What Paint Colour Goes With New Venetian Gold Granite?

What Paint Color Goes With New Venetian Gold Granite? – We Show You The Right Colors

Venetian Gold just sounds very catchy, doesn’t it?

If you take a look at the Venetian granite gold countertops, then you’d agree there is just something about them that makes them so attractive.

The classy and attractive granite color can be seen in many upscale homes, which is nice, but the problem is matching the gold granite with the paint color for the rest of the room.

What Paint Color Goes With New Venetian Gold Granite?

Matching your Venetian Gold granite countertops with the paint in your kitchen can be hard. You need to use colors that match with golden hues. Popular ones to go for are white, cream, tan, beige, light blue, and yellow.

Finding The Right Colors For Venetian Gold Counter Tops

Venetian gold is used in many homes as it offers a warming feeling.

Granite is very durable and versatile, but you need to think about what color pairs well to pull it off. Getting the right wall color is important, and you don’t want to be cutting corners when doing it.

We are here to give you the tips and tricks about what color paint will go with your Venetian Gold granite tops.

Going With Cream

You might have heard the phrase match your energy?

This is just what cream does with Venetian Gold.

Having a soft cream working in with a stone backsplash, then add your Venetian gold countertops in and you have the connection.

This combination goes well with the homes that need to be opened up and for the kitchens that have light cabinets.

White Colors

White is a very neutral color that can be quite flattering. White can work with nearly every color you match it with.

This is why white is most commonly used in homes especially in the kitchen and living areas.

When you put the Venetian Gold countertops with the white paint, you suddenly have a modern, bold room that gives you plenty of expansive options.

Now, if you think that white is too stark, then you can try adding some warm lighting.

This will help keep the room looking warm in the kitchen without looking too bright with the white.

Cream cabinetry works well in this instance.

Light Blue

Now gold with light blue might sound like the complete opposite and something that no one should consider.

Well, let me tell you that this pair actually works together better than you might think.

Maple cabinets and honey oak work well, and the blue will help you tone down the Venetian Gold benchtops.

Venetian Gold isn’t completely golden.

The color is more like sand with blacks and white mixed in.

This is why the blue can pair well when it is put into the right kitchen.

If you want to pull off the coastal look, this works well and gives that deep tropical look.


Yellow happens to be a very warm color and works with most kitchen granites.

Studies have actually shown that yellow can increase an appetite and create a welcoming feeling to your home.

Yellow is even used to display food as it has the power to make the food appear nicer.

It might be a little risky going for yellow when you have golden countertops.

This is why you need to choose a light yellow.

Going for a bright, bold look can be too dramatic and take away any coastal look you might be going for.

Working With Beige

Beige is one of those colors that are very neutral and can easily work in with so much?

Beige can work to warm up any room without taking away the neutral feel. Beige is a great way to jazz up your kitchen and work in with the Venetian Gold granite.

Beige is also good to use to give your kitchen a seamless look. Venetian Gold is actually a golden beige. This is why beige works well as it is in the same family.

Adding Tan To Your Kitchen

Tan happens to be a color that is just that little bit darker than the beige.

Even though it is just that little bit darker, it can make a huge difference.

Tan paint works like beige being neutral and fits with everything else. Tan can look bold while still remaining neutral and easy on the eyes.

Tan can be used in so many ways when it comes to painting, like feature walls or solid colored walls.

Tan pairs well with dark-colored cabinets and suits more a rustic kitchen design.  It can be modern or older and vintage style depending on how you use it.

The fact it works well with Venetian Gold countertops means you can use it in your home to create a stunning effect but also helps to give your home the western feel without the huge deer heads on the wall if you want to head in that direction.


If you want to find a daring and bold statement for your kitchen, then you can find it with Venetian Gold countertops and any of the paint colors above.

If you want to steer clear of the more traditional colors like beige and white, you can be bold and go for something with hints of blue.

Each color branches off into so many shades and tones.

This makes it easier with so many options to choose which one you like best with the golden countertops. If you thought Venetian Gold had limited options for paint colors, think again!

Try a few paint colors above and see which one you will choose to deck out your new kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Have Two Types Of Granite?

You can have more than one type of granite in your kitchen. Be careful with Venetian gold, as you really need to find the right combination to go with that one. Add more granite in the form of a backsplash or kitchen island.

Is Getting Granite For Your Countertop A Good Idea?

Granite is a good way to upgrade your kitchen and add value. Granite can become a major attraction for homes on the market, and no matter what type of home it is in, it will add value and style.

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