How to store hair extensions

How to Store Hair Extensions – #1 Best Tips

Do you have an event to attend and you want to wear long and glamorous hair, but your actual hair is too short?

Hair extensions will do the trick.

But the big question is how to store hair extensions?

Hair extensions are a popular quick fix and allow for a completely different look.

The reason? Well, they offer the fastest way to style your hair with no further commitment.

You don’t need to use a straightening or curling iron to style your hair.

Buy and attach the hair extensions and you are done.

The only big challenge besides attaching the extensions is how to store them properly.

I for my part have struggled to keep hair extensions looking good and it took me some time to figure out the best ways to store extensions the right way.

This article is all about storing hair extensions and I can’t wait to share my best tips.

How to store hair extensions

To store hair extensions place them in their own packaging, keep them in storage boxes, or hang them on hangers. Hair extensions need to be in a cool and dry area away from sunlight. These storage options will also prevent hair extensions from losing their color.

Properly store and take care of hair extensions

Store extensions in storage boxes

You can use a shoebox to store hair extensions
You can use a shoebox to store hair extensions

When buying hair extensions, they mostly come with packaging.

Make sure not to throw it away so you can store your hair extensions in the packaging itself.

I personally use shoeboxes, as shoeboxes not only have the right size but are a cheap solution, too.

In addition, storage boxes will make sure that your hair extensions are safe from dust and dirt. 

Hang Hair Extensions on Hangers

Hangers are great to access hair extensions quickly
Hangers are great to access hair extensions quickly

If you wear your hair extensions on a regular basis, hanging them on a hanger is surely the fastest and easiest way to preserve their quality.

Just clip its wefts on the hanger and put it inside your closet.

Also, this method is great for storing multiple hair extensions at a time. 

Hair Extension Bags

Hair extension bags are the best way to preserve hair extensions and make sure they look their best for an extended time.

To give you an idea of what they look like.

They are zipper bags with a hanger and clear sections to allow you to see what’s inside.

Having hair extension storage bags has the advantage that they are great for travel.

How to best prepare hair extensions before storing them?

Wash hair extensions every 6 wears
Wash hair extensions every 6th time you wore them as a general rule

Always brush your hair extensions before storing or washing them.

Use a wide-toothed comb to gently brush all the way to their roots.

A wide-toothed comb will detangle hair extensions faster in a more gentle way.

Make it a habit to wash your hair extensions every 6th time you wore them.

Doing this ensures your hair extensions are prevented from too much oil buildup.

Oil buildup causes hair to stick together and it will eventually lose its volume.

But be careful to not over wash your hair extensions.

Just like our hair, hair extensions are prone to get tangled when wet.

Therefore dry your hair extensions first before putting them back in their respective storage.

You can do this by letting your hair extensions air dry or dry them with a clean towel.

Doing so will also prevent your hair extensions from developing mold and an unpleasant smell. 

If you’re storing multiple hair extensions, make sure that all clips are closed shut so they won’t get entangled with each other. 

Wrap your hair extensions in a scrunchie before finally placing them in their storage.

This step will keep your extensions tangle-free while being stored.

Do not tie the extensions multiple times or use rubber bands to prevent hair creasing.

  • If you cannot find a scrunchie, just fold and roll the hair extensions carefully before storing them.

What kind of products should you use when washing hair extensions? 

If you have natural (human) hair extensions, moisturize them every wash by using hair serum specifically for human hair.

On the other hand, if you have synthetic hair extensions, a conditioner designed for synthetic extensions will work best. 

Why do I need to place hair extensions in a cool dry place away from sunlight?

Hair extensions are not like our hair which naturally absorbs wetness.

Leaving them wet or moist will lead to matting and tangles.

Also, heat will cause your hair extension’s color to fade. 

Can I sleep with my hair extensions attached? 

Always remove your hair extensions before going to bed to prevent them from tangles and regrettable breakage. 

Can I use a blow dryer to quickly dry my hair extension?

This is possible but only do it if you’re in a hurry. Just ensure your blow dryer is on its lowest heat setting. 

What will I do if my hair extension is shedding?

When you notice that your hair extensions are becoming thinner, the reason is most likely shedding.

Buy a sealant specifically made for hair extensions.

These can usually be found in salons or cosmetic stores. 

This will fix the problem of shedding extensions.

Conclusion on How to Store Hair Extensions

Hair extensions do not always come at a cheap price.

This is why storing and taking care of them properly will ensure your money won’t go to waste.

Always place your hair extensions back to where they belong.

And wash your hair extensions as needed.

If you think your hair extensions are still fine from last week’s wash, then maybe you don’t necessarily need to wash them again. 

A general rule of thumb that I follow is every 6th time I wore them.

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