How To Clean Velvet Shoes

How To Clean Velvet Shoes – Without Causing Damage

Velvet shoes are well… elegant. They have a very luxurious feel to them. Soft sheen and always found in rich colors. Velvet shoes should be an addition to all wardrobes.

The downfall with velvet shoes is they require special handling and maintenance.

The velvet is vulnerable to spills and stains, which left too long can leave unsightly marks and damage the velvet leading to bald spots down the track. 

At last, there is a hope to bring your velvet shoes back to life with a good clean. Just how do we clean velvet shoes properly?

How To Clean Velvet Shoes?

Velvet shoes can be stained with water, mud, wine, grass, and many other stains you might come across. Thankfully you can clean velvet shoes with mild soap and some clean water. All you need to do is to fill up a bowl with water and add a squirt of mild detergent. Mix it together until the mixture becomes bubbly. Don’t soak the shoes in the water; just dunk a clean cloth into the water and use that to wash the velvet shoes.

How to Remove Stubborn stains on Velvet Shoes

If you find you have stubborn stains, you can use an alternative method such as using 2 tablespoons of baking soda and a cup of lemon juice and stir together until you get a foamy substance.

You can apply this to the stains and scrub using a soft toothbrush.

Let the mixture sit for a few minutes, then wipe it away with a clean cloth. If the stains are still there but faded, you can repeat these steps.

Getting Mud And Dirt Stains Out Of Velvet

If you have dirt and mud stuck to your shoes, the best thing to do is to wait until the shoes have dried out completely. Mud and dirt are easier to clean off velvet once they are dry.

You can use a brush to dislodge the dirt and mud, or a toothbrush can work just as well. You want to use the brush in the direction of the nap so you don’t damage the sheen.

It is a good idea to brush your shoes once over when you take them off, even if they don’t appear dirty, to keep dust and debris to a minimum.

How to Remove Other Common Stains

First of all, you want to blot out the excess moisture and try to do this as soon as the spill occurs to stop it from setting into the velvet material. Now make a cleaning solution with dish soap and water.

Once you get a soapy mixture, wipe your cloth over the bubbles, so you get more soap suds than water, and wash the area. Don’t rub the area for too long, and try to use long straight movements to ensure the nap remains in place.

Make sure you let your shoe air dry completely.

Use A Protective Spray To Protect Your Shoes!

A protective spray will not completely protect your shoes, but it can help repel stains. You can use protectant spray as long as it is safe to use on velvet.

Some protectant sprays for leather and suede shoes are not safe for velvet so ensure you read the label.

Try and aim for a product that not only repels stains but also has waterproofing properties.

To use the protectant spray you need to hold the spray around 7 inches (18cm) from the velvet material and spray. You don’t want to spray up close to the velvet as this can cause damage to the material.

You only want to lightly mist the surface of your shoes. Doing so can help to reduce the daily damage due to weather and staining.

You can re-apply the spray every 6 weeks for the occasional wear and every 3-4 weeks for the best results.

Getting Results From A Professional Cleaning

If you have tried the above cleaning tips and the stain still remains, you can consider getting a professional shoe cleaner to work their magic.

Velvet is a hard material to work with, so instead of continuously cleaning with different methods and risk damaging the shoes or setting the stain in, find a shoe cleaner who has experience with velvet.

How To Get Bad Smells Out Of Velvet Shoes

Bad smells in shoes is a common issue no matter what type of shoe you wear. Quite often, the more you wear the shoes, the worse the smell is going to get.

Velvet is prone to attracting bad smells more than other materials and fabrics.

When this occurs, you want to get the smell out without harming the velvet.  This can be done in two ways.

Either by using vinegar or baking soda. To use vinegar, you need to fill a spray bottle with half water and half vinegar.

Shake well and spray it on the shoes. Spray liberally, you don’t need to actually wet the shoes. Once you have done that, the shoes can air dry.

If you want to use the baking soda method, then you can sprinkle the baking soda over the shoes and let it sit on the velvet material overnight, which will help to soak in the smell. You can then brush off the baking soda with a clean cloth.

Don’t buy new velvet shoes when the others look dull. Follow the tips above to have your shoes smelling fresh and looking brand new in no time at all.

FAQ About How to Clean Velvet Shoes

Can I Put My Velvet Shoes In The Washing Machine?

The washing machine is too rough for velvet, and being too wet for too long will damage the fabric beyond repair. Velvet shoes can be hand washed only with mild detergents.

Can I Wash Velvet Shoes With Hot Water?

Warm water is ok but do not use very hot water as it will damage the fabric and can set the stain.

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