How To Store Posters

How To Store Posters – Safe And Securely!

Do you have a poster collection? Posters are great for brightening up a wall, but sometimes we might have several and need to store some of them safely while the other ones are on display.

You might have a collection that you want to keep but don’t use.

For those who are serious about their posters, you want to store them in a safe place.

The goal is to preserve them and retain the value if you choose to ever sell them or pass them on to someone special.

There are many ways you can store a poster, but it will depend on the space that you have available, your budget, and how often you want to bring them out.

How To Store Posters?

Store your posters in a dry place free of any moisture. Store them either as one or multiple rolls. If you only have a handful of posters, they will do fine being stored rolled up together. If you have lots of posters to be rolled up, then you need a bigger storage area. Make sure your storage option is free of light, heat, moisture, pest and pets. Ensure that there is no danger of either falling objects or things leaning against the posters.

Acid-Free Wrapping And Tubes

You can store your posters in acid-free plastic wrapping that is designed for posters and helps to protect them greatly.

The acid-free wrapping will protect them against the chemicals found in tubes. If you are storing posters in tubes, ensure you wrap them with plastic wrap first.

You can even purchase poster bags that work well. It is a good idea to use sticky labels so you can identify what poster is what instead of pulling them all out and risking damage.

The sticky notes can be placed on the tubes or the plastic wrapping but not directly on the poster as this will cause damage and lower the value.

If you are using the tubes or bags, you can also write on them with a pen but ensure you don’t use things like paint or thick permanent marker as you risk that it will soak into the cardboard and onto the poster.

If you have a lot of posters to store, you can consider buying square tubes as these will stack and store much better than round ones.

Storing Your Posters In A Portfolio

A portfolio is much like a thin suitcase that is actually designed for posters and artwork. These have a flap or zip for easy access.

You can carry these around easily, and they store easy, such as under the couch or bed, as long as they are kept flat.

This type of storage is best suited for those who look at their posters often or travel with them for shows.

Now portfolios are more expensive than tubes, but if you are traveling around with your posters or showing them to people often, it is easier to slide them out of the portfolio than out of individual tubes.

The bags can even be locked, which will ensure children cannot touch and damage the posters.

This is something that tubes and wrapping don’t have. Ensure the portfolio is strong and will not bend.

If you stand it against a wall and it slides down, it will bend your posters at the same time.

The most important thing when storing posters is to ensure your hands are clean before you handle them.

You want to avoid soap as some chemicals found in soap can damage the posters and leave residues.

If your posters are a collector’s item, you can use white cotton or unpowdered latex gloves to handle them.

Using Sheets Of Plastic For Storage

If you choose to store your posters in between sheets of plastic, you want to lay out the plastic and the poster on a flat surface with at least 2 inches of plastic around the outer edge of your poster.

Now you can lay another sheet of plastic on your poster to create a protective sandwich.

You can also buy transparent plastic sheets that are acid-free and big enough to store your posters securely.

Use a clip to secure the sandwiches together if you like. You can use extra-large paperclips or dog clips if you wish but take note when pressing down you only want to clip the excess border of the plastic, not the poster.

If the clips are pressing on the poster, they will cause indentations that will not come out.

Storing Posters Rolled Up With A Case

If you store posters just for fun and they are not that important to you, they can just roll them up and put them in some protective casing like bubble wrap.

Secure the casing with some tape afterward. Try to avoid rubber bands as the colored ones can leak ink, and the bands can cause indentations on the posters.

There are many ways that you can store your posts; there is no right or wrong way. You just need to store based on how often you use the posters and if they are valuable or not.

You can try making your own storage system or purchase already made poster storage solutions if you prefer. The choice is yours!

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Store Posters

My Rolled-Up prints Need To Be Flattened. How Can I Do This?

Gently unroll the poster and place it on some tissue paper. Lay a board that is very heavy on top and let it sit there for 24 hours. If your ends start curling when the weight is taken off, then you can weigh down the corners and leave for another 24 hours.

Are There Professional Services That Can Properly Seal Up My Posters For A Few Years?

If you have valuable posters and are not confident in preparing them for storage yourself, you can seek out professional help. Some places can store them for you as well.

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