7 Best Mirrors For Over The Fireplace

7 Best Mirrors For Over The Fireplace

What are the best mirrors for over the fireplace? Fireplaces are a beautiful traditional aspect of homes.

In this article, I am going to discuss the best mirrors for over the fireplace.

While fireplaces aren’t a necessity anymore, thank goodness for heating and cooking stoves, they are a staple in a lot of older homes.

I personally love my fireplace and I wouldn’t want to miss it.

Fireplaces are a great place for families to gather and hang out or warm themselves during cold winter months when you want to feel extra cozy.

But my fireplace isn’t just a fireplace that provides warmth and coziness. No, it is also a design statement and part of my whole indoor decor concept. As much as the fireplace is a statement piece, the decor around it is important as well.

An element you can use to style and decorate your fireplace are mirrors. Mirrors are a great way to make a room look bigger and have certain elements reflected in it. I am therefore going to share the best types of mirrors for over the fireplace in this article with you.

But what are the best mirrors for over the fireplace, I hear you say?

Not everyone likes to have televisions hanging over the fireplaces, though, so why not try out a decorative mirror instead?

Most mid-century homes had televisions in different rooms and a common room with a fireplace in another giving ample room to decorate however they wanted. Below are the ten best mirrors for over a fireplace.

7 Best Mirrors For Over The Fireplace

1 – Classic Framed Mirror

For a modern home, a great addition to your decor is a tasteful square framed mirror. These mirrors can come in a variety of sizes to perfectly fit the wall space above your fireplace.

Their sleek geometric design makes for an impeccable focal point or it can serve as an outlier piece of decoration. Small or large mirrors can accent larger pieces of artwork above the fireplace as well.

You can buy a classic framed mirror that you can put over a fireplace on Amazon.

Framed Mirrors
Framed Mirrors

2 – Gold, Silver, or Black Geometric Mirror

If you like eclectic and bold styles getting an octagonal mirror framed by geometric shapes would make a great addition to your home. The geometric design comes in gold, silver, or black metal with a thicker frame of the same color around the mirror itself.

This is another style of mirror that would make an outstanding stand-alone accent piece above the fireplace. This mirror is 30 x 30 so it’s not going to fit in a smaller space, but if you’re looking for a large mirror to take up the whole wall above your fireplace it could work! 

Geometric Mirrors
Geometric Mirrors

3- Traditional Arch Wood Mirror

Homes with a traditional, classic or mid-century decor style would benefit from having this beautifully crafted arch wood mirror hanging on their wall.

The mirror is curved at the top and separated by three lines dividing the mirror into four perfect rectangles with a curved line following the arch above.

The slim cuts add a unique decorative feature that will give your mirror more of a pop compared to most basic mirrors. The mirror is framed in textured rustic brown wood that compliments darker wood toned pallets.

It can also serve as a pop of wood accent if your home has dark-colored walls. 

Traditional Arch Wood Mirrors
Traditional Arch Wood Mirrors

4 – Wooden or Metal Sunburst Mirror

This large mirror mimics an artistic image of the morning sun. This mirror can be interchanged with rustic or beachy-themed homes depending on if you get the metal or wooden one.

The mirror itself is round and framed by large strips of rectangular metal or wood to emulate the sun’s powerful rays.

This 32-inch mirror will take a decent amount of space on a smaller wall but it’s perfect as a centerpiece. If you’re looking for a single piece of decor for your wall this is the ideal piece. Artistic, unique, and well made. 

Sunburst Mirrors
Sunburst Mirrors

5 – Rounded Wall Mirrors

If you’re looking for a simple sleek design without any extra decor around or on it getting a large circular mirror with a thin black frame is a great choice.

It is considered rustic but truthfully it can fit any type of style. It can be added to a wall with different decor or become the focal point above the fireplace.

This mirror is large enough to not be hidden by objects placed on top of the mantel if you’re wanting to decorate there too. 

Rounded Wall Mirrors
Rounded Wall Mirrors

6 – Geometric Shaped Oval Mirror

Another geometric shaped mirror for everyone who loves modern furniture and looks. This oval shaped mirror is longer than it is wide so you’ll need a lot of space to hang this.

It’s got sleek gold rectangular shapes framing the mirror itself with overlapping designs that make this mirror unique and splurge-worthy.

The metal is just thing enough to be seen but not thick enough that it takes away from the mirror shape itself. It makes a great addition to any modern home!

Gold, Silver or Black Geometric Mirrors
Gold, Silver or Black Geometric Mirrors

7 – Frameless Mirrors

Frameless mirrors are a great option because you’re no longer limited to the frame color or material. Every avid shopper has felt the pain of finding the perfect decorative item only to be stopped by the frame color or accent color.

Frameless mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any space above your fireplace. Buy multiples to make a design or buy different sizes to create your own personalized decor.

And, they’re easier to clean since you don’t need to get underneath and in the odd angles of the surrounding frames. 

Frameless Mirrors
Frameless Mirrors

Hanging The Best Mirrors For Over A Fireplace 

Because you’re working with glass you need to be careful when hanging your new mirror over a fireplace.

You need at least a four-inch gap between the mantel and the mirror, possibly six depending on if you have anything on top of your mantel or plan on adding things.

Especially candles as the flame can flicker up and burn or singe any outlying framework on your mirror.

Don’t just use regular nails you need to use nails meant to hold heavy objects and it’s not a bad idea to put felt on the back of the mirror so it doesn’t scratch the wall. Don’t ever hang it at a tilt and don’t hang it too high either. 

There are the seven best mirrors for over a fireplace according to the buyers of said mirrors. There are many styles, sizes and types to choose from. Keep the size of the wall above your fireplace in mind while you’re shopping.

Many of the mirrors will tell you in the description the best and safest method to hang them. Some may even come with the proper hanging materials so you won’t have to make an extra trip.

Mirrors above a fireplace are one of the best ways to add decor to your home without spending a bunch of money.