How To Clean A Lambswool Duster

How To Clean A Lambswool Duster – Enhance Your Cleaning

Lambswool is a delicate yet great material to clean with and works well to dust with.

A lambswool duster is easy to use when cleaning delicate things like statues or pictures.

Just like those things you are dusting, your lambswool duster will also need cleaning to remove the dirt, dust, and grime it has collected along the way.

When a duster removes the dust and dirt from items, it sticks to the duster, so it makes sense to clean it, right? But just how do we clean a lambswool duster?

Let’s figure it out!

How To Clean A Lambswool Duster?

You need to fill a large bowl, tub, or use your sink with warm water and add two tablespoons of dishwashing soap. Grab your duster and dip it into the water and take it out repeatedly to help break up the soapy water and remove the dust and dirt. Rub your hands through the duster to help remove the grime, then drain your sink. Using clean cold water you want to rinse your duster then wring it out gently by hand.

Adding Glycerin To Your Duster

Sometimes when washing, you can wash away the important oils in the duster that work to attract dust and debris.

You can restore this oil by adding one tablespoon of glycerin and rubbing it between your hands, then rubbing through the lambswool fibers evenly.

Glycerin is affordable and easy to obtain online or from your local home improvement store or grocers.

Once you are finished adding the oil, you need to place the duster on a large towel to let it air dry out completely.

When it has dried off, you can spin the duster a few times in your hands to help it gain the fullness and original shape.

How To Remove Heavy Buildup

When it comes to your lambswool duster, you can help remove build-up by vacuuming the duster with your vacuum’s small cleaning brush.

After you have done that, you need to fill your sink or bowl up with cold water and add one cup of mild cleaner that is especially for washing lambswool.

You need to place the duster into the water and let it sit for ten minutes to allow the grime to break down.

Swish the duster around the water for two minutes, then drain the water out. Now go ahead and rinse the duster with fresh water and air dry.

If the duster is still grimy, you can repeat the steps. Again add your glycerin to the fibers of the duster so the oils can be restored.

What Are Lambswool Dusters Made Out Of?

Just like the name says, lambswool dusters are actually made from lambswool.

The good thing about this is the fact that you don’t need to worry about any sheep being harmed as the wool is humanely harvested.

Lambswool is eco-friendly and all-natural.

The lambswool is made up of lanolin and fibers that create static electricity that allows the dusters to attract and store the dust.

For A Quick Clean In Between The Washes

Vacuuming is the best way to keep your duster clean in between washes.

It takes only a couple of minutes but will help to keep your duster in good shape and stop you from spreading the dust and dirt back over everything again.

The best technique to use when vacuuming is to use the brush attachment.

All you need to do is move the vacuum brush up and down the duster and right around the surface till you think most of the dust and grime has been sucked away.

It is also a good idea to vacuum before you wash it, so you don’t end up washing the duster in water that is suddenly all dirty with the dirt and dust that was sitting on the surface.

A lambswool duster works well to attract the fine particles in the places around your home and workplace that are hard to get to.

Can I Use A Wool Wash For My Lambswool Duster

No, as these are designed for wool clothes and not dusters. Dusters have special oils in them that attract dust and lift it off and help it stick to the duster.

Using fabric softener and wool washes actually leaves a residue on the dusters, which will stop the duster from working properly and doing as it should.

You only want to be washing the duster in mild soap and warm water with the glycerin added and nothing else.

Avoid essentials oils as these to will leave residues and ruin the material.

If You have a white lambswool duster that has yellowed over time due to washing and dirt build-up, you can get the yellowing out by following these instructions:

Fill your sink up with water enough to cover the duster, and add one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide for each cup of water you use.

Place the duster in the water and soak it for fifteen minutes. You can repeat this process until the yellowing has disappeared.

You can then wash the duster as usual, following the instructions above.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Clean A Lambswool Duster

How Often Should I Clean My Lambswool Duster?

You should aim to wash your duster every two weeks if you dust often and your home gathers plenty of dust and dirt. Otherwise, every few months is good if you are only dusting here and there.

Can I Put Lambswool Dusters In The Washing Machine?

The lambswool can become matted, and you will strip all the oils. You should not put lambswool dusters in the washing machine. Lambswool dusters actually create a mess in your washing machine, and particles can break off and block your washing machine.

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