How To Decorate A Baby Shower Chair

How To Decorate A Baby Shower Chair – #1 Best Tips

Your baby shower isn’t far away, which is why you need to start thinking about decorations now.

There are several ways to decorate a chair, from homemade decorations to store brought decorations.

You might even be able to have a look online and see if anyone is selling their decorations that you could re-use.

Here we show you some tips and tricks on decorating a baby shower chair.

How To Decorate A Baby Shower Chair

There are many things you can decorate a shower chair with, such as ribbons, balloons, and cut-outs that you can decorate. Most times, decorations are in blue or pink, but if you already know the gender, you could decorate in those colors or leave it as a surprise.

How To Decorate A Baby Shower Chair
How To Decorate A Baby Shower Chair

 Using Balloons To Decorate A Baby Shower Chair

Your guests will be immediately drawn to balloons because they are an inexpensive gimmick.

You might be interested in knowing how you can make a normal chair look fantastic for your baby shower.

Whenever possible, only use two colors so that the effect won’t be overwhelming.

Baby shower seats should have areas where balloons can be tied around them, so keep them bare.

If you like, you can cover all the ties with a cushion in front.

If you want to arrange the balloons on your baby shower chair, it’s best to have a vision before you start.

Plan out your ideas by sketching them out first.  

Start by pumping your balloons with air.

Create a range of balloon sizes, such as really big, medium, and some small ones are thrown in.

That will make it easier to arrange them on the chair. You can fit the small ones in gaps and spaces between the bigger balloons.

You may want to tie a short garter around some of your different-sized balloons after you’ve inflated them.

This will help you to control them.

You can make clusters of the balloons on the chair or arrange them all around the outside with a few small ones on the inside.

Using Ribbons To Decorate a Baby Shower Chair With

Make the chair simple by covering it in white silk.

Then, you can focus on the ribbon design. You should also prepare the ribbon.

The color and material can be tailored to your theme and can be either satin or tulle.

Your ribbon should be wrapped around the chair’s backrest.

At least 12 inches should be added to the end on the other side.

Once the longer end is over, the shorter end, pull the ribbon.

The longer tie should be pulled from under to tie and tightened.

Fold the left side of the ribbon into three equal parts while keeping this knot secured.

Grasp the right end of the ribbon, and then you can place it over the bow and then tie it underneath.

To make the bubble bigger, you can stretch the fabric.

You have now just made a bow for your baby shower decoration.

Decorating With Flowers and Cardboard Shapes

Finally, we’ll show you how to decorate a baby shower chair with cutouts and flowers.

The next one would need a couple of different kinds of decorations to finish, but it is still as easy as the previous two.

You can cut out words like Congratulations with cardboard.

You don’t need a proper chair. You can just use any chair and cover it with a white cloth or blanket.

Decorate the chair with the flowers and greenery but try and leave some space spare at the back for the cutout words to sit.

To ensure the cutout words don’t fall over or move, you can secure them with a ribbon.

You can make two little holes on each side of the first and last letter.

Thread your ribbon or string through, then tie it at the back where you won’t see the knots.

There is another option to create a bouquet.

To do this, you use the chair as the base for the bouquet and just arrange bunches of flowers and greenery so you cannot see much of the chair left.

What Else Can I Decorate A Babyshower Chair With?

Decorate With Printables

Consider using printable decorations to decorate your baby shower instead of purchasing them from the party store to save money.

Online retailers like Etsy offer printable decorations for baby showers.

Easily print files from home by downloading and printing them, then hang them up where you choose.

Use Paper Decorations For Parties

With paper party décor, you can decorate on a budget for any kind of celebration.

If you’re looking for a glamorous look, you would be better off using paper lanterns and honeycombs instead of expensive decorations.

You can display the paper décor horizontally or vertically based on your preference for height.

Make Sure You Buy In Bulk

It is also possible to save money on your baby shower purchases by shopping at wholesale stores such as Sam’s Club or Costco.

When you buy your baby shower items in bulk, you can get great deals on necessities, such as appetizers and desserts.

Frequently Asked Question On How To Decorate A Baby Shower Chair

When Should I Hold A Baby Shower?

Baby showers are best held on a Weekend or around the holidays. This will allow many people to attend without having work or school.

What Is A Fair Amount For A Baby Shower?

There really isn’t a correct amount to spend on a baby shower but what you can afford. Some people have done it with a strict budget of no more than $100. Others have spent upwards of $1000.

Conclusion On How To Decorate A Baby Shower Chair

When decorating your baby shower chair, even knowing as simple as how to do so could make a huge difference. Keep your worries to a minimum, though, and have fun celebrating!

Throwing a memorable baby shower doesn’t have to break the bank.