How To Store Headbands

How To Store Headbands – Clever Storage Hacks

Girls love headbands.

Unfortunately, when girls love headbands, they don’t just have a few.

They often have an endless supply and it is easy to lose count of vast amounts of headbands.

Headbands are great accessories and work well to tame hair.

A popular brand of headbands is lululemon as an example. The real challenge is how to store headbands.

The problem is that they end up flying all over the house.

They can be found in the bathroom, bedroom, under the couch cushions, and even in the washing machine.

Headbands don’t like to be confined to a drawer and will try as hard as possible to climb out.

Luckily there are some storage ideas to keep them all together.

Headbands work well to add that pop of color to an outfit or to add that personal touch to a girl’s dress.

Once you have more than just a few headbands, they easily end up in a complete mess.

How To Store Headbands

You can keep headbands organized and all together with plain household items such as old clothes hangers and around shower hooks, items you create re-using and decorating hot chocolate containers, or large jars. Or you can buy ready-made headband holders that are up for the task.

Would Keeping Headbands In Containers Be A Good Idea?

How to store headbands
How to store headbands

If you love your collection of headbands and are keeping them on your bathroom counter, you can use individual containers to pop them in.

Hard headbands, soft ones, and the ones you wear to the gym can all be placed in separate containers. You will always know exactly where to find them.

Headband Storage For Those Who Don’t Like Too Much Effort

Some people are not concerned about specific boxes and itemizing their headbands.

If that is you, a decorative basket will work just as well.

Just purchase a nice basket that has a flat bottom and keep all your headbands in there.

If you have a few delicate headbands that you wouldn’t like to be thrown in with the rest, you can hang them over the basket handles to keep them separate and safe.

Can I Use A Wall-Mounted Headband Holder?

Yes, you certainly can. You can choose where you want the holder to be. It can be placed in the bathroom or your bedroom.

The Ultimate Headband Holder is a great option and very simple to install. It can be mounted anywhere to accommodate your headband collection.

If you don’t like your headbands on show, this holder can even be mounted inside your cupboard or behind the door.

Can I Make A Headband Holder?

What fun! Nothing better than making something you can enjoy. You can decorate an old container you no longer use, such as a hot chocolate container or a large jar.

Ensure the container is well cleaned and completely dry before you start your project.

Find some nice fabric that you like and cut it larger than the container. Now you can wrap the custom fabric around the jar or container and add a few drops from your hot glue gun.

You can now decorate the container how you like with ribbons and a pop of color. You can run the ribbon from side to side and hand the headbands over this if you like.

If you are using a container and want to hide it, you can use a tension rod with a hole in each side of the container.

With the tension rod through the middle, adjust the rod to fit inside your cupboard.

Another option is to use a candlestick and place your jar or container on top and add some hot glue to secure it. This adds an attractive look to your headband storage.

Use A Storage Device With Hooks And Hangers

An old clothes hanger and around 10 shower curtain hooks can make attractive storage for your headbands.

You can place 3 to 5 headbands on the hook and hang them from the bottom of your clothes hanger.

Secure the hooks to the hanger with glue or tiny nails to ensure they stay in place.

You can now continue to hang the hooks up and then arrange your headbands as you like. This way is best for elastic headbands.

Pegs And A Piece Of Wood! Easy Headband Storage

All you need to do is to paint a few pieces of wood around 12 inches by 4 inches (30cm by 10cm) with the paint of your choice with a good quality paintbrush.

Once the paint has fully dried, you can apply about 2 dots of glue onto the back of some pegs and arrange the pegs across the length of the wood.

Ensure you space them out evenly and don’t cram them too close together, allow room for the headbands.

Find a stud in the wall and secure the wood to the wall with a hook and nail.

This storage can be used for all types of headbands, and when your style changes, you can just repaint the storage to match your new favorites.

Not Good At Crafting?

No problem, you can buy already made headband holders such as the iDesign Headband Accessory Holder or the Velvet T-bar Headband Holder.

Both are very stylish, with plenty more to choose from if you prefer a different style, color, or texture.

The possibilities for storing headbands are endless, and you can mix and match to make up your own style or find inspiration from online craft sites.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Store Headbands

Should I Customize My Headband Storage?

You can customize your headband storage in any way that you like. Match it to your room or to the colors of your headbands. You can even add some pretty embellishments if you like.

Are Headband Storages Good For Baby Headbands Too?

You can use your storage for baby headbands, little girls all the way up to the adults who love a good headband collection.

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