How to make DIY Stud Earrings

Ever since I got into making jewelry, kundan stones have caught my attention. Firstly, I made these beautiful silk thread bangles which became a huge hit. Now I decided to make studs with these kundan stones. Generally in India, these stones are used for making quite heavy jewelry, like the earrings and necklaces have a large amount of bigger stones making them a bit heavy. I wanted to design something that’s light and can be worn daily with simple outfits. These are easy to make and can be done in just a few minutes. All you need is to give it time to stick. Maybe an hour or two. I let it dry overnight because I didn’t want anything popping out when I wear them. So just to be safe, overnight drying is a good option. 

Materials needed:

A small piece of thick cloth

Square kundan stones

Round kundan stones

Fevicryl fabric glue

4 stud earring flatbacks 


How to do:

Assemble all the materials needed.

Apply glue on the cloth. I used fevicryl fabric glue. I use them for almost everything. They are strong and do not mess up my hands while working with them. Stick the kundan stones in whichever shape you require. I made it in the shape of a round flower and a square.

Let it dry.

Cut the excess cloth around the kundan stones with a sharp and small scissors.

Apply glue on the back and place the earring flatbacks.

Allow to dry overnight.

These earrings make a statement through their elegant look and easy design. 

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