How To Clean Michael Kors Watch

How To Clean A Michael Kors Watch – Try Our Free Tips!

Michael Kors is a brand collection that has many pieces of jewelry made of stainless steel with a plating over it to add a gold or rose gold finish.

Pieces like watches exposed to moisturizers, soaps, alcohol, perfume, and tanning lotions can cause the finish to wear off faster.  

How To Clean a Michael Kors Watch

Clean your Michael Kors watch with water on a cotton ball. Don’t clean a Michael Kors watch with harsh chemicals. If the watch is extra dirty, do a deep clean by using some toothpaste or jewelry cleaner. Professional jewelry stores also often offer a cleaning service if you prefer not to do it yourself.

Use A Coating To Prevent Tarnish

You can buy a clear coating that you can use to protect your Michael Kors watch from sweat, make-up, moisturizers, and everyday dirt.

The coating is a thick liquid that you can paint onto the watch just like you would when using nail polish. Always test the spot first in case your skin has a reaction to the clear coating.

The coatings can be purchased from your local jewelry store.

You don’t need to cover the whole watch; you only need to worry about the part that is up against your skin.

This is the part exposed to sweat, tanning lotions, and moisturizers.

Cleaning Your Watch With Plain Water

How to clean a watch with water
How to clean a watch with water

You can use plain water and a soft cotton ball to wash your watch.

Most times, water will remove basic grime like sweat and dirt. Moisten your cotton balls and squeeze as much water out as you can.

With your wet cotton ball, wipe over the band paying attention to the dirty areas.

Buff dry with a clean cloth, and your watch should be all clean.

Doing this each time you take your watch off will help to avoid stains from sweat and moisturizers settling in.

Ensure the cloth is always clean and don’t get water inside the watch or let it drip into the cracks as it will damage the mechanism.

Washing Your Watch With Toothpaste

You can spot clean your Michael Kors watch with toothpaste.

For this, you will need to use non-gel-type toothpaste.

The traditional opaque type will work. Now you dab a little toothpaste onto a cleaning cloth or cotton ball and wipe over the dirty watch band.

Once they are covered in the toothpaste, you will want to firmly scrub the marks until they come away.

It is best to start from the inside of the watch and then move to the outside. Once you have done that, wipe gently over the face of the watch.

Remove the toothpaste by moistening a clean cloth and wipe over the watch until you have removed all the toothpaste.

Toothpaste that has been left on the watch can cause corrosion so ensure it is all removed and rinsed clean with squeezed cotton balls.

To get inside the grooves, you can use a cotton bud or a toothpick with a bit of tissue on the end.

The toothpick or cotton bud works well to reach those hard to get to places.

Take a look at your cotton bud. If it looks discolored, then you know you are cleaning correctly.

Using A Jewelry Cleaner

If the above methods are not working for you, then you might need to step up and go with a professional Jewelry cleaner.

The solution is a gentle formula that has different surfactants like dirt, ammonia, and chelating agents to get rid of dirt and stains.

The cleaner will also restore the shine to your jewelry without causing any harm.

The product can remove soap residue, grime, goo, and even tarnish from the watch bands. You only need a small amount added to the area, wipe it over and then buff clean with a soft cloth.

Using Ammonia In The Harder Cases

If you have stains on your watch bands that you just cannot get rid of with anything else, the next step to try is ammonia.

Mix up a solution of six parts water to one part of ammonia and drizzle it over the watch band. Leave it on for one minute, then wipe it off immediately.

Ammonia is a powerful agent, so you want to make sure you don’t leave it on longer than a minute.

Wipe over with a damp cloth to remove the residue. Use a soft cloth to rub over the band, especially in the places where the color looks dull.

How To Look After Your Watch

Don’t Let Your Watch Get Wet

It is important with gold or silver plated watches that they don’t get wet.

Sometimes the metal underneath the plating can react with the water. Water can also cause discoloration and affect the workings inside.

Never wear your watch when you are swimming, gardening, exercising, out in the rain. Washing dishes or showering.

Try to avoid applying cosmetics to the area where your watch sits. Lotions, tans, and make-up can all build up on the watch bands.


Michael Kors watches are a great addition to any type of outfit, and they even work for everyday wear as well. While the plated watches won’t last appearance-wise as long as the solid gold and silver will.

You can extend their lives by looking after them.

If a stain occurs, clean it right away and always give the band a wipe down when you take it off.

Looking after your watch will ensure you have it for a long time to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Watches

Can I Wipe My Michael Kors Watch Down With Tissues?

Tissues are not a good item to wipe the watch down with as some types actually contain certain particles that can scratch the watch bands. Cotton buds, q-tips, and soft cloths work just as well.

What else Can I Wash My Michael Kors Watch In?

Denture cleaner works well. All you need is some warm water to drop one tablet into. When it has dissolved, use that water to wipe over the watch and give a good scrub if needed. Finally, wipe off with a damp cloth.

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