How To Prevent Fingerprints On Tempered Glass

How To Prevent Fingerprints On Tempered Glass – Can It Be Done?

Touch screens and other tempered glass such as shower doors and tables are prone to smudging and fingerprints.

Your fingers have a natural coating that ends up being transferred each time that you touch something.

You are most likely to be like the rest of us and get annoyed dealing with marks and fingerprints on all glass items.

Unfortunately, we cannot get rid of them altogether as it occurs naturally, but we can take steps to minimize the fingerprints on glass windows and devices.

So just how can we minimize fingerprints on glass?

How To Prevent Fingerprints On Tempered Glass?

A great way to prevent fingerprints on tempered glass is to use vinyl glass stuck to the area you often touch, so the fingers touch this area and not the actual glass door. You can also get a coating spray that can be used on the screens of your devices. You just spray it on, leave for a min, then wipe off. This helps to prevent fingerprints from sticking.

Using A Fingerprint-Resistant Screen Protector

If you wish to stop fingerprints on iPhone and iPad screens, you can get a special protector which is a little different from your normal screen protector.

A fingerprint-resistant screen reduces not only scratches, but it also works to resist skin oil which is what you leave behind as fingerprints.

For this, all you need to do is to peel back a bit of the cover from the sticky side, then the exposed side sticks to the screen of your device.

Now you can gently slide back the rest of the protective backing from the screen protector and smooth it down as you press it onto the screen.

You might end up with a couple of air bubbles which is quite normal, and most times, they can just be smoothed out.

Using A Phone Finger To Prevent Fingerprints

Putting a phone finger on the finger that you use when touching your screen is a great way to prevent fingerprints.

It is basically a little glove that fits over your finger snugly like a glove.

These have a special design, so the touch screen is still able to notice your touch even though you have a barrier on your finger.

What Exactly Are Fingerprints

Have you really thought about what a fingerprint is?

Your fingertips are covered in many little ridges and bumps, and these are what create the patterns you might see on a fingerprint.

The scientific term for fingerprints is dermatoglyphics which is your unique identifier as no one else has the same fingerprints.

You will have the same fingerprints your whole life and they will end up going wherever you go.

If you touch a mirror or a window, you will notice fingerprints, and these fingerprints will also transfer onto glass if you have chocolate or paint on your fingers.

Our skin naturally creates oil and sweat, which is why we leave fingerprints behind everywhere, even some we cannot see.

How To Keep Fingerprints Off Tempered Glass Things

This is simple, and you only need vinegar, water, a spray bottle, and a cloth.

Make up a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water and tip it into a clean spray bottle.

You can mist this on your tempered glass items just like you would using a spray cleaner.

You need to ensure you only use white vinegar, distilled water, and your bottle and cloth are clean.

Spray over the item, let it sit for 30 seconds, then wipe it off with a clean cloth and buff till there are no smudges.

How To Clean Fingerprints Off A Tempered Glass Table?

The best thing to get rid of smudges and fingerprints on tempered glass tables is dishwashing liquid.

You only need a small amount of dish soap and mix it in with water. Dunk a cloth in and squeeze out the excess.

Wipe over the table, then rinse it down with a clean cloth. Using a dry cloth, wipe it over the table until it is dry and no marks appear.

Preventing Fingerprints On Device Screens

For this method, you can head to the local hardware store and purchase some jig a loo that is a spray lubricant.

This is often used for lubing up door hinges, but it can be used to clean and prevent fingerprints on your tempered glass screen.

All you need to do is spray some onto a clean cloth and wipe over the screen of your phone.

Let it sit for a minute, then buff with a clean cloth. Jig a loo is a silicone-based lube that doesn’t contain detergents, distillates, wax, grease, or oil, so it won’t leave behind any damage or after residue.

If you have a larger area, such as a shower screen or table, you need to ensure the area is cleaned and dried.

You want to spray the solution at an angle onto the glass. Let the solution dry for a minute, then wipe it over with a clean cloth.

If you end up getting some in the phone, don’t worry too much as it won’t damage anything but can cause the touchscreen to stop responding until the lube has completely dried.

If you don’t trust your aim, you can use painter’s tape to tape off the edges, buttons, and speakers.

People have said even their fingers tend to glide over the screen better as not much grime builds up on their glass articles.

Are Fingerprint Protectors Worth It

Plenty of people use these, and it is just a piece of glass that sits over your screen and limits scratches and fingerprints.

Many manufacturers create these for many applications and can even be used for things like showers screens or table protectors as they can be cut down to size.

They are well worth the price, which can be quite expensive, but they do their job well.  

How to Clean Fingerprints Off The Tempered Glass

Tempered glass protectors offer special coatings, so they are easy to clean. Sometimes all they might need is a simple wipe down with a damp cloth.

For those stubborn marks or grime, you might need to go a little further.

Nothing works better to get rid of fingerprints than dish soap. It is mild enough, and when mixed with water, it is a non-abrasive cleaner that, when buffed after, can leave a beautiful shine.

Using a microfibre cloth, you want to add a squirt of dish soap to some water and wring out the excess.

Never dip your phone in the water or use excess water that can get into the mechanical side of your phone or device.

You can rub the screen protector well with the cloth and buff it with a dry microfiber cloth, and the oleophobic coating will still be intact.

When dealing with devices, it is extremely important that you ensure the screen is completely dry and no cleaner is left remaining, and any spills need to be cleaned up before they are soaked into your phone.

If this method didn’t clean the phone or fingerprints right off, you could repeat the process again.

It might help to leave the mixture on for 30 seconds to loosen any grime, then give a wipe over and final polish and be happy to see a fingerprint-free screen.

Cleaning The Sticky Side Of Your Screen Protector

You might try to get a bubble out from a screen protector or try to realign the protector only to find you touched the sticky side, and now you have a bright fingerprint right there that you cannot hide.

Lucky for you, with the right steps followed, you can actually clean the underside of your tempered glass screen.

You want to start somewhere clean and wash your hands to avoid too much oil and dirt being transferred onto the protector. Grab yourself some scotch tape and a soft cloth.

Remove the tempered glass screen from the device and cut off a few bits of sticky tape; loop the tape back into itself with the sticky side out, so it is just like double-sided tape.

Place the sticky rolls onto the screen protector and then stick it to the table and press it firmly into place.

After you have done that, you can slowly peel the tape off the sticky side, which will take the dirt, dust, and fingerprints with it. Keep doing this until the screen is clean.

It might not take out all the marks depending on the type of screen protector you have, but it will do the job for now until you get another.

Wipe over the screen of your phone and place the screen protector back over the screen and push down gently.

If you have a screen protector that is worn down or it has deep cracks or scratches, it is best not to try and clean the fingerprints off these instead, purchase another.

Plenty of people use these, and it is just a piece of glass that sits over your screen and limits scratches and fingerprints.

Many manufacturers create these for many applications and can even be used for things like showers screens or table protectors as they can be cut down to size.

Liquid Screen Protectors

To protect your screen from messy fingerprints, you can use a liquid screen protector, which can take time and effort, and you need to really concentrate.

You will need to apply the liquid with the brush over the screen and wipe it over even before you set it out to dry.

It can be done, but you need to ensure you don’t add too much, and it ends up running and creating drips.

People prefer this type of screen protector as once it is on, it becomes almost invisible.

The good thing about these is you don’t need to worry about cleaning or air bubbles again.

Using A Stylus Pen

Some smartphones come with a pen, while others don’t. They are a great way to prevent fingerprints on the screen as you use the little pointer pen instead of your finger.

You can swipe with it, select items, and even color in with it.

You can purchase replacements for your phone or device if you have lost yours, or you can buy a universal one that works for different phones, even phones that don’t have a stylus option.

They are cheap and easy to use and come in a range of colors and designs. No more messy fingerprints.


It is time to say goodbye to fingerprints with these handy hints to help you keep your tempered glass items free of oil and grime.

Ensure you keep your fingers clean before using devices and always wash fingerprints off as soon as you spot them otherwise, dirt and grime can stick to the oils, and it will become harder for you to get them off the screen.

If you don’t have a protector on your phone, then dirt particles that stick to the oils in fingerprints can scratch the screen.

Try some of the tips below to prevent and clean fingerprints off your tempered glass items.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Prevent Fingerprints On Tempered Glass

Can I Use Any Cleaner On Tempered Glass?

You cannot just use any cleaner. You need to ensure that it is safe for tempered glass before you use it.

Can You Prevent Fingerprints On The Glass Altogether?

Unfortunately, you cannot prevent fingerprints on tempered glass completely, but you can do several things like washing your hands before using your device and using an anti-fingerprint coating to help.

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