How To Clean Tempered Glass

How To Clean Tempered Glass – See How Easy It Is

Tempered glass is a common glass and is well known for shattering into small pebbles with round like edges.

It shatters differently from regular glass that has sharp edges when it is broken.

Tempered glass is quite strong itself structurally, but when it comes to the surface it can easily scratch.

You need to take care when cleaning and not just use any sort of abrasive cleaners and scrubbers. 

When it comes to cleaning tempered glass, do you know the right way to do it? Let’s explore that!

How To Clean Tempered Glass?

Start with a small amount of dishwashing liquid in a water bottle with a sprayer. Spray onto the glass and let the mixture settle for a minute to soften the dirt and debris. Now you can get a soft, clean sponge and remove the cleaner once the glass is clean, wipe over with a microfiber cloth until the glass is dry and streak-free.

Cleaning Tempered Glass Panels, Shower Screen, And Windows

When it comes time to clean your shower screens, windows, and glass panels, you can use a mild dish soap diluted with water and placed into a clean spray bottle.

You can shake the bottle to combine the water and dish soap evenly, but don’t shake too hard as you will just create massive bubbles and a thick mixture.

Dish soap actually helps the dirt and debris adhere to it, so when you wipe the table, you aren’t wiping the dirt over the glass too much and causing scratches along the way.

If the glass is heavily soiled, you can give it a generous spray and just use napkins underneath to avoid the dirty water running all over everything else.

You can also use warm water in your bottle, which can help to loosen the stubborn dirt.

Now for the sponge, you can use a soft, clean sponge as long as it isn’t abrasive as it can cause scratches when you drag it over the glass.

If the glass is really dirty, ensure you wash your sponge out a few times to avoid wiping the dirt back over the glass.

When cleaning big panels off glass like shower screens  you want to start at the top and work your way down.

It is also a good idea for shower screens to clean in sections so that you can dry the glass before water spots start to dry.

Sometimes it might not be clean the first time around, or it might have smudges or look cloudy. If so, you can repeat the cleaning as many times as you need.

Drying Tempered Glass

The best thing to dry the tempered glass with is a clean microfiber cloth. These are non-abrasive and work well to dry the glass gently without leaving streak marks.

The best way to use the cloth is by rubbing in a circular motion to avoid scratching the glass.

Some people love to use window scrapers, but these can actually damage the glass as they can drag small particles across the glass, which can dent or scratch the glass.

How Can I Tell If The Glass Is Tempered?

If you are not sure if the glass you have is tempered, look for an etched symbol located in one of the corners that will show if the glass is tempered.

It will sometimes show you the production standards and the manufacturer as well.

Cleaning A Tempered Glass Screen Protector

We all have smartphones now, and for most of us, we use a screen protector to avoid smashing our phones when we drop them or to avoid things scratching the screen like our car keys or pockets.

Most screen protectors are made of tempered glass, and these get dirty often with dirt, debris, and fingerprints. The good thing about tempered glass screen protectors is they are easy to clean.

The best way to clean the front of your screen protector is by using mild dish soap and water. Avoid using anything like chemical-based cleaners and acidity cleaners like vinegar.

Apply a small amount to the screen without soaking it as it can run under the protector and also into the parts of your phone.

Allow the cleaner to sit for 15 seconds to help lift the grime. Now you can use a clean sponge or tissue to remove the mixture. You can use a microfiber cloth to buff the screen or an extra thin glass cleaning cloth

Cleaning Your Tempered Glass Oven Door

When grease and food splatters around in your oven that is hot, you can end up with a glass oven door that is filthy and looks yuck.

Wiping over with a little dish soap and water just isn’t enough for an oven door. Fortunately, you can use baking soda, hot water, and a rag to get your tempered glass oven door looking like new again.

To clean the door, you need to add ½ cup of baking soda into some hot water to get a thick paste.

The mixture needs to be able to spread easily, so don’t make it too thick. Spread the paste over the glass door and try not to miss any areas.

Now set a timer for 15 minutes and let the mixture go to work to loosen the grease and grime.

When the time is up, grab a clean rag that you are happy to throw away and wipe over the glass. Dry your glass with a clean cloth and to help remove streaks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Tempered Glass

Can I Use A Scrubbing Brush For My Tempered Glass Table?

This is not a good idea as tempered glass scratches and damages easily, so you must ensure that you don’t use any scrubbing brushes or scourers as this can scratch the glass beyond repair.

Can I Use Glass Cleaner On Tempered Glass?

If the glass cleaner says it is safe for tempered glass, then sure, but if not, do not use it as it can be too harsh for the glass surface.

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