Salt Dough Handprint

Just when you think life can’t get any more busier, that’s when everything turns around making you more than just busy. It’s time to be super productive to get most of your things done in a day. But when you have a toddler tugging at you every 5 seconds to join him in his play, phew! You wish there was an extra hour at hand. My super active son jumps and plays around all day and gets me pulling into his games. But I must admit, it’s so much fun to play with a child. The smile on his face when he throws a ball at me and the joy of his laughter when he catches a ball in air is blissful. 

It’s hard to believe that my dear little son is almost 3 years old. Oh boy! How fast has time flown?! Very fast he is going to grow into a a school going boy and then into college and out into the world. But to me he will always be my little prince. No matter how busy life gets, we should always make time to cherish the sweet nothings with our children and make memories with them.

This is a really long time pending post. This salt dough handprint was done when my dear son was a year old, so like approximately 2 years back. Somehow it got lost under the pile of posts and never got published. Better late than never! I wanted to make this as a keepsake. Since those tiny little palms are growing too fast I wanted a handprint of my baby when he is little. I had to roll the dough a couple of times to get the handprint right as my naughty little boy used to fold his fingers at just the right time to squish the dough. Well, after quite many tries I got it right.

Here is how you can make a salt dough keepsake. After quite a lot of researching, I found this to be one of  the best salt dough recipes. There are literally a lot of things you can make with salt dough so it’s better to have a good recipe at hand. The ornaments and crafts you can make with salt dough are many, tough to count. You could even make a salt dough family handprint keepsakes. Something for the whole family to remember. This could also be a wonderful gift to the grandparents to treasure these beautiful moments. 

Here is a tutorial to make a salt dough handprint keepsake of a toddler.


1 cup salt

1 cup flour 

1/2 cup water


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl to form a dough.

Roll it out. You can make a proper round by placing a small sized plate over the rolled dough and cutting off the excess.

Next comes the interesting part. Carefully place your child’s hands on the dough. Gently press. 

( You must be wondering how the shape of the dough has changed. Well, I had to roll the dough a couple of times to get his handprint right. So at the end I had to adjust with the improperly shaped dough. At least I had got his handprint right. Yay!! )

Using a straw I made a hole at the top so that I would be able to hang it if needed. 

Now bake in an oven for around 2 -3 hours at about 180 degrees. They will get dry and hard. Let it cool in the oven before you get it out. 

Paint the handprint with the color of your choice. 

Keep it safe as a treasure!

4 thoughts on “Salt Dough Handprint

  1. I’m visiting from Inspire Me Monday. Thanks for the share. This will be a great DIY project to do with my granddaughter when she’s old enough. I wish I had done this when ours were smaller. 🙂 Have a boogietastic week!


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