How To Store Your Chainsaw

How To Store Your Chainsaw – For A Longer Lifespan

An electric chainsaw is a mechanical tool that either has a traditional or two-stroke engine. A chainsaw offers efficiency and portability, which is why they are popular.

A chainsaw has many parts, such as the blade, chain, handle, guide bar, and engine. It is important that you store your chainsaw properly when you are not using it for a while.

How To Store Your Chainsaw

A Chainsaw is best stored in an airtight container as it needs to stored dry at all times. It should never be left outside and needs protection from the sun. In addition do not store chainsaws together with wet and liquid items and ensure the chainsaw is properly cleaned and always use proper lubricant. This will protect it from mold and rust. Let the chainsaw cool off completely beforing storing it and drain the tank completely for longer time storage in the off season.

Tips For Protecting Your Chainsaw

Storing In A Cool Dry Place

The chainsaw needs to be kept dry at all times, especially when being stored for a long period of time.

If kept wet, the chainsaw is prone to mold and rust, so it must always be kept inside a shed or garage and not left sitting directly outside unprotected.

Protection From The Sun

The sun has powerful rays, and while we need to protect ourselves from the heat, we also need to protect our work gear.

The rays of the sun can also damage your chainsaw if exposed for long periods of time.

The chainsaw must always be covered and protected from the sun, as the sun can damage your chainsaw quickly without you noticing.

Protect Your Chainsaw From The Rust

Rust is a horrible thing, and chainsaws can suffer rust damage if the machine has not been cared for.

If the chainsaw lacks cleaning or the machine was oiled with the incorrect lubricant,  it was stored in a wet area or was put away wet.

Rust will kill slowly and will cause your chainsaw to gradually lose its effectiveness.

Be sure there are no leaks where you are storing the chainsaw. Do not store it together with wet items.

Your chainsaw will eventually face problems in its lifetime.

This is common, nothing lasts forever, and chainsaws are quite sensitive. Ensure you store your chainsaw the right way to try and prolong its life and efficiency.

How Do You Store A Chainsaw In The Off-Season?

When you have finished cutting trees down and cutting logs for firewood, you will need to prepare your chainsaw for a few months of storage.

Each chainsaw will have its own instructions for cleaning and maintaining before storing, but here, we give you the common steps for storing a chainsaw:

First, you need to let the engine cool completely.

If you have gas in the tank, it will need to be fully drained from the tank, the lines, the line connectors, and carburetor.

You can add a fuel stabilizer if you wish to stop the fuel from developing gum deposits. Once you have added it, you will need to run the chainsaw for a few minutes to allow it to transfer to the fuel system.

Now you need to remove the bar and chain from the engine drive. Clean out the dirt and muck from the drive gears and the bar connection.

You can now either install a new chain or sharpen the old one. After you have reassembled the parts, you will need to adjust the tension of the chain so it pulls back into place when you pull it away gently.

Next oil your chain and grab some clean cloth or heavy paper and wrap up the chain. You can oil the external metal surfaces to prevent rust.

Remove the air-breathing parts and ensure they are clean. Most times, they can be washed in soapy water then dried with a compressor, but double-check your manual to be sure.

Take out the spark plug, and then apply 1 tsp of good quality two-cycle engine oil into the opening.

All you need to do now is gently pull on your starting rope 5 or 6 times, so the oil is distributed around. Put in a new spark plug that matches the type of your specific model.

If your spark plug shows signs of a sticky residue, this indicates there is a problem with fuel consumption.

The cause could be a spark plug gap setting or an incorrect oil/fuel mixture.

Give the air filter a good clean and tighten any loose nuts, screws, or bolts.

Your chainsaw needs to be stored in a clean protective case that is dust and moisture-free.

Chainsaws can be expensive, which is why you want to ensure you look after them.

The last thing you want is to spend a fortune replacing your chainsaw.

If you are unsure how to properly store your chainsaw, the manual is a great resource.

You can also consult your local chainsaw and mower shop as they can most likely assist in how to store a chainsaw.

Maintaining your chainsaw and storing it properly doesn’t take long but will pay off in the long run.

FAQ About How to Store Your Chainsaw

Can You Hang A Chainsaw Up When Storing?

There really isn’t a problem with hanging a chainsaw. It is suggested that the tanks are emptied. Hanging a chainsaw can otherwise cause the vents to be blocked off. The oil might start seeping out once you start using it again.

Can I Use My Chainsaw Right After It Has Been Stored For A While?

You can use a chainsaw after it has been stored for a while. Checked if all the parts are installed properly. Make sure it is filled up with the right oil/fuel mix. Let your chainsaw run for about 10 minutes upon the first use to get everything warmed and lubricated.

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