Best Cushions for a Brown Leather Sofa

8 Best Cushions for a Brown Leather Sofa

Brown leather sofas are a staple in many people’s homes. They’re modern, comfortable, and the leather material makes it easier to clean which is especially helpful if you have children or pets.

Brown can sometimes be hard for people to match colors with, though. What kind of material goes with leather? Is brown on brown okay? How big should the pillows be? 

One of the great things about brown being a main color is that you can add pops of matching colors through the pillows!

Contrasting warm dark colors is pretty easy to do and because leather doesn’t have fine detailing in it like some fabric sofas do you can play with different material types on pillows without worrying it’ll clash.

Below are the 8 best cushions for a brown leather sofa

1.Pops of Yellow Cushions

Don’t be afraid to experiment with brighter warm colors! Brown is the perfect backdrop to have more vibrant colors showcased.

Try pillows with lighter yellows for a softer muted look or go more retro with a seventies color pallet and use marigolds and sunflower yellows!

You can always offset the yellow with two cream or white pillows behind if you’re not into having yellow be the focal color.

Pops of Yellow Cushions
Pops of Yellow Cushions

2.Bohemian Style Cream Cushions

It may not be the most elaborate choice of color but cream is always a great safe way to match pillows with a brown leather sofa.

Adding a pillow that has a bit of fringe on the end or soft bristles in a fun pattern can add the flare you’re looking for while keeping it soft.

If your home is a fun bohemian style or you’re looking to add more of that decor without going overboard finding a cream or white pillow in that style is a great way to include the trendy design without adding too much.

Bohemian Style Cream Cushions
Bohemian Style Cream Cushions

3.Textured Pillows

Brown leather, as you know, doesn’t have any texture to it. It’s soft and nearly flat other than the natural shine. So how do you make it pop? Texture!

Especially oversized textured pillows. There are a myriad of oversized pillows that have some sort of texture factor to them.

Little poofs, small designs made in different material than the pillow, large tassels or beading.

These pillows don’t focus on color so it’s a different approach that’s great if you’re trying to keep the colors of your home neutral. You can mix and match the types of textured pillows too!

Textured Pillows
Textured Pillows

4.Make It Cottagecore Cushions

Cottagecore is a new trend that has been taking over social media platforms and has become popular in both aesthetics and home designs.

Softer than the planks and mason jar planters of the farmhouse style, cottagecore focuses more on flowery feminine patterns mixed with colors from all over the color wheel.

Pillows with plant patterns, leaves or anything foliage related is a cute way to really use the deep brown color against soft greens, purples or pinks.

You can mix patterned pillows with solid greens, pinks, purples, and yellows to make your brown sofa a comfy cottagey-themed place to kick back and relax. 

Cottagecore Cushions
Cottagecore Cushions

5.Use Aztec Prints Pillows

Aztec prints typically stay within the warm and neutral color family making the pattern a great fit for brown leather sofas. Aztec prints typically stick with black and white while using thick patterns between splotches of dark brown.

Some of these patterns can be quite loud, but if you are able to get a balance between the extra brown it’ll make a great addition to your couch.

There are a variety of sizeable patterns, though, so if you’re not really into the big prints there is sure to be a pillow with just the right amount of print on it. 

Aztec Prints Pillows
Aztec Prints Pillows

6.Go with Navy Blue Pillows

Blue and brown believe it or not are complimentary colors. Darker blues compliment most brown shades unless you have a very deep mocha in which case you’ll want to get a navy and white mixture.

To break up the solid colors add cream or white pillow behind the blue or vice versa.

This way you won’t just have all dark colors. Solids are your best bet but you can always get experimental with navy blue patterned pillows then even it out with pure white. 

Navy Blue Pillows
Navy Blue Pillows

7.Matching Brown Cushions

What better way to ensure your pillows will go with your couch than to just completely match the upholstery itself? This no nonsense way of decorating will take away the stress and annoyance that can go into pillow hunting especially when you’re trying to pick a color.

Many sofas had matching pillows as add-ons or you can just look up basic brown leather pillows to find the exact shade of brown you need.

If you want you can add one or two smaller white pillows to mix it up, but matching the upholstery is always a safe bet if you’re still piecing your home style together.

Matching Brown Cushions
Matching Brown Cushions

8.Add Some Pink Pillows

We talked about pinks before but you can use soft pink without going completely cottagecore. There are a lot of shades of pink that compliment brown sofas and when they’re mixed with white or cream they can give off a very sleek modern feel.

If your leather sofa is a dark brown adding a subtle mix of pink will soften the look of your couch. Adding pops of pink in a mostly white pillow can work too. Or, patterns with small dashes of pink on them if you want something less subtle. 

Pink Pillows


There are many different choices in cushions for a brown leather sofa which is great since you can stick with the style of your home.

Having a classic leather couch is a great investment if your household is prone to on the couch messes or you have family over often.

They’re comfortable, easy to clean, and have a lot of different color variations to choose from. Matching cushions may take a few tries depending on the style you’re looking for, but remember the warm or cool tones of brown will always be compliment by cream!