How to Wash a Shirt with Acid

How to Wash a Shirt with Acid – That Looks Cool!

Remember the acid wash jeans that were so very popular in the 1980s?

Well, they are back and in style once more!

Acid washing is basically a process where bleach- and rocks or stones in some situations- are used to beat and soften stiff fabric, usually denim.

In this process, the color is removed from the fabric revealing the lighter colors underneath.

The result is a fun and distressed garment that resembles a tie-dye in the best possible ways!

How to Wash a Shirt with Acid?

To wash a shirt with acid combine equal parts of chlorine bleach and regular water to a bucket. Tie, twist, and crumple up a cotton tee shirt and secure it in place with elastic bands. Dip the tee in the bleach solution until it is saturated- now, remove the tee and hang it up to remove the rubber bands. Try spritzing straight bleach from a spray bottle on the shirt to add more depth and variation to the acid wash. Hang to dry completely when done.

Want to acid wash your denim? Keep reading to learn more!

Acid Washing Advice

Acid washing a garment isn’t hard, but it can be messy. Also, if you have sensitivities or are opposed to handling bleach, this may not be the best project for you.

Fortunately, you can buy acid-washed jeans and other denim garments widely as they are currently very much on-trend.

If you do choose to make your own, start out by getting your materials ready.

You will not want to be caught without the necessary supplies once you start your project.

Mix up a bucket with half bleach and half water. Make sure that it is deep enough to submerge the item or items that you are going to acid wash.

Also, you may want to fill a spray bottle with straight bleach to accentuate, enhance, and embellish your tee later on.

Twist or crumple your tee shirt and secure it nice and tight with elastic bands to hold it together. You will be submerging this tee shirt bundle in the bucket of bleach and water, so plan your amounts accordingly.

Soak the shirt in the solution until saturated.

You can leave it in the bucket for a few minutes but be warned that bleach can literally eat and rot cotton fabric if it soaks in undiluted bleach for a prolonged period of time.

Take care to saturate your shirt and then remove it from the bucket to hang it up for the next step.

Make sure that you have accounted for the bleach that will drip from your shirt when you remove it from the bucket!

You can wring some of the water out to reduce the mess and hassle when hanging it, but be careful that you are not wearing your best clothes and always wear gloves when working with bleach.

Now, go ahead and give the wet shirt a few spritzes or sprays with the bottle of bleach to add some dimension and variation to your acid-washed garment.

Scrunch, fold, squirt, and add more and more to the shirt while it is hanging.

The shirt will now need to hang and cure so that the colors turn and wash out from the bleach.

Keep your eye on it and when you are satisfied with the overall looks, it is time to rinse it.

This may be ten minutes or it could be an hour- the choice is yours to make.

Rinse the bleach from the garment very well and then go ahead and toss it in the washing machine to wash.

Be wary of laundering these acid wash items with other things until after this first laundering as there could be bleach left in the fibers that could damage other clothing in the wash cycle.

Dry your acid wash apparel just as you would any other garments- consider adding a fabric sheet to further soften stiff denim.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Wash a Shirt with Acid?

What is acid washed?

Acid washing involves washing fabric, like denim, with bleach to remove dye and reveal new color variations.

How do you wash a shirt?

Wash dark-colored shirts in cold water to preserve color and always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the garment tag. For light-colored shirts, use hot water for best results. Launder according to the detergent directions and use guidelines offered for your washing machine.

What is acid wash fabric?

Acid wash fabric has been washed with bleach and some of the dye has been removed. Some acid-washed garments have been tossed and tumbled with stones that have been soaked in bleach. You can also simply dilute bleach and soak the fabric, applying straight bleach after for more variation.

How do you cut a T-shirt into a V neck?

Use sharp scissors to cut and remove the collar directly under the neck seam. Use a favorite tee shirt as a guide and trace, mark, and cut accordingly. Try the shirt on to make sure your markings are right and to trim or adjust as needed.

What is acid-washed denim?

Acid-washed denim has been treated and ‘washed’ with bleach to reveal lighter color tones underneath. Through this process, the fabric becomes softer and more pliable.

Conclusion On How to Wash a Shirt with Acid

Remember acid-washed denim?

Take a walk down memory lane and acid wash your own shirt with these tips!

Wear gloves when working with chlorine bleach to prevent sensitivity, rash, or discomfort handling this toxic solution.