoor enthusiasts who love spending time in nature cherish fleece.

And for people who live in very cold areas or countries, fleece is part of their everyday lives.

But how do you wash fleece?

How to wash fleece

To wash fleece use a mild detergent and hang it to dry naturally. Never iron fleece or use any heating material as it can damage the fleece. You cannot use bleach, fabric softener, and strong detergent. In addition, you cannot wash your fleece frequently because over-washing it will make the fleece look old and soggy. In addition, microfibers that are shed from the fleece will accumulate heavily in your washing machine.

How to wash fleece the right way

How to wash fleece - Not to often and no hars chemicals!
How to wash fleece – Not too often and no harsh chemicals

There are two kinds of fleece; natural fleece which is gathered from animals that have wool such as sheep, and synthetic fleece which is made from polyester fabric.

But even though the two are different, they still require the same care when it comes to washing.

Separate your fleece from the other laundry.

Mixing it with other clothes may cause color-mixing that’s why it needs to be cared for separately.

Read the laundry care tag first before you do any washing.

This will help you determine how to wash your fleece garments/blanket carefully as suggested by the manufacturer.

If your fleece has no tag, clean it through gentle washing and drying as a general recommendation. 

When using a washing machine turn the fleece clothes inside out.

This will make sure that the fleece won’t get caught up in the spinner of the washing machine.

You can wash fleece in the washing machine using a gentle program
You can wash fleece in the washing machine using a gentle program

Then select a gentle washing program.

For fleece blankets, use a tub or large sink and hand wash them. You cannot use a washing machine as fleece blankets get too heavy.

When adding laundry detergent choose a mild one.

Never use bleach, even though the material is white.

Bleach is too harsh for fleece. Also, do not use fabric softener. 

Remove the fleece to let it dry outside on a clothing rack.

Do not use heating materials such as a blower.

And once it’s dried, do not iron it as it will damage the fleece.

For the fastest way to dry fleece, you can use a dryer but only on the lowest setting.

Then take your fleece immediately out once the dryer cycle is finished.

How to get stains out of fleece

How to get stain out of fleece - Do not rub!
How to get stains out of fleece – Do not rub!

You can treat stains with a mild detergent soap or dish soap.

Just dab the stained area and let it soak in cold water for 10 to 15 minutes before tossing it in the washer. 

Remember to not scrub the stain but rather press onto it using a sponge or cloth to soak the stain.

Rubbing it will only cause the stain to spread more or for it to stain deeper.

How to remove pilling on fleece

You will know if your fleece is pilling if it has these little balls of fuzzy fibers all over it.

They usually appear on clothing or garments such as sweaters and fleece-made clothes.

If you have pilling on your fleece clothes or blankets, do the following.

Do not use anything to remove the fleece, just use a fabric shaver.

There are a lot of different fabric defuzzers that are solely made for this purpose.

Some people use their ordinary shaver which only causes the fleece’s material to tear apart!

How often should I wash my fleece?

Fleece blankets should only be washed once or twice a season
Fleece blankets should only be washed once or twice a season

I have mentioned that you cannot frequently wash your fleece, just monitor its condition and wash it once every few weeks only.

Do not worry about it getting too dirty because of how it’s made, fleece has an extra layer.

So when you wear it, the fleece won’t be in direct contact with your skin but rather the extra layer.

This is why it won’t too get dirty and smelly easily as other clothes do. 

For reference, here is a list of different fleece garments and how often they should be washed:

  • For sweatshirts: wash after 5-6 wears
  • For jeans and leggings: wash after one 1-3 wears
  • For jackets: wash when worn twice every winter season
  • For small garments like gloves, hats and scarves: wash after 3-5 times when worn each winter season
  • For blankets: wash once or twice a season only

How to preserve fleece

After washing your fleece, use a cloth brush to fluff the fleece while still wet.

Then use a garment dust-proof bag (or cotton sack if you don’t have any) when keeping it instead of a plastic bag.

This will help preserve your fleece in its best condition. 


Fleece is generally safe to be cleaned either washed by hand or using a washing machine put on a gentle washing cycle.

Fleece doesn’t need regular washing, only wash it when needed in order to maintain the soft and fluffy material.

Heat will ruin fleece, so avoid direct contact to heat from sources such as irons and blow dryer.

Take fleece outside to dry in a cloth rack and don’t use dryer sheets. 

Use mild detergent to wash fleece.

Detergent specifically for sweater fabric or fleece material is best.

Fabric softener or bleach should never be used with fleece. 

Always wash it inside out and use cold water. 

You can use your dryer to dry your fleece when in a hurry, provided it’s on the lowest setting.

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