What Color Curtains Go With Yellow Walls

What Color Curtains Go With Yellow Walls? Hmm, What Do You Think?

Have you just painted your walls yellow and are now worried about what curtains are going to match with them.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of colored curtains that will go with your yellow walls.

It can be hard to choose the right shades for the feel of the room and whether you want to go with the subtle look or go for something more dramatic.

Once you have decided on that, it is going to help you choose your curtains more easily.

What Color Curtains Go With Yellow Walls?

There are so many colored curtains that go with yellow walls such as purple, white, grey and neutral. It is a matter of getting the right shades and tones to work in with the walls. You can even have yellow curtains with yellow walls if they are paired well together.

Going With Neutral

Neutral curtains with yellow walls are often a safe bet when you are really unsure.

Neutral colors don’t really favor the warm or cool side, so they don’t seem to clash with the yellow walls.

If you seem to have walls that are a little overbright, you can tone them down with neutral curtains. They work to balance out the design of the room.

If you go with white curtains, you will achieve an airy look but if the white is too bright, try a different option. The varieties of white such as cream, beige, and ivory, can soften down the feel of a room.

Monochromatic Styles

You don’t just need to jump into the neutral side of things.

You can try monochromatic by choosing a different shade of yellow from your walls. Butter yellow curtains can soften a room.

If you feel you want to add more warmth to the room, orange-yellow curtains can be a more eye-opening option.


When you are decorating, it can be helpful to consult with a color wheel to help make your choices. Shades that are positioned next to each other are analogous.

This means that they have the same undertone and won’t end up creating an out-of-control contrast. Yellow walls will have warm undertones if you go for warm shades in your curtains, which is being is analogous.

You can pair your yellow walls with a red shade of color such as wine or brick.

This will give a warm and inviting feel to the room. You might like to opt for a more orange tone like terracotta which can work well with gold or yellow walls.

Complimentary Syling

Sometimes you might just prefer to go with a striking and bold look for your room.

This can be achieved by consulting a color wheel. Instead of choosing the color that is next to the yellow, choose a color that is completely opposite it.

These are complementary colors and shades with different undertones.

Doing this can offer a sharp contrast. For instance, purple is the opposite when you look on the color wheel, so you might like to choose lavender or lilac curtains to match your yellow walls.

Choosing Blue Curtains

Yellow is actually very inviting to the color blue.

In this instance, you need to be aware of the intensity ratio.

If you have bright yellow walls, then you want blue curtains in sea blue shades or dark blues along with any type of turquoise color.

These work well with the honey and mustard type of yellows. If you have light yellow painted walls, you can pair them with heavenly blue or any variety of pale blue.

Be careful with blue curtains that have a pattern, as this can make your room appear less elegant. This is especially true if you have cream, brown, or orange tones.

If you have yellow-painted patterns or wallpaper, then you are best pairing with plain blue curtains.

Brown Colors

Browns and yellows tend to create a traditional combination that can work well in many modern homes. When it comes to shades, there really aren’t any limits here.

If you want to have deep, cool, nutty, or chocolate tones, they will work with any lighter coffee, linen tones, or caramels. Try not to put your focus on the intensity of the yellow walls.

Dark brown tones look great on light and dark backgrounds, even more, the pastel and soft colors.

Purple Curtains

If you choose to go with the purple range, you are about to create plenty of energy.

Now designers don’t really like matching with color intensity, but you can still go with a classic technique that is similar.

Preference can be given to eggplant or plum curtains with a mustard type of color and then mix lavender curtains with more straw yellow shades.

If your aim is for textured panels, you do need to tread lightly here.

The textures of velvet offer a more adventurous style when they are in the dark purple colors, whereas linen and cotton in a natural texture work with any color.

Satin requires pastel colors to offer a calm solution.


You will find designers will have rules and regulations to stick to when it comes to pairing wall colors with curtains etc. honestly, you need to decorate with colors and textures that you like.

You are living in your home, so you need to create for yourself. If you want to take advice from me, then there are plenty of options above to choose from.

Try one or try a few and then choose which one you like the best.

The good thing about curtains is when you are sick of them or simply change your mind, you can just switch them over to something new!

Frequently Asked Question

Do Grey Shades Work With Yellow?

Yellow and grey, when matched correctly, can work in complete harmony. Grey and yellow are a traditional mix that works well in both old and modern homes.

What Colors Pair With Very Light Yellow Walls

If you love a tranquil look, consider paring light blue, light grey, or lavender with your light yellow walls. These will work as accents to the wall color.

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