Why Snap-on Tools Are so Expensive

Why Snap-on Tools Are so Expensive- #1 Best Answer

Those who are familiar with tools are likely to know how expensive it is to purchase Snap-On tools.

While Snap-On tools are definitely of fantastic caliber, they leave many handymen and those in the world of professional construction scratching their heads.

The internet is full of those working on home projects asking why Snap-On tools are so expensive, and there are a few answers to this question.

No matter how you feel about Snap-On tools, it’s important to remember that if you really love them, and the way they feel, you should use them.

Don’t let the opinion of the internet bring you down!

So, why are Snap-On tools so expensive?

Why Snap-on Tools Are so Expensive

Snap-On tools are expensive because they’re well made. This fact is the bottom line, but there are many other things that go into the price equation. For example, marketing, packaging, and brand awareness are all aspects of what determine the price. Snap-On tools are well known for being reliable and long-lasting. They don’t change shape over the years, and they’re easy to use and have an amazing grip.

The Appeal of Snap-On Tools

Snap-On tools are appealing to almost anyone that uses tools. The only complaint that most consumers have regarding them is their price.

However, though the price is steep, the fact that this is the most widespread issue with the brand is the price range likely means it’s a fantastic brand, and this statement rings true with those who use Snap-On tools regularly.

If you’re new to the construction and home-improvement game, or you’ve been in the business for years, chances are you or someone you know uses Snap-On tools.

Here are a few reasons for the steep price tag.


Snap-On tools are incredibly well-made and reliable. It’s difficult to beat the quality when it comes to Snap-On tools, and while many brands come close, they rarely top Snap-On.

Snap-On tools do not change their shape over time, which is common with tools that are inexpensive, cheap, or poorly made.

When it comes to tools, quality is important. You don’t want to invest just to have them break when you need them most.

Since tools are typically used for tough jobs, they tend to break on the job, which is actually when you need them most.

High-quality tools are always worth it, and Snap-On tends to deliver on that level every single time.


Major companies pay for major marketing campaigns.

Snap-On has built a reputation for itself as a reliable and high-quality tool manufacturer.

To keep themselves relevant and in front of their target audience, they’ve got to run a stellar, and likely expensive, marketing campaign.

Marketing always ends up as part of the purchase price for any good or service.

When companies ignore what they spend on marketing and don’t work it into the final purchase price, they very well may end up losing money.

Since Snap-On puts quite a bit of cash into their strategy, the price of their tools reflects the additional cost.

Branding and Brand Awareness

Creating a look and awareness for a brand is no easy feat, and when your company is well-known, it doesn’t come without a price tag.

You might think that, because so many people use Snap-On tools and love them, they’re a company that’s all set with their brand awareness.

While many people are aware of Snap-On tools, there are plenty that think they’re too pricey to use.

It’s the job of the branding and brand awareness team, along with marketing, to convince potential consumers to purchase regardless of price.

Once again, this type of team does not come cheap.


Whatever packaging you see your Snap-On tools in is part of your purchase price. No matter the size, all companies must take packaging into consideration when they price their products.

The nicer the packaging, which is typically what consumers expect from name brands, the more money is necessary to pay for said packaging.

Aesthetics are important when it comes to branding, and most companies know it. Snap-On tools are no exception to this rule, and so their tools come with a price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Why Snap-On Tools Are So Expensive

Snap-On tools are an incredible asset to any profession or household that requires a high-quality tool that will last the test of time.

The durability alone is a reason the brand stays relevant, despite the price.

Are Snap-On tools worth the price?

For most people that use tools regularly, Snap-On tools are well worth the price. Snap-On tools work hard for those that use them, as they’re long-lasting, durable, and designed with comfort in mind.

What makes Snap-On tools different from regular tools?

Consider a hammer that you’d purchase at the dollar store in comparison to one that you purchase from Snap-On. One is well-made by professionals that consult their consumer base, while the other was made quickly and without effort. One will break quickly, and the other will not.

Conclusion on Why Snap-on Tools Are so Expensive

Making the decision to purchase Snap-On tools is not one that you’ll regret unless you use tools very rarely.

If this is the case, then, by all means, go with something less expensive.

However, if you use tools all the time, you might as well invest in them, and Snap-On is a fantastic brand option for that investment.