How to Wrap Cylinder Gifts

How to Wrap Cylinder Gifts – #1 Best Tips

Great gifts are made of these; the thought (which always counts) and the wrapping.

Yep, you can buy the oddest, weirdest, and most unconventional gift known to man (or indeed woman); the wrapping can be your savior.

That said, gift wrapping can be a challenge, especially when it comes to size, and more so when the gift is cylindrical

How to Wrap Cylinder Gifts

You will be surprised to know that cylinder gifts offer more room to play with than square-shaped gifts. This is because with more loose ends, and adjusting needed to be done to the wrapping paper, more creativity is required. This inevitably leaves you with a uniquely wrapped gift. 

To ensure your cylinder gift looks remarkably presentable, have a ribbon handy. This will help at one point or the other. Wrapping cylinder gifts requires less measurement of adequate wrapping paper size and more creativity into your thought process

Square-Shaped Paper – Cylinder Edges

Find a wrapping paper of a square shape slightly larger than the cylinder you intend to wrap. Place the cylinder dead center on the paper, and wrap one side around the cylinder.

Using tape, sparingly, attach the paper onto itself, after you’ve surrounded the cylinder with the paper. 

Do not let the tape, touch the cylinder. This would mean the wrapping paper isn’t large enough to go around the gift, which already nulls our presentation.

Once the gift is completely covered going length, and width-wise, there will be openings at the bottom and top. 

A simple yet effective approach is to twist the ends. Take both ends and twist them, with the result looking like the most common sweets known to us.

Grab the ribbon mentioned earlier (e assume you took notes), and tie it to these ends. The result should be something unique and interesting looking. 

Square-Shaped Paper of Exact Size

Find gift wrapping paper of approximate size to the cylinder. This means if the cylinder is placed at the center of the paper, little or no paper is left to spare.

Wrap the paper around the cylinder, covering its entire length. When done, pick the ends and turn them into small triangles.

The result should look similar to triangle-shaped seals on envelopes. Take these triangles and tape them onto the cylinder.

You should have a clean-looking, sealed cylinder in place, at which point we need the help of ribbons.

Cut off tiny shapes of ribbon and tape them to the ends of the now wrapped cylinder. These ribbons help cover up any mess you may have made with the triangle ends.

Also, it adds color and creativity to a gift that may not be as exciting, yes.

Play it Safe – and Cheap 

Find yourself a gift bag barely larger than the fit you plan to wrap. Incidentally, we will not be wrapping anything, rather, we will be presenting it in a cheap, thoughtful, and creative manner.

If, for example, you are gifting a friend a flask, or a mug, find a small gift bag, barely enough to fit anything more than your gift. 

Place the gift inside the bag, ensuring that it is placed snugly in the bag. Secondly, find some decorative tissue paper, the kinds that come in different (bright) colors.

Of course, the colors do not need to be super bright, but it helps with the theme

Incidentally, presentation is of utmost importance. As you pinch the tissue paper on one end and leave the other fluffy, there are steps to placing these papers correctly.

Be sure the squeezed ends are inside the gift bag and the open-ended sides are outside for your receiver to see. 

Cut Wrapping Paper to Cylinder Size 

If you are not feeling particularly creative, measure the length of the cylinder and cut a wrapping paper accordingly.

When you get the adequate size, use tape to wrap the entire cylinder around the paper. Once done, you will have both ends left open. 

Use the remaining piece of wrapping paper to cut off small, approximate sizes to cover up the ends. These you can cut to exact, spherical sizes.

However, this approach may turn out more complicated than the others. The pieces may fit with precision, but the result can look messy.

Using ribbons will be necessary to cover up messes, but because there are no, loose ends, so to speak, cut off smaller pieces. You can stick these onto the ends, perhaps with a little inscription, like a name or lovey-dovey sentiments. 

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Wrap Cylinder Gifts

How do I Camouflage a Cylinder Gift? 

It is almost impossible to hide a large, cylindrical gift. In most cases, it is best to simply tie a ribbon on one end, and prepare a creative speech. One cool approach is to wrap it with all sorts of ends sticking out. This may create the illusion of something entirely different. Either way, the cat is out of the bag. 

What about Using Boxes to Wrap Cylinder Gifts? 

As a word of caution, using boxes to hide a cylindrical gift, because wrapping it up would give it away, is lame. Use any of the above tips to wrapping, and the receiver will appreciate it. Using a large box to conceal a mug is not only lame, it is borderline deceiving. 

What’s the Best Material to Wrap Cylinders with?

Aside from not using boxes, do not use a cloth. The idea is quite simple, that with light materials, you possibly won’t use tape. Not using tape means at any giving time, the gift may slip through the material as it is being handed over, or received. Stick to wrapping paper, some tape, and perhaps even stapler pins. 

Conclusion on How to Wrap Cylinder Gifts

If you cannot find a good enough way to wrap your cylindrical gift, do not wrap it at all. Simply find a decent card, and find some sweet words to utter to the receiver.

Wrapping a mug in a microwave box is hardly the way to go, and you might lose some friends, or a lover, in the process. 

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