How To Wash Velvet Shoes

How To Wash Velvet Shoes- Revive Your Velvets

Velvets with their elegant look, rich shades, and a soft touch, there is no doubt they are a luxurious shoe.

Velvet shoes do require special handling along with delicate maintenance.

The velvet is vulnerable to spills and dirt, which can cause the velvet to become matted, crushed, look unsightly, not to mention can lead to bald spots.

Did you know that velvet can be cleaned and protected against those horrible spills and stains that you might come across when out and about?

Water can stain velvet shoes which is why it is important that you avoid wearing them when the weather is wet.

If you want to wash your velvet shoes and have them looking new again, follow the tips below.

How To Wash Velvet Shoes?

When it comes to washing velvet, a plain clean toothbrush is your best friend. Choose a soft-bristled brush, so you don’t harm the delicate velvet. Brush with the toothbrush in the direction of the velvet. Mix up your solution to clean the shoes with. Use a tablespoon of mild detergent mixed in with 1 liter of water. Don’t use water that is too hot. Stir the mixture around until you have plenty of foam.

Washing Velvet Shoes with Water

Velvet is delicate, and applying too much water directly is never a good thing.

Take your toothbrush, and with plenty of soapy foam, gently rubbing the shoes in the same direction each time.

Try to avoid pressing too hard. Once you have finished, take a clean cloth and wipe away the suds and let the shoe air dry.

My Velvet Shoes Are Stained With Grease

If you have managed to get grease on your velvet shoes or oil has dripped from food onto the velvet, you can try and use alcohol to clean them.

First, you need to get a container with some clean water in it.

Add a little alcohol and mix. It is important that you use the traditional rubbing alcohol that we all keep inside our medical cupboard as anything stronger will cause damage to the velvet.

Take a clean, soft sponge and moisten it with the mixture and make sure you squeeze the cloth out well.

Now just rub the stain softly without pressing down much. You want to clean the sponge several times to ensure you are washing the dirt off the sponge.

Get another clean cloth and remove the cleaning mixture and pat the velvet to soak up excess moisture then leave to air dry.

Follow our guide on how to clean velvet shoes.

Keeping Your Velvet Shoes In Tip-Top Shape

Now that you know the best way to clean your velvet shoes, it is essential that you learn how to keep them in tip-top shape.

There are a few little tricks to keep the velvet looking nice for a long time to come. Cleaning is important, but it is also important that you follow the cleaning with proper maintenance.

Velvet shoes need to be kept away from any type of moisture as this is velvets’ worst enemy.

They must not be left in a steamy room such as a bathroom or left outside where they may get wet.

If a stain occurs, you need to clean it right away, as once it has stuck and had time to settle into the fibers of the velvet, it can be hard to get it out.

When you notice a stain, don’t rub it harshly, as velvet is too delicate for harsh cleaning treatment.

Brushing your velvet shoes frequently and using a velvet cleaning brush is the best way to clear away the day’s dirt and debris from your velvet shoes.

It is best to give the velvet shoes a brush each time you take them off and after they have been stored for a while.

Using A Protectant Spray

Protectant sprays are a good thing to use on delicate materials such as velvet.

Velvet is a very fussy material, so applying the wrong protectant or not following the instructions when applying can cause patching and matting on the fabric.

Most instructions will say to mist the fabric and avoid saturating it and spray around 6 inches away from the velvet material.

Once you have finished applying the protectant, it needs to fully dry, and then go over it with your velvet cleaning brush which can help to reverse any matting that was caused by the spray.

By following these tips, you will ensure that your velvet shoes are going to enjoy a long life without the worry of stains and matted velvet.


Now you know how to keep velvet looking its best, there is no reason not to wear them as often as you like.

Velvet comes in many colors and patterns, so there is something that will match your style.

Don’t be afraid to buy light colors now you know the right way to clean them and the ways to avoid stains. Give your velvets a clean and head outside to show them off.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Wash Velvet Shoes

How Do You Revive Velvet?

Velvet can sometimes look a little dull, and the nap can become squashed. With your velvet brush, you can give them a brush over and fluff the velvet back up again. If you have matting on mohair velvet, apply a damp cloth overnight and then dry using a hairdryer on the cold setting.

Can  I Use Fabric Softener On Velvet?

It is best not to apply any fabric softeners or stain removers meant for clothes as sometimes these can contain harsh chemicals like bleach that can damage the fabric beyond repair. Fabric softeners can also ruin the delicate nap of the shoes.

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