Best Velvet Blankets

Best Velvet Blankets – My Selection!

I don’t know about you guys, but I kinda prefer going to stores that have huge bedding sections.

You know, the bedding section is one of my favorite places whenever I go to a store.

I mean it’s always full of such cozy and plushy linen and materials for, another one of my favorite places, the bed.

There is so much to get, but only if you knew what you really needed to get.

Today we’ll be discussing the cuddle-friendly and super-cozy velvet blankets and throws.

Best Velvet Blankets

The best velvet blankets and throws keep us warm during long cold nights with an added touch of luxury and plush. The velvet throws are a must for cool spring and autumn days to give you the much-needed warmth and coziness with a cup of caffeine and a book. Velvet blankets, throws, and bedding sets make excellent personalized accent pieces for the room and gifts for the special people in your life.

Read on to learn about the bedding accessories, velvet, and velvet bedding choices available at Amazon.

Types Of Blankets

Blankets are a piece of soft, durable cloth used for warmth at the time of rest and sleep.

These are big enough, in fact, more on the excessive side, to cover the whole height and width of the human body.

Ideally speaking, blankets should be made of fabrics that are meant to provide comfort and warmth when used personally.

These can be made of wool, cotton, polyester, or a blend of fibers.

You could also add another accessory atop or at the bottom of the blanket like a duvet or quilt for a further level of comfort.

Blankets come under the mainline of bed linen. The other components in linens include sheets, flat and fitted, the bedspread, a coverlet, comforters, and duvets and duvet covers.

A throw blanket or a toss blanket is an accent accessory that can be used in any room where you want added comfort and relaxation at an intimate level.

You could use it for wrapping around the shoulders, at the foot end of the bed for extra comfort to the toes and feet, or on the lounge seating for an added snug effect.

Moreover, throws are a great way to add a contrasting touch to the furniture in the room. Another great place for the blanket throw is the outdoor living area, particularly in the cool spring and autumn evenings where you could enjoy its warmth and relax along with a nice cup of coffee/tea and a book.

What Is Velvet Anyways?

Coming to the velvet blanket, an important point to realize is that velvet is a woven tufted fabric with evenly cut threads. It is made of a combination of fibers, tightly packed together.

The traditional velvet was made purely using silk fibers and is still quite expensive, yet the newer forms have rayon fibers intermixed with silk.

Other kinds also have cotton, wool, mohair, and linen fibers which makes it just a tad bit less luxurious. While synthetic velvet is made from polyester, nylon, viscose, and spandex fibers, which makes it really, really soft and sometimes stretchy.

Velvet Blanket Products Available At Amazon

Depending on the type of blanket you are aiming for, the level of comfort, and the size, you can find an amazing range of velvet blankets on Amazon.

In case you were looking for a set of plain velvet for your bedroom, you should have a look at the polyester, Willow Road Velvet Blanket, available in king and queen sizes, three solid colors, and a jacquard texture.

Being made from a synthetic material, it is easy to clean, super soft, and plushy. Another product that you can find is the Brielle Premium Heavy Velvet Quilt Set, which is made of cotton velvet, has four color options, and a polyester filling.

You can get the Uhamho Faux Fur Velvet Bedding and Duvet cover set in twelve colors to match your preference in the required size.

The 100% polyester, ultrasoft crystal velvet fabric gives the room a very lavish look and feel. While the JAUXIO Luxurious 1Pc Faux Fur Duvet cover and the LIFEREVO Luxury Shaggy Plush Duvet Cover are single-piece velvet bedding products with reversible and easy washing features.

Coming to more textured and printed velvet bedding options, the pleated pintuck PHF Crystal Velvet Duvet Cover Set and the lattice printed Micro Fleece Extra Soft Velvet Plush Sheet Set make great examples.

These have multiple color and size options to choose from. Both of them have an exciting plush and cozy touch, giving you warm yet breathable bedding options.

Another variety of velvet blankets available at Amazon are the heated ones. For instance, the Sunbeam Heated Blanket has ten heat settings and the Sunbeam Premium Soft Velvet Electric Heated Throw Blanket has three settings.

You can easily set it to your choice depending on how much warmth you want under the blanket. It also has an automatic shut-off option that can be set at 3 to 10 hours.

The heated blankets have insulated wiring and heating elements that produce heat and have a control unit located between the blanket and the electric outlet.

These save your energy bills by a few percent by maintaining a lower thermostat.

The 1i4 Group Soft Sentiments Outrageously Soft Velvet Ultra Plush Throw and other similar products by the same company are amazingly soft, synthetic velvet cuddle throws, making it an excellent gift option.

This one features a beautiful design on the front and a sentimental quote on the back.

Or if you were looking for something velvety to give an extra level of personal bliss, the PHF Soft Sherpa Blanket Throw would be a great idea.

It has four color options for velvet on one side and white Sherpa on the other to keep you warm and cozy.

Another product with similar features is the Connecticut Home Company Micromink Velvet with Sherpa Throw Blanket. It has a huge collection of colors and textures with reversible, similarly colored Sherpa lining.

Both of these items are an easy-to-clean and classy addition to your room’s décor

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