Best Shaker Tables

Best Shaker Tables – My Favorites!

Shaker furniture is a distinctive style of antique furniture developed in the 1800s by a religious community by the same name, Shakers, in America.

They followed a minimalistic approach for their furniture, based on simplicity, utility, and honesty.

Moreover, they used only wood to make the furniture and used stains to match the earthy colors relevant to their community.

All the furniture made following the Shaker specifications is simple to the core, is made of sound material, has no embellishments, and has a smooth finish.

Best Shaker Tables

The best Shaker tables are made of solid wood and finished with natural tones to enhance the original color and grain of the wood. The designs are plain and simple that follow the values of the Shaker community.

Read on to learn about the furniture made by the Shaker community, the products available on Amazon, and some tips on how to take care of antique furniture.

Some Characteristics of the Shaker Furniture

The Shakers valued three particular characteristics when making any furniture; plainness, practicality, and pride.

They used inexpensive timber available in the region they were living in. All the furniture they made, tables, chairs, etc., had straight tapering legs with no feet, round knobs, and subtle curves.

Most of the furniture included techniques and elements, like ball-and-socket joints, to minimize the use, if any used, hand-forged nails and double pins as fasteners.

The furniture was stained with earthy colors to camouflage dirt. The pieces were large but were lightweight, portable, and had features for easier storage.

And most of all, it was plain; it did not have any decorative element other than what was visible in the built and was part of the structure.

Shaker Tables available on Amazon

Not many people are aware of the availability of Shaker furniture on Amazon. Though only a few companies deal in Shaker-accent furniture that you can look through to find what you need.

The SIMPLIHOME Store at Amazon is one such store. They do have a collection of furniture to choose from in the Shaker category.

For instance, they offer the SIMPLIHOME Warm Shaker End Table 20-inch multipurpose tables that can be used as side tables in the bedroom and as end tables in the living room.

They offer these tables in a few natural tones; warm honey brown, black, rich tobacco brown, distressed charcoal brown, and two different shades of grey, the farmhouse grey, and the distressed grey finish.

Each unit features two tiers, an open upper shelf, and a lower drawer, providing plenty of storage.

These typical Shaker pieces of furniture are made by hand using fine quality wood with the typically tapered legs and dovetailed drawers.

Another handcrafted model available at the same store is the SIMPLIHOME Warm Shaker Narrow Side End Table.

This is a narrower version of the product mentioned above, and is offered in three colors; distressed grey, light golden brown, and white.

This one also has an open shelf and a drawer that gives sufficient storage and fits perfectly next to an armchair.

Next is the SIMPLIHOME Warm Shaker Square Coffee Table. This is a wider and larger version of the end table.

It can also serve multiple purposes as a coffee table or cocktail table in the living room, den, or family room.

These handcrafted and hand-finished tables come in a light golden brown, distressed grey, and tobacco brown colors, accentuating the original grain of the wood.

Due to the larger area, the shelf and the bottom drawers equal two-drawer width and are sufficient to provide bigger storage space.

The Winsome Store is another store that deals with the Shaker accent furniture. The Winsome Wood Groveland Dining Table is a highly rated piece of furniture available at their store.

The square table with tapered legs is made of solid wood with a light oak finish to enhance the natural tone and grain of the wood.

It is a simple and straightforward design that can accommodate up to 4 chairs and work with most chair designs.

The Winsome Wood Shaker Accent Table is another product that can be used as an end table or a nightstand. It is a wooden walnut-finished storage piece with a top drawer and a bottom shelf.

And the Winsome Wood Rochester Occasional Table is a console table at the same store on Amazon. It is a sleek design with a shallow top drawer, tapered legs, and antique walnut finish.

Coming to the third brand, the Alaterre Furniture, which offers the Alaterre Shaker Cottage 19″ Round Accent Table.

The piece of furniture is a versatile and unique round accent table with an open bottom shelf for storage, as an ideal companion for an armchair.

And finally, the last product at the Alterre furniture is the Shaker Cottage End Table with two shelves and a rectangular structure.

It is available in six natural colors, provides ample storage, and follows the basic rules of Shaker furniture, simplicity. It could easily go along with the furniture in any of the rooms in the house.

How To Take Care Of Antique Furniture

All pieces of antique furniture need to be handled and maintained with special care. Some important tips to keep in mind include:

A feather duster or a soft dry cloth is the most effective way to remove the dust from the timber surfaces.

Using a wet cloth to clean results in damage to the antique furniture, unless indicated for any specific reason.

Applying wax can be intimidating; apply a thin first coat with the grain and let it dry. Then buff twice with a gap of few hours using a soft, clean cloth.

Avoid using wax sprays and polishes as they may contain harsh chemicals. And start at the least prominent place of the furniture to avert any adverse reaction.

Keep the furniture in an optimal environment condition preserve its integrity; protect it from direct sunlight, humidity, and extremes of temperature.

And for the brass and bronze accessories, avoid using metal cleaners and take proper precautions of protecting them from hand sweat as it may irreversibly damage it and the surrounding wood.

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