How To Clean Bose Headphones

How To Clean Bose Headphones – For A New Sound Experience

The first thing people think when they hear the word Bose headphones is the price tag. These headphones are costly, but they are made for the best listening experience.

If you feel the sound of your headphones is suddenly not as good as it used to be, and they are not all that old, chances are they could be dirty.

Our headphones go in our bags and around our neck. They are constantly absorbing dirt and dust.

Not only will you get poor sound from dirty headphones, but they can also cause ear infections.

The wire mesh in the earpads is a great host for bacteria and germs. Luckily this guide will help you so you can clean your headphones properly.

How To Clean Bose Headphones?

You need some warm soapy water and a clean cloth to wipe over the exterior of your Bose headphones after you have removed the ear pads. Wipe over with a dry cloth and allow to dry completely.  Add some rubbing alcohol to another clean cloth and wipe down the outside of your ear pads gently. You can use cotton balls or q-tips to clean inside the crevices and nooks that the cloth cannot reach. Now wipe over the foam mesh surface with some rubbing alcohol which will help to eradicate the germs and bacteria living inside the pads of the headphones. Gently rub for a minute or so to help dislodge any remaining grime.  Once the ear pads have dried completely, you can reattach them.

Cleaning The Ear Tips

First, you need to remove the ear tips completely from the earbuds of the headphones. You can wash the ear tips with some warm, soapy water but do not submerge them in the water.

Rinse the soap off and make sure they are dried completely with a clean cloth or paper towel before they are reattached back onto your earbuds.

Cleaning The Silicone Covers Of Your Headphones

You can easily remove the covers from your headphones for cleaning. All you need to do is soak them in warm water for about 5 minutes or longer if they seem extra dirty.

You can use a cloth or cotton ball to clean any debris away. Rinse and dry them carefully before you attach them back onto the headphones.

Cleaning The Earbud Section

Separate the ear tips from the earbuds and gently wash the mesh screen with a dry toothbrush or cloth. Do this gently to avoid pushing any ear wax into the porthole or the mesh surface.

If you are having trouble getting the wax to come off, you can use a little rubbing alcohol to dislodge it.

You only want to use a small amount as any liquid that gets inside the porthole or mesh can wreck the headphones.

How To Clean The Mesh Screen

You can now clean the earbuds with a hydrogen peroxide mixture adding just a small amount to a dry cloth, and clean the earbud with it before reattaching your tips.

Ensure you do not get any hydrogen peroxide inside the open port located on the earbud section.

Allow the peroxide to soften the wax for a few minutes; then, you can gently clean with a brush or cloth. Once you are done, you can dry the mesh completely and put your ear tips back on again.

My Bose Headphones Smell Like Sweat – Can I Get This Smell Out?

If you are using your Bose headphones for your gym sessions, then no doubt they are going to be covered in sweat, and this can slowly wreck the headphones.

If you sweat a lot, your headphones are going to suffer from the moisture if they are being exposed to it often.

The cushioning of your headphones will actually be wrecked with the salt from human sweat.

Once you start to smell sweat, they are well overdue for a clean and are already growing bacteria.

You need to clean them often without allowing moisture to get inside and wipe them down daily with an antibacterial wipe or warm soapy water after your workout.

Are There Any Headphone Cleaning Tools?

One tool that works quite well when you want an extra good clean for your headphones is the hearing aid vacuum.

This is a little vacuum that works by removing all the debris and dirt using the vacuum pump located inside the machine.

If your headphones are dirty, you don’t need to throw them away. All you need to do is to clean them more frequently. 

The hearing aid vacuum even has a replaceable filter inside, which captures all the wax and debris. This will need to be replaced every 6 months.

Keeping Your Ears Clean Keeps Headphones Cleaner

Apart from cleaning your headphones all the time, ensure your ears are clean for a better listening experience.

Ear wax is created to protect your ear canal from particles and dirt. When this builds up too much, it can reduce your hearing and make sound muffled.

Get the best listening experience from music, gaming, chatting to friends, or whatever you use your headphones for by keeping them clean and sweatfree and ensuring your ears are squeaky clean too.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Bose Headphones

How Often Should I Clean My Bose Headphones?

It is a good idea to clean your headphones every two weeks. Change this to a weekly routine if you use earbuds, are prone to extra waxy ears, or use your headphones for working out.

How To Tell  If Your Headphones Are Clogged?

If the sound coming from the headphones doesn’t seem right or appears to be muffled, you could have clogged headphones. Examining the headphones will show signs of ear wax and build-up on the mesh in case they are clogged up and need cleaning.

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