How To Decorate A Wedding Arch With Fabric

How To Decorate A Wedding Arch With Fabric- Which Fabric Do You Choose?

If you are looking for ways to decorate a wedding arch, then you or someone you know is getting married.

While this is an exciting time for everyone, it can be stressful nonetheless.

Luckily we have a few easy ways that you can decorate your wedding arch using fabric.

Who would have known that a bit of fabric draped over an arch could look so good?           

How To Decorate A Wedding Arch With Fabric

When you are decorating an arch with fabric, you want to accent the outline of the arch, which is easily done with fabric. The types of fabric that work well for this are Tulle, Organza, and Chiffon. These fabrics do vary in thickness from each other.

Draping A Wedding Arch With Voile

Voile is sitting at the top of the list as it is the best fabric to use for this purpose.

Voile is very flowy, so it makes the perfect fabric when you want to drape it over something or use it as a sheer curtain.

Voile is also suitable for this purpose because it is one of the fabrics that are double the size of other fabrics.

The good thing about this fabric is the fact it is a flame retardant, so it is safe around wedding candles.

Voile is also cheap to buy, so it makes for an affordable decoration for your wedding arch.

Using Chiffon For Draping

Chiffon fabric is very lightweight and is perfect for weddings with its sheer appearance.

Chiffon is affordable to buy, and you can get it by the yard.

Chiffon is not as wide as voile at only 58” and covering 9 yards in length.

What Are The Differences Between Chiffon And Voile

Chiffon is quite often known as gauze and is usually made with silk. Voile is thicker than Chiffon and has more sheer.

Voile is a more woven fabric and is often found to be made with 100% cotton or polyester.

Using Organza To Decorate Your Arch

Organza is stiffer to work with than Chiffon and is made with silk.

Organza is light in weight and offers plenty of body.

Out of all those fabrics mentioned here, Organza is the sheerest, and you can buy it with a shimmer added to it for extra detail.  

This fabric also comes in a polyester type.

All you need to do is choose which fabric you want to go with and start your decorating.

How To Drape A Wedding Arch

Using your two pieces of chosen fabric, you need to tie the fabric length over the arch.

You need to do this to create an x.

You should have excess material, and with this, you wrap it around the side supporting poles, or you can let it flow freely down each pole.  

You can create a roof opening by placing the lengths of the material over the peak part of the roof if you have one.

Then tack each corner of material to each pole at the corner.

This will give you some shade if you are using the arch for a snacks table or flowers.

If you want more flow with the fabric, you can add another layer over the top and to the corners.

The good thing about this material is that you can add strings of pearls, flowers, and even crystals.

Can I Use Any Fabric

You can use any fabric you have, yes!

The thing with that is sometimes you can’t get it in the size of the fabrics mentioned above; they run smaller.

It will also matter what type of material it is.

You need a light and flexible fabric that you can easily wrap around the arch and the support poles.

Material like fleece and calico is not recommended.


Wedding arches are often made of steel or wood, so they are easy to paint and decorate.

Just by adding some fabric, you can completely transform a plain wedding arch into something suitable for a wedding.

Greenery and flowers can finish off the wedding arch beautifully.

String lights wrapped around an arch can make for lovely decorations in the evening as the sun is going down.

Once you have wrapped your fabric around the arch, you can then go on to add whatever you like to decorate.

Mason jars with lights inside wrapped around greenery work well.

If you love to layer and create unique archways, you could get a few different types of fabric and wrap them around in layers.

This will give you a more dimensional look.

No matter how you design, your arch adding fabric is your starting point.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Archs

Can I Decorate An Arch With Different Flowers?

Flowers are very popular when it comes to wedding arches. They offer a subtle accent and a beautiful backdrop for a wedding. Be uneven. Cover parts with flowers or incorporate flowers into entire sections.

Can I Wrap A Wedding Arch Using Tulle?

You certainly can wrap arches with Tulle. Grab your length and wrap it around the arch. You need to wrap the tule loosely around each segment. Use floral wire to secure the ends onto the arch.