Bachelorette Pad Decor Ideas

8 Essential Home Decor Items for a Bachelorette Pad

You won’t have to compromise with roommates on the style and color palette nor will you have to work around their schedule when you want to have company over. A bacholerette pad is all about you.

That does mean that you’ll be funding all of the home decor for your bachelorette pad.

Decorating on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style.

There are cheap buys that look as beautiful as an expensive piece. DIYs that even the most uncreative person can handle and tons of ways to create your perfect homey haven. 

1.Alternative Lighting

Instead of focusing on expensive chandeliers or statement lighting pieces that can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars go for alternative lighting.

Twinkling fairy lights and strip lights are super popular today because of the variety of ways you can decorate and their price.

Twinkling fairy lights can be placed within curtains to add a soft, cozy look to your bedroom and they act like a dimmer version of normal overhead lights. It’s a great atmospheric change when you just need to relax or get some work/studying done. 

LED strip lights are a great idea. Not only are they colorful but they give your bacholerette pad a nice unique touch. You can purchase strip lights with multiple color settings or lights that come in just one vibrant color.

Most are remote controlled and are easy to use. Just peel and stick! The LED lights last for years and can be easily removed or changed if you want to adjust something. The LED lights make great background lighting for photos and videos too. 

Bacholerette Pad Alternative Lighting
Bachelorette Pad Alternative Lighting

2.Work From Home Space

Whether you’re in school or out in the job market it’s pretty common for everyone to need either a tablet or laptop to do something work or school related.

Or, to just browse the internet on something other than your phone.

Creating a comfortable aesthetically pleasing workspace in your bachelorette pad will give you somewhere to go when you need to get away from distractions and get to work.

Plain simple desks can be transformed with a few glass vases from the dollar store, fake flowers or succulents and some little knick-knacks you already own.

Use pictures printed out from Instagram and pin them to the wall or buy a corkboard and pin pictures, stickers and drawings onto it. 

Bacholerette Pad Work From Home Space
Bachelorette Pad Work From Home Space

3.Plants and Succulents

Plants are not only a great decor piece they actually can actually help keep the air in your bachelorette pad clean!

You can purchase succulent and plant seeds instead if you want to save a little money, and many stores have cheap potting plants that are really cute too.

Cacti and succulents are the easiest plants to take care of and the color can really brighten up your space especially if your walls are white.

A plant or two on a bookshelf acts as a pop of color. Flowers on the dining room table are another way to add color and a fresh smell to your space without breaking the bank.

Bacholerette Pad Plants and Succulents
Bachelorette Pad Plants and Succulents


Investing in the basics is important. There are plenty of cheap ways to decorate when it comes to things like a bed and a couch you want to spend decent money on those large-scale items so they’ll be comfortable and last long.

You waste money in the long run by repeatedly purchasing cheaper items once every year or two. A one and done purchase that will last you up to ten years is going to benefit you more financially.

And, you’ll have a comfortable place for your guests to sit and for you to sleep! Do your research and spend time thinking about what kind of look you’re going for before making a purchase. 

Bacholerette Pad Basics
Bachelorette Pad Basics

5.Throw Pillows

Pillows are a great affordable way to decorate your living room and bedroom in your brand new bachelorette pad.

Getting a variety of big and small pillows with matching colors or patterns can really bring a room together.

Vibrant or patterned pillows can act as a focal piece if your couch is neutral.

If you have a smaller place and plan on purchasing a love seat or smaller style couch using one or two big pillows versus many different sizes will still ad a pop of style but leave room for your and your guests. 

Bacholerette Pad Throw Pillows
Bachelorette Pad Throw Pillows

6.Decorative Rugs

Rugs aren’t just for the living room anymore! Having a small colorful rug in your kitchen accents colors that are hard to come by in kitchen products.

Most fridges, stoves, microwaves and other kitchen accessories come in basic colors. If you want to bring your bachelorette pad color pallet throughout, including the kitchen, getting a small rug with the color scheme will help conjoin the rooms.

If you have all wood floors in your bachelorette pad you can make a large area rug the colorful focal point. That way you have to worry less about getting a ton of decor and merely add smaller pops of colors and accents that match the rug. 

Bacholerette Pad Decorative Rugs
Bachelorette Pad Decorative Rugs

7.Accent Walls

If you want a bolder approach to color making a single wall in your bedroom or living room an accent wall will do the trick.

By painting only one wall you’re saving money on paint or wallpaper and it’s a more creative approach!

You can purchase roll-on wallpaper in a variety of designs and colors at many chain stores. It’s easy to use and a lot easier on your wallet.

Bacholerette Pad Accent Walls
Bachelorette Pad Accent Walls

8.Mirrors as Wall Art

Using varied sizes of mirrors has become a new way for decorates to create unique wall murals and wall art.

Or, you can use a single larger mirror in a unique shape as a focal point on your wall. Using this technique gives a dual usage to the mirror and works great if you put it near your front door.

It’s both a pretty accent piece and a way to check how you look before walking out the door. There are flat and frameless mirrors you can purchase on Amazon that come in really cool and unique shapes too. 

Bacholerette Pad Mirrors as Wall Art
Bachelorette Pad Mirrors as Wall Art