How To Decorate An Office With No Windows

8 Best Tips How To Decorate An Office With No Windows

We all dream of an office that is spacious, with windows all around with a bright view.

An office with so much natural light is now just a dream.

Unfortunately, an office these days is nothing like that as most often they are like little cubicles all lined up together.

Did you know that most offices don’t have any windows at all?

One question I get often is how to decorate an office with no windows?

If this is what you are dealing with at work and you have the job to decorate your windowless office, don’t worry.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Even if you don’t have any windows or much natural light to work with, you can still create a beautiful decorative office without that.

How To Decorate An Office With No Windows

To decorate an office with no windows, there are a few things to decorate and add more light. Painting the office in a light color can open the room up, and adding mirrors will help to reflect light. Plants work well to add a fresh and open feel to a room lacking windows, just like the right type of furniture can.

How To Decorate An Office With No Windows
How To Decorate An Office With No Windows

Decorate a Windowless Office8 Best Tips

1. Use mirrors

Placing mirrors in a room in just the right position can open the room up and make it feel bigger.

Mirrors work well to mimic windows and expand the room visually.

Mirrors will also reflect light, so placing them correctly can lighten a room and add more depth.

2. Use Plants To Your Advantage

Plants work well with small rooms as they make them appear fresher and bigger.

When you don’t have windows, you need to choose the correct plants.

You will need to aim for plants that prefer low light and are happy to be inside.

Varieties such as palms, ferns, snake plants, and prayer plants all do well indoors without much light.

3. Stick To The One Variety Of Flooring

Decorating with rugs might be your thing, but when you have a small area, this will actually make the room appear smaller than it is.

Light-colored wood flooring works best and makes an office look very fresh and sophisticated.

Plain wood flooring will span the whole room out.

If you have one flooring, then you are going to have a space that looks seamless, especially if you have the same flooring floating in from the other areas.

4. Paint The Room In a Warm White

It is easy to brighten up an office that appears dark just by painting the walls.

Paint can actually make a huge difference in making a small room feel not so cramped.

The only thing with using light colors is to ensure the lighting is done correctly as it can make the room dark which will make it feel smaller.

Go for warmer shades of white for the room, such as powdery blue, soft gray whites, and blush tones.

5. Furnishing The Room

You can make the most of the small area you are dealing with, and one good way to do this is with multi-purpose furniture.

This means furniture that can also be used to store things.  

Another little trick people don’t think about is lifting the furniture up off the floor with higher legs.

If you can see the floor underneath the furniture, it will make the room feel more spacious.

This works for floating shelves too. Use the wall space. Don’t waste floor space with cupboards; use the walls.

You can also get storage areas that can be put into the ceiling, and you just pull on the string to bring the shelving down.

This isn’t suitable for items you use every day, but if you need to store files away without needing access, this is the perfect thing.

If you already have a small room without any windows, it will already look cramped, so keep your furniture to only what you need and avoid tall chunky furniture.

6. Add Lighting

Avoid using fluorescent lights as they will make the room look dull and dark.

Warmer lights like bright lamps are preferred.

You could also consider going for a skylight to allow more light. You only need a small skylight that will make a huge difference.

7. Use Aromatherapy

Did you know that scents can actually create an atmosphere?

Different scents actually have the power to transform an area.

An oil diffuser can work well, and there are many varieties of scents that you can add.

If you are stressed in a cramped and dark office, use fragrances to change up your energy levels.

Coffee scent: create analytical thinking and keeps you on track

Lemongrass: wakes you up

Rosemary: relieves exhaustion and helps with headaches

Peppermint: sharpens the mind, helps with brainstorming

Jasmine: produces vitality and helps improve confidence

Lavender: a popular scent that soothes the stress

8. Creating Fake Windows

If you don’t have any windows in your office at all, then you can create some.

If you have an empty wall add a curtain rail and some white sheers to make it appear as though there is really a window there.

Even getting some fake windows and adding them to a wall and then putting curtains around the windows can create the look of windows being there.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Decorate An Office With No Windows

What Light Bulbs Are Closest To Natural Lighting?

Halogen bulbs are incandescent bulbs that are the closest to natural daylight. This is called white light. The lights can be dimmed, and the color will actually look shaper under this type of lighting.

What Is The Key To Decorating A Windowless Office?

Balance is the key. Have the right balance of color, lighting, furniture, etc., and it will all work with each other.

Conclusion On How To Decorate An Office With No Windows

Your office should have plenty of natural light and also be filled with plenty of windows.

You need to be comfortable where you work, and quite often, we spend more time in the office than we do at home.

Some of us do have those tiny rooms that are tucked away without natural light and plenty of windows, but it doesn’t have to stay like that.

Create your own view, create your own fresh room with curtains, a coat of paint, and even add mirrors to reflect light.

Sometimes little things can make a big difference.

Play around with ideas and see what works best for your situation.

An office with no windows can be decorated using mirrors, plants, warm white paint, different flooring, furniture, additional lighting, aromatherapy, and fake windows.