How to Decorate Around a Window Air Conditioner

How to Decorate Around a Window Air Conditioner – Best Tips

With the holidays approaching, it is once again the time for gift shopping, meal preparation, tackling those decorations that have sat in the attic all year, and of course decorating around your window air conditioner.

But how to decorate around a window air conditioner?

While many people have already become skilled at setting up trees and menorahs from past years of experience, there are still places in your home where decorating can become a little bit tricky.

Although you would likely skip over these spots when decorating for a birthday, wedding, or baby shower, these locations can end up being eyesores during the holiday seasons.

A window air conditioner is one such place that can be difficult to decorate around, but these tips can help you make even this tricky spot appear as festive as possible this year.

How to Decorate Around a Window Air Conditioner

There are a few ways to decorate around a window air conditioner. On the outside of your home, you can string lights around the window and top of the air conditioning unit or paint holiday designs on the upper half of the window with tempera paint. You can also block the sight of the unit by placing yard ornaments a few feet in front of the air conditioner. Inside your home, you can hang garland on the top portion of the window or hang holiday-themed curtains to give the window a festive appearance. If you aren’t using your window AC, you can also place your tree, a wall panel, or bookcase in front of the unit to block the view.

Lights Can Be Hung Around the Window AC Unit

No, this doesn’t mean highlighting the unit. On the contrary, this strategy will take the focus off the air conditioner after dark.

Instead of hanging lights around the perimeter of the window as you would with most windows, you would only hang the lights around the upper portion of the window and along the top of the Window Air Conditioner.

At night, people would be able to tell that only half of the window was lit, but from a distance, it would appear as though that window was simply smaller.

Holiday Designs May Be Painted on the Top Half of the Window

If you are artistic or invest in a few stencils, you can paint holiday designs like trees, Santa, or dreidels on your windows using tempera paint mixed with liquid soap, which will wash off after the holidays have passed.

Although the designs would only be visible in daylight and this tactic wouldn’t hide the AC unit, it’s still an activity that would be fun for the whole family.

Of course, you would only be able to paint the upper portion of the window where the AC unit is located. Alternatively, you can hang a wreath or Jewish star on the top half of the window.

Yard Ornaments Can Be Placed in Front of the AC Unit

This is where that corny inflatable snowman may come in handy!

While you will not want to place yard ornaments too close to an AC unit if you happen to be using the unit, outside decorations are useful to block the sight of your window AC unit, even when they are placed two to four feet in front of it.

Regardless of whether your outside decorations consist of a makeshift sleigh or manger, or if you prefer blow-ups or wooden cut-outs, this is an effective strategy to hide your window AC unit through the holidays- at least from the outside.

Garland or Festive Curtains Can Be Hung Around the Window AC

Realistically, your neighbors and guests will completely understand that you have an AC window unit in your home, so you don’t necessarily need to conceal it.

Holiday-themed curtains are effective at making a window look festive despite the presence of an AC unit.

While you may need to shop around to find your desired style and design, it’s possible to find curtains that are suitable for any season. Alternatively, you can make your own curtains.

If you aren’t thrilled about the idea of investing in curtains that will only be used for a month each year, garland always seems to work for dressing up windows during the holidays.

Just make sure that you select a garland color that blends into the theme of your interior decorations to prevent the room from looking tacky.

A Christmas Tree May Be Placed in Front of the Window AC

If you celebrate Christmas and aren’t using your window AC unit, you can always just place your tree in front of the air conditioner to block it from being seen.

While it may be possible to place a table or shelf with a Menorah or nativity scene in front of the unit, this is a little trickier. Naturally, you won’t want the area to appear cluttered.

Bookcases and decorative wall panels are suggested methods of concealing a window AC throughout the year, so you may want to place festive knick-knacks on the bookshelf or even invest in a holiday-themed wall panel.

Remember that objects should be placed at least one foot in front of the AC unit, especially when it’s in use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Decorating around a Window Air Conditioner

How do you decorate a wall with an AC unit?

There are several creative ways to decorate a wall where an AC unit is present. Decorative curtains usually do the trick. These can either be handmade or store-bought. Window art, flowers, and framing are alternative ways of decorating around your AC unit.

What should I put around my air conditioner?

Decorative fencing or lattice are good methods of concealing an air conditioning unit and offer the added benefit of preventing the accumulation of debris around your unit.

How can I decorate my air conditioner?

If you want to take decorating to the next level and actually decorate your AC, there are a few creative ways to blend your AC unit into the rest of your home decor. You can turn it into a bookshelf, paint it, or conceal it with curtains or wall panels.

Conclusion On How to Decorate Around a Window Air Conditioner

It’s understandably challenging to decorate around a window air conditioner, but hopefully, these tips and a little creativity will aid you in making your home festive this holiday season.