Best Magnetic Paper Towel Holders

12 Best Magnetic Paper Towel Holders

Though small, kitchen towels are a versatile piece of handy equipment used for a multitude of daily tasks in the kitchen.

In addition to the most common task of drying the hands, it is also commonly used for drying the dishes, cleaning the countertops in case of spills, holding a hot pan when in a hurry (but be careful not to burn yourself), and of course, to add a soft and aesthetic touch to the kitchen.

Depending upon the need, kitchen towels are of two types; reusable towels made of fabric and disposable paper towels made of loosely woven paper.

Paper towels are super absorbent, thick, and perforated tissue papers, sold in a rolled or a stacked format.

12 Best Magnetic Paper Towel Holders

The best magnetic paper towel holders are the ones that not only keep the paper towels from rolling around in the kitchen but also provide the added benefit of storage and organization.

The best way to manage the paper towels from rolling around the kitchen and keeping it handy is to have paper towel holders.

This means hanging the roll in places that are in reach of your hands yet out of the way of other essential items on the countertops.

The designs include freestanding countertop holders, under-shelf hangers, wall-mounted holders, and over-the-cabinet-door holders.

But most of the magnetic ones can be attached to the side of the refrigerator or by attaching a metallic strip to the backsplash or inside the cabinet door.

The Yukon Glory Premium Magnetic Mount Paper Towel Holder and the Cuisinart CMP-250 Magnetic Paper Towel Holder are simple and durable wall-mount types of holder pieces that can be fixed onto any metallic surface.

The base has a magnetic back with a rod attached to it to hold the paper towel

The Better Houseware 2406 Magnetic Paper Towel Holder is an easy-to-attach paper towel roll fixture.

It has two circular, magnetic bases that securely hold it in place and each base has a rubber foot that prevents it from scratching the surface.

The rod that holds the tissue roll extends from end to end.

Spectrum Diversified Magnetic Paper Towel Holder is a minimalist design paper towel holder. It has fixed arms on the sides of a rectangular magnetic back.

The arms hold the paper towel roll in place during use and can hold all regular and bigger diameter rolls.

The Katzco Magnetic Paper Towel Holder and the Heavy Duty Steel Brushed Paper Towel Holders Holder with Magnetic Backing are simple yet practical paper towel holders, sold in pairs as a set of two ends of the holder.

This allows for adjusting to the length of the roll and the individual end can be used separately as a hanging hook.

And with a heavy-duty magnetic backing, these are meant to magnetically stick to any metal surface, such as the side of the refrigerator, the front of the grill, and even the toolbox.

Another similar product is the LEVOSHUA Magnetic Paper Towel Holder, which has the same adjustable feature with unique industrial-looking ends and circular magnetic bases.

Most of the products have the added benefit that they can be easily rotated to attain either orientation; horizontal or vertical, for the convenience of the user.

Another distinctive product is the Magnetic Paper Towel Holder. It is a multifunctioning paper towel holder available in two designs; one has a towel rack right below the paper towel holding rod, and the other version has hooks that can fit over the towel rack.

It is a great way to save space in the kitchen and can be easily used on the side of the refrigerator.

Similarly, there are the Magnetic Paper Towel Holder 2-in-1 Foldable Shelf and the YCOCO Multi-Function Magnetic Paper Towel Holder for Refrigerator. You could easily install this in the kitchen or the laundry room.

It features 2 big loops to hold a wooden rod for holding the paper towel roll, a spice rack above, and a couple of removable and mobile hooks that fit onto the edge of the shelf to hang kitchen mittens and accessories.

An additional advantage here is that the base has screw holes to mount the product onto the wall if you intend to store heavier items on the shelf.

The Paper Towel Holder By Cq Acrylic is an organizational product, a step ahead of the ones listed above.

It has 3 magnetic back strips to firmly hold it in place once attached to a metallic wall. It has a 2-tier rack as a great space organizer for spices and bottles. And it has a paper towel holder with a wooden rod in the lowest tier.

And finally, the Sleclean Four-tier Organizer is also a great option when it comes to decluttering the kitchen counter.

It has a two-tiered spice storage rack, a higher tier for hanging the cloth towel, and a lower tier for hanging the paper towel roll. Not only does this have 3 strong magnetic strips on the back, but it is also sturdy and has a set of removable hooks that comes with it.

Pro-Tips To Keeping The Kitchen Countertop Organized

Your kitchen countertop can be easily decluttered.

The most practical method when trying to keep the countertop free from clutter is to use vertical storage.

You could bring to use the walls, backsplash, and the refrigerator sides to keep most of the items off of the countertop.

Use caddies, magnetic organization racks and paper towel holders, and pegboards to hang the kitchen items that you need frequently and cannot put away in cabinets.

For the rest of the items that are just there and cannot be placed elsewhere, like fruits, cereals, receipts, and keys, use bigger jars, bowls, or baskets to keep the items together and less messy.

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