How to Care For Velvet Shoes

How to Care For Velvet Shoes – Tips And Tricks

Do you own a pair of velvet shoes? if so you know how important it is to keep them looking their best!

Velvet shoes really have the potential to get you noticed when you go out. Velvet shoes can liven up a dull outfit and set the scene.

Unfortunately, velvet shoes can be hard to clean and maintain.

There are a few things you can do to care for your shoes to avoid dust, stains, scuffs, and spills from damaging your shoes.

Here we teach you just how you can clean and care for your velvet shoes so they will last you a long time.

When you own a pair of velvet shoes, cleaning them isn’t just a part of looking after them but also how you store them and how you can prevent damage and stains.

How To Care For Velvet Shoes?

After you wear your velvet shoes, you should give them a light brush down with a soft-bristled brush to eliminate dust and dirt from the day. When you are not using your shoes, they should be stored separately away from other shoes to avoid damage and inside a box or sealable container to ensure they don’t get dusty. A protectant spray is recommended to avoid staining from water, wine, and other everyday things that can stain your shoes. If your velvet shoes are smelly, you can use some baking soda to soak up the smell and have them smelling fresh and new again.

Exactly how do we care for velvet shoes the right way?

Protecting The Velvet Fabric

There are a few secrets that will help you to protect the velvet fabric on your shoes.

One of them is using a Scotchguard Protectant. By using a protectant spray on your velvet shoes, you are adding another layer of protection onto the velvet fabric.

You can also use what is called a water repellant spray treatment on the velvet fabric, which will help to repel liquid.

This can be used as an substitute to the scotch guard protectant above. Did you know that even water can stain velvet fabric?

Using water repellant will ensure that the water runs off the shoes and does not stain them.

How To Clean Stains on Velvet shoes

It might sound strange but so does eating French fries dipped into ice cream.

A near-perfect cleaning concoction for velvet materials is a clean nail brush and some mild baby shampoo.

Sometimes homemade cleaning solutions with ingredients from your pantry work better than commercially brought cleaners.

When it comes to caring for stains on velvet shoes, you need to make sure you do it properly and use the right ingredients to ensure you don’t set the stain.

Setting a stain means that it won’t come out.

Once you have cleaned the stains, you need to repeat this over the whole shoe and do both shoes.

Even if the opposite shoe doesn’t have any marks or stains as the baby shampoo can make the velvet shiny which can make one part shinier than the rest.

When washing velvet, make sure that you brush in the same direction for the whole shoe.

On a mild sunny day, you can let the velvet shoes dry naturally. Don’t not over-saturate, and do not leave them in the sun for too long to avoid fading.

Get Professional Care for Your Velvets!

If you find a stain on your shoes, scuffs, or damage that you have tried to remove or fix yourself but failed, you might consider getting a professional shoe cleaner to take care of it.

Rubbing for too long or using chemicals can actually damage the velvet and make the stain worse.

Professional shoe cleaners can also provide you with care products for your velvets to help keep them in top condition.

Keep Your Velvet Shoes Away From Water

The downfall of velvet shoes is the fact they are not waterproof.

You can clean with small amounts of water but do not soak the shoes or go out in the rain without a waterproof protectant spray applied.

When choosing your protectant spray, make sure you read the label to make sure they’re safe to use on velvet. It is also important to follow the instructions on how to use the spray.

If you leave velvet wet for too long, it can cause damage to the nap and create a crushed look within the velvet.

Once wet, make sure that you dry it quickly with a clean cloth like microfiber as it absorbs water.

Don’t rub the velvet you just want to press it lightly until you have absorbed most of the liquid.

If you have a hairdryer, you can use that on the colder setting but ensure you don’t place it too close to the velvet.

Removing Dust

If you haven’t stored your velvet properly or you were in a dusty area, you can wipe the dust away with a clean, dry cloth.

A very soft-bristled shoe brush can do the job also.

Ensure you wipe the cloth in one consistent direction to avoid damaging the velvet.


Avoid wearing your velvet shoes in the dirt, rain, snow, and other harsh conditions. Velvet shoes can improve your overall outfit.

Ensure you look after them properly to ensure they remain in great condition.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Care for Velvet Shoes

How To Remove Scuffs From Velvet Shoes?

A good hack to remove scuffs is to get a shoe eraser and rub it over the scuff until you see the scuff lifting. Brush off any eraser shavings with a soft brush. A suede eraser works well for this.

How To Store Velvet Shoes

When you are not wearing your velvet shoes for a while, it is best to store them inside a shoebox or a container that can be sealed to avoid dust and dirt from getting on the shoes or creating scuffs when they rub against other shoes in your cupboard.

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