How To Decorate For Halloween

How To Decorate For Halloween- Follow Our Easy Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching us, and it’s time to get in the mood.

What better way to get ready for Halloween than to start decorating your home with a few fabulous ideas.

From cornstalks to goblins, scarecrows, and bloodthirsty vampires, there is plenty of possibilities on how to create a Halloween scene.

How To Decorate For Halloween

How to decorate for Halloween is easy. You can cover your walls with spider webs, add plenty of candles, get yourself some animated props, add some glow-in-the-dark items, and don’t forget the creepy crawly critters and spooky pictures around the home.

What Is Halloween?

Halloween is celebrated on the same day each year being the 31st of October.

This traditional celebration started in ancient Celtic times in the festival of Samhain.

Samhain celebrated the end of the harvest season and was at the same time the beginning of the new year.

The year would begin with the darker season, winter, and people believed that during this transition of the years the spirits are very close to the human world.

It was therefore a very important festival with a big feast and spiritual interactions.

People would wear scary costumes and light bonfires in order to scare off ghosts and bad spirits.

Pope Gregory III in the eighth century made November 1 the day to honor saints.

It didn’t take long for some of the Samhain traditions to be incorporated into saints day.

All hallos eve is the evening before, which over time just became Halloween.

As the years went by, Halloween started to be a day of fun games and activities like carving pumpkins into scary faces, dressing up in different costumes, eating treats, and trick or treating.

Buy Yourself A Fog Machine          

A fog machine can add some serious drama and effect for Halloween.

The best place for one of these machines around your home is right near the front door.

When you open the door, you are going to get hit by a white mist.

Another place to add this machine is near the veranda, so those approaching your front step feel eerie with your fog machine, carved pumpkins, and scary music.

Decorate Every Area Of Your Home

Decorate every window, every step, and every room in your home.

You won’t run out of things to decorate with as there are pumpkins, black cats, spiders and webs, ghosts, broomsticks, and jack o lanterns.

If you have kids, you can all start creating together by going online and pointing out some cutouts and templates, and create things to stick up all around the home.

Decorating Your Front Door

Could you turn your front door into a mummy or monster?

First impressions are always good, which is why decorating your front door will create a huge impact upon arrival.

You can create an effective and cheap door monster just by using paper plates and streamers.

This is easy, and the kids can even do this one.

Halloween Pictures

Get yourself some old frames and then print off or buy some old vintage scary pictures and hang them in normal places so they appear like they belong there.

If you already have pictures hung in your home, switch them with the Halloween ones to create a more normal feel.

Other Ways You Can Decorate

Consider getting yourself some black construction cardboard and cut out some Halloween shapes and use them as silhouettes.

These will work best in darker areas but have a little light shining on the area just to see the outline of the silhouette.

Have a look around for some creepy portrait scenes.

These are a cheap way that you can get access to so many pictures that can be reused every year.

If positioned correctly, these can actually look quite real.

Create An Abandoned House

 To create an abandoned house, you just need to create the illusion that the house is empty.

Add spider webs to your windows and doors, and buy some broken glass stickers to place on the windows.

Flickering candles in the windows and hang a porch swing crookedly.

Look around for some planks of wood; the older, the better.

These can be used across the windows to give the illusion that the home is boarded up.

Create And Decorate A Goblin House

Grab some pumpkins and paint or carve them and leave them on the front porch. 

White sheets can be used to make ghosts.

Add a lighting effect replacing the normal globe with a black porch light.

If you have a tree nearby, decorate it with black and orange streamers and Halloween-themed decorations.

Get some creepy little goblins and add them around the home and out on the front porch.

Hang Decorations From The Trees And Fences

Hanging spider webs along the fence with spiders, rubber snakes, zombies, and ghosts can all set the mood.

If you have a willing participant, you can have someone dress up like a mummy and zombie and tie them to the fence and have them grabbing and trying to break free when someone walks past.

A pinata hanging from a tree is also great fun, and everyone who comes to your home gets a turn.

Dressing Up

When it comes to costumes on Halloween, you can dress as anything you want.

You can go scary and ghostly, or you can dress up as your favorite tv character.

It doesn’t always have to be scary.

The only rule with dressing up is to make sure it is something simple that everyone knows what you are at first glance.

There is nothing worse when people keep asking you who you actually are.


Come this Halloween, prepare to have the most decorated home right on cue.

With all your DIY decorations, people will be coming to your next Halloween for some unique ideas on how they can decorate their home to really stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Halloween

When Is The Right Time To Decorate For Halloween?

Usually, the time to start getting ready for Halloween is the first two weeks in October. Those who are really into it can be seen putting decorations up as early as September.

Can You Decorate Your Home On A Budget?

Look around your home first for things you can decorate into something scary. Bed sheets work for ghosts, and items from the thrift store are cheap and can be made into scary items. Cheap pumpkins can be carved, and keep a lookout for Halloween specials.