How Do I Get Dog Hair Off My Velvet Blankets

How Do I Get Dog Hair Off My Velvet Blankets? – Do It The Easy Way

Are you like me and just love dogs? I love to cuddle up with my pooch when I’m watching tv in bed but unfortunately, reality kicks in.

When I look down, my whole velvet blanket is covered in dog hair. It is everywhere, and when that happens, you want an easy way to fix it.

It is normal for dogs to shed hair, especially if you have a long-haired dog or you are approaching the summer season.

It can be a painstaking task to remove dog hair from your bedding or throw rugs. Sometimes you work hard, and doesn’t seem like you lifted any hair at all.

Even a vacuum cleaner can have trouble removing dog hair unless you have one for pets that can cost an arm and a leg.

Luckily there is a simple way to remove dog hair with lint rollers or rubber gloves.

How Do I Get Dog Hair Off My Velvet Blankets?

Washing your blankets every time isn’t very practical, and telling your dog to stay off them all together doesn’t seem to work either. There are simpler ways to get dog hair out of blankets, such as a lint roller or rubber gloves. Yes, that’s right, plain and simple rubber gloves work well to remove dog hair in ten minutes.

Removing Dog Hair With Rubber Gloves

To use this technique, all you need to do is get a pair of plain dishwashing gloves

The cheap ones will do. Rubber is actually a material that is of high friction when they are used dry.

Gloves will cause the pet hair to be attracted to the gloves due to loss of friction. The gloves that have nubs will help to remove the stubborn fur.

The rubber glove technique can be used on all types of materials like velour, shaggy wool, suede, velvet, fleece, nylon, and polyester.

You will need a spray bottle to fill with water. This will be used to dampen the gloves. Adding a small amount of moisture can make removing dog hair easier as it encourages the dog hair to stick to the rubber gloves.

Having a dry towel with you makes the job easier in the early stages. You need to keep the gloves fairly dry to aid in the removal of the dog hair from your velvet material.

Keep a trash bag close to you so you can chuck the dog hair in that as soon as you lift it. The worse thing to do is let the dog hair be blown or walked through every other room in your home.

The Rubber Glove Process

Lay out your blanket evenly on a flat surface such as the floor or table. The area needs to be clean as you don’t want to be adding extra dirt or dog hair to the blanket.

Put on your gloves and push your fingers together, now swipe across the velvet blanket going from the top to the bottom.

The other hand is used to hold the blanket in place, so it doesn’t move around too much when you are cleaning it.

Keep doing this until most of the dog hair has come off. Ensure you are placing the removed dog hair in the trash bag, so it doesn’t make its way to every other surface in your home.

What a cleaning job that would be! You can repeat the process several times if needed to remove all the pet hair.

Once your velvet blanket has got all the dog hair off, you can put it in the wash and give it a good clean.

Don’t put anything else in the washer with it, and make sure you do another rinse cycle afterward to remove lingering pet hair.

Cleaning Your Rubber Gloves

Use clean running water to remove the dog hair from your gloves. Once done, dry them with your towel, ready for use again. 

What To Do If You Have Excess Dog Hair

If you haven’t cleaned the blanket for a while or your dog has just shed excess hair, there is a way to fix it.

The solution is to use your spray bottle of water and wet your rubber gloves with the water.

You don’t want them to get too wet. You only want to be using enough water to dampen the gloves.

Now swipe over the dog hair, and you should start seeing it stick to the gloves. The moisture works to attract and stick the hair to the gloves.

Using A Lint Roller To Remove Dog Hair

If the rubber gloves did not remove as much dog hair as you might have hoped for, you could use a lint roller.

Also known as an adhesive roller. The lint roller can help take care of the stubborn dog hair when other methods just cannot get rid of it.

Lint rollers are perfectly safe to use on velvet fabric and for any other material for that matter.


It really is that easy to remove dog hair from your velvet blankets. Most people have rubber gloves and lint rollers at home, making for a quick and easy job.

Going over your blankets with the gloves or roller often will ensure you don’t let the dog hair build-up.

Once it is built up too much, it can be hard to remove and becomes a difficult job. Doing it often means you will only have to remove small amounts, which will be quicker and easier.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Hair and Blankets

Can I Throw My Blanket Covered in Dog Hair In The Machine?

Don’t throw any dog blankets in the wash until you have removed as much dig hair as you can. The dig hair will block up your washer and cause all sorts of problems. The hair can also stick to the sides of the washer, which will transfer to any clothes you put in the washer afterward.

Can I Use A Dryer To Remove Pet Hair From Blankets?

If you use a dryer to remove pet hair from blankets, you will clog up your dryer and end up wrecking it. After the hair has been removed and the blanket has been washed, it can then go in the dryer.

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