How To Decorate A Hutch

How To Decorate A Hutch – Traditional and Unique Ways

A hutch is like a cupboard. Sometimes they are referred to as a china cabinet, credenza, and a sideboard.

A hutch often has drawers in the bottom and glass double doors in the top half.

You can use a hutch for storing display items like nicks and nacks. A hutch can go in any room.

If you have one in your bathroom, then you can store towels, facecloths and washing products, etc., and for storing in the kitchen, you can add crockery, silverware, and tablecloths.

How To Decorate A Hutch

There are so many ways that you can dress up a hutch, both simple and complex. Just adding new hardware like new handles can really give the hutch a lift. Giving the hutch a new paint job and then adding the right colors to your décor inside the hutch. Going for items with plenty of height can give off a good look and odd nick and nacks.

Changing The Hardware

You can dramatically change the look of your hutch just by adding new handles. 

You can go for more unique and creative hardware and search in garage sales or antique shops.

You can also dress the hutch up in a more modern style by adding new knobs from your local hardware store that are modern and stylish.

When you are replacing your hardware, ensure you take a handle with you to get the right size, so the holes line up.

If you get a smaller knob than what you already have, then you are going to see parts that are not painted, and most likely, the screw lines are not going to line up.

If you find the holes don’t line up, but you are set on the knobs, you have found you can putty the holes and paint them if you can find the right shade of paint to match.

Adding Height To Your Shelves

This is a popular way to add style to a hutch. Most will tell you that it is common sense to add height to a hutch.

The back of the hutch is going to look bare and empty if you are only adding bowls and plates and staking them inside each other.

If you have tall shelves, but you have only put little nicks, nacks, or plates and bowls stacked, then you are going to end up with everything looking uneven.

If you love storing plates and want to add them to your hutch, then you can consider using plate holders, which will allow plates to be more on display but also add more height compared to when they are stacked on top of each other.

If you have large platter plates, you can use these at the back of the hutch then you can add your smaller plates in the front.

Don’t Even Everything

Many people make the mistake of making everything look even and symmetrical in a hutch.

This is not the best thing to do. You want everything to be in odd numbers.

Nobody really knows why odd numbers look better in a hutch, but they just do.

If you love mugs on display, use an odd number and the same for things like decoration pumpkins or even porcelain plates on display.

If you are storing your everyday dishes and mugs, for example, have seven plates next to 5 mugs.

Stacking It Up

If you are using your hutch for dishes, consider adding dishes to the hutch in a vertical fashion.

If you often store everything horizontal. 

Stacking items can work well, like stacking the coffee mugs but instead of on their own, stack them on top of your plates, etc.

Once you start filling the hutch with bigger items, you may need to then move on just stacking the smaller items that can go on top of each other.

Adding Your Organic Ingredient

Every home needs a little organic touch here and there.

The perfect way to add this to your home is via your hutch.

You can find a beautiful, unique dish that you like and then layer lemons in the dish or oranges.

You can get fake apples and add them to a nice organic wooden bow or fill an antique urn with flowers to match every different season.

If you love decorating with branches just grab a few dead branches and add them to a nice vase for a unique look.

Get yourself an attractive fruit bowl and layer your fruit inside.

It looks great and makes accessing the fruit easy.

When you are decorating the hutch, remember you can also decorate the front of the hutch.

Many people forget about this, but it adds another surface that you can decorate in your personal style.

Consider adding a green wreath or even a floral one.

If you have small frames, you can add some pictures to the front.

If you have fruit in your hutch, you could consider an antique picture of fruit with a nice frame.

For the bathroom, you could have some bathroom-related pictures in small frames that suit the same color scheme you are going with.

Take Pictures Of Each Arrangement

Every time you decorate your hutch, think about taking pictures.

You might end up trying a few arrangements and still feel as though it doesn’t look right.

Take pictures of each look, and then you can line them all up together and then compare them.

Limiting Colours

It is a good idea to limit the colors that you are using in the cupboard.

This isn’t a must, but it is another avenue you can try if you are having trouble getting the look you want.

It is actually easier when you are dealing with hutches to give them a cohesive look and limit the color scheme.

There are many hutches out there that are bright with color and have beautiful patterns.

While this is doable it is extremely hard to pull it off and actually have it looking good.


Hutches are a fantastic way to add more storage to each room in your home, and the good thing is they work in bathrooms, laundry’s, lounge rooms, and even the kitchen.

Hutches can even be used as a bookcase in your lounge room or for storing folders and paperwork in your personal office.

Giving your hutch a new look is easier than ever now when there are simple ways to change things up.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Hutch

What Can You Put In A Hutch?

You can put anything in it you like. Napkins, serving platters, cake plates, face cloths, and towels, or even toys in a toy room. There is no rule for what you can and can’t put in your hutch. The possibilities are endless.

What To Put On Top Of The Hutch?

You can use this space for items you don’t want to get down all the time. This area is more for display surfaces like antique plates, cookbooks, season décor or some greenery.